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Exploring Ancient & Modern China

For centuries China was the world's richest and most advanced civilisation, cherishing an insolate existence build on ancient traditions, rural living and absolute devotion to its Emperor.

Covering an area larger than Europe, you will journey through a land of sublime and refined elegance which has captivated travelers with its strong contradictions between ancient antiquities and the rapid expansion of urban environments. These continue to intrigue the most discerning of travelers with breathtaking landscapes, rich historical treasures and diverse ethnic cultures. Exploring ancient Buddhist temples, ostentatious palaces and classical tea-houses, which offer havens of tranquility amongst the energetic life of modern cities.

Why Veloso Tours?

Our specialist consultants have travelled extensively throughout China checking virtually all the routes, facilities and tourist attractions available. With an excellent network of partners we ensure your arrangements are reliable and you travel with the insight, support and security of expert guides to enhance your visit.

Tailor-made Tours Of China

Uncertain about where to go or what to do? We species in providing an in-depth perspective of China focused around your personal travel interests and preferences. Views the suggested itineraries below or alternatively contact us on 020 876 0616 to speak with a specialist consultant about crafting a unique travel experience.

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