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Holiday Choices in Brazil

Cosmopolitan Cities, Colonial Heritage, Tropical Beaches, Amazon Rainforest, Vibrant People & Unique Culture

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Visiting Brazil

Brazil is a mesmerizing country rich in culture, history and natural beauty covering an area larger than the whole Europe and with the fifth largest economy in the world. There is a fascinating wealth of experiences from vibrant cities to picturesque beaches and stunning natural landscapes, set within a unique blend of African and Portuguese colonial heritage, expressed in paintings, the cuisine and a "joy de vivre" in music, dancing and Carnival, while working to create a modern lifestyle.

Vibrant Cities

Discover exotic cities such as Rio de Janeiro, magnificently set amongst massive granite peaks and Atlantic forest and explore the beaches Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon where friendly locals relax and skillfully play footvolley. Visit the atmospheric city of Salvador de Bahia, a city with beautiful colonial architecture, a wealth of African heritage and passion for great food and music, and home to the famous Olodum drummers.

Palm-fringed Beaches

Brazil's coastline has miles of magnificent palm-fringed beaches and crystal clear waters, such as Praia do Forte with its sleepy colonial fishing village. There are remote islands such as the glorious Fernando de Noronha, surrounded by idyllic beaches far from the tourist trail. Or visit the Costa Verde and charming colonial town of Paraty with its white washed buildings and cobbled streets, surrounded by lush forests and white sandy beaches dotted along the coastline.  

The Amazon

The Amazon basin is the largest and most species-rich rainforest in the world, fed by the mighty Amazon river. There are jungle lodges and riverboat cruises which allow you to leave behind the modern world and embrace the natural surroundings. For bird-watchers and nature-lovers the tropical wetlands of the Pantanal are home to many beautiful and unique species.

Stunning Landscapes

To the south there are the green hilly regions like Sao Paulo and large plains in the Northeast and Rio Grande home to the Brazilian gaucho. Here you will also find the thundering torrents of Iguaçu Falls, a stunning horseshoe of 275 individual waterfalls straddling the Brazilian and Argentinean border.  

When to Visit

The climate of Brazil varies considerably from the tropics in the North and the more temperate South. Temperatures in the North are consistently high and do not vary much, whereas in the South there is a much more noticeable difference between summer (November - March) and winter (June - August). See our climate chart.

The sun in Brazil can be very strong, especially in summer. Make sure you take adequate precautions against sunburn by taking a hat and sun protection with a high SPF.

Crime in Brazil has been well publicised, but it need not stop you from travelling. Use common sense to avoid making yourself a target, stay away from unlit areas at night, and ask your guide if there is anywhere you should avoid. A flashy wardrobe or one that is too casual can mark you as a tourist.  As much as possible, avoid the appearance of affluence.

Pack your bag leaving space for any purchases made en route. This is not only for your own comfort, but it is far easier to keep track of one bag than a collection of smaller ones and thus reduce the chance of theft.

Comfortable trainers or walking shoes/boots with ankle support and water protection if it is wet under foot.

A fresh set of clothes for each day is not necessary as laundry services are available at most of the hotels en route.

Deal with variable temperatures, hot and cold, by taking light clothing and wearing it in LAYERS. You can then add layers of clothing when it is cold or remove items of clothing when it is warmer.

Carefully Crafted Itineraries
Featuring Brazil

Our Tours include Trans-Atlantic flights from and to the UK. Speak with a Specialist consultant to personalise any itinerary to match your interests and preferences.

Tamboril Tour

Tamboril Tour - 12 Nights From £3655

Rainforest, Modern & Colonial Heritage

Rainforest, Modern, Colonial Brazil Tour incorporating the exuberant Amazon rainforest, cosmopolitan Rio de

View Itinerary
Paquera Tour

Paquera Tour - 11 Nights From £2575

Vibrant Cities, Colonial History & Beach Resort

Enjoy the sheer romance of Rio de Janeiro, the magnificent Iguassu waterfalls and the colourful blend of Sal

View Itinerary
Diamante Tour

Diamante Tour - 12 Nights From £3357

Bahia Heartland, Heritage & Isolated Island

Explore the pulsating blend of Salvador's African and colonial heritage, hike the inland rivers and canyons

View Itinerary
Caiman Tour

Caiman Tour - 15 Nights From £4562

The Natural World in Brazil, Rainforest & Wildlife

The Natural World of Brazil focuses on the prolific birdlife of the Pantanal wetlands, the exuberant vegetat

View Itinerary
Guanabara Tour

Guanabara Tour - 21 Nights From £5080

Diverse Landscapes & Cultural Heritage

Extensive tour of Brazil's contrasting blend of origins, rich cultural heritage and landscapes. Discover vib

View Itinerary
Ninos Amazonas

Ninos Amazonas - 14 Nights From £3,071

Family Tour: Rainforest, Cities & Beach Life

Travel to the exciting cosmopolitan city of Rio de Janeiro, venture deep into the jungle of the Amazon, and

View Itinerary
Rio Carnival

Rio Carnival - 6 Nights From £3499

Samba Schools Parade at the Sambadrone

The World's Most Famous Party, the 5 day Rio Carnival is a cultural celebreation like no other.

View Itinerary
Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro - 6 Nights From £1922

Stunning Setting, Lifestyle & Royal Heritage

Explore this vibrant exotic City in a stunningly beautiful setting. Enjoy Copacabana beach, visit the statue

View Itinerary
Salvador da Bahia

Salvador da Bahia - 6 Nights From £1558

Portuguese & African Heritage

Explore the fascinating essence of Brazilian identity: a blend of Portuguese and African heritage, visible i

View Itinerary

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Locations in Brazil

If you are interested in travelling to another location not listed below, please contact our country specialists who will be able to offer additional advice and information.

  • Rio de Janeiro

    Rio de Janeiro

    Marvellous Setting, Fabulous Sandy Beaches & Annual Carnival

    Rio is a sophisticated and cosmopolitan city famed for the Statue of Christ the Redeemer, its fabulous stret

    More Information
  • Salvador Da Bahia

    Salvador Da Bahia

    Salvador de Bahia lies at the heart of the largest state in Northeastern Brazil, Bahia, and was once the cap

    More Information
  • Pantanal


    The Pantanal is the largest flood-plain in South America, covering an area of approximately 143,000 square mil

    More Information
  • Amazon - Manaus

    Amazon - Manaus

    Manaus Located 1,000 miles from the sea, Manaus has an unlikely location for a thriving port city.  Wher

    More Information
  • Parati


    Parati is a veritable paradise, ideal for winding down. Mountains, blanketed with lush shady forests reach to

    More Information
  • Olinda


    Set on a hill, approximately 6 km north of Recife, is OLINDA, one of the largest and most beautiful complexes

    More Information
  • Buzios


    Holidays to Buzios Búzios, famous for its beaches and trendy lifestyle, is located 2 and a half hours from Ri

    More Information
  • Ilha Grande

    Ilha Grande

    This unspoilt island, an extension of the Emerald Coast's forested mountains, is one of Brazil's largest. A fo

    More Information
  • Recife - Porto de Galinhas

    Recife - Porto de Galinhas

    Just an hour south of Recife, Porto de Galinhas is the embodiment of Brazilian beach culture; the laid-back to

    More Information
  • Morro de Sao Paulo

    Morro de Sao Paulo

    Holidays in Morro de São Paulo On the other side of he sound from Salvador, this famous fishing village is th

    More Information
  • Praia Do Forte

    Praia Do Forte

    Located just 50km north of Salvador, this tiny colourful fishing village is perfect for those wishing to relax

    More Information
  • Florianopolis

    More Information
  • Fernando de Noronha

    Fernando de Noronha

    Located off the coast of the state of Pernambuco - Brazil, in the Atlantic Ocean between South America and Afr

    More Information
  • Natal - Praia da Pipa

    Natal - Praia da Pipa

    85 kilometres south of the city of Natal, the coast of Praia da Pipa is a mixture of red sandy cliffs and shel

    More Information

Specific Modules in Brazil

Modules do not include Trans-Atlantic flights and are usefully for planning or extending your trip. Please contact us for further information or to create a personalised itinerary.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

6 Nights From £699

Explore this vibrant exotic City in a stunningly beautiful setting. Enjoy Copacabana beach, visit

View Itinerary
Salvador da Bahia

Salvador da Bahia

6 Nights From £588

Explore the fascinating essence of Brazilian identity: a blend of Portuguese and African heritage

View Itinerary
Tucano Amazon Cruise

Tucano Amazon Cruise

4 Nights From £1738

Amazon river cruise for 4 or 7 nights, to reach deeper into seldom explored rivers and creeks of th

View Itinerary
Rainforest Expedition

Rainforest Expedition

5 Nights From £1325

Travel by canoe through the immense Amazon Rainforest, sleeping in hammocks along the way

View Itinerary
Amazon Lodge & Expedition

Amazon Lodge & Expedition

3 Nights From £347

Journey into pristine rainforest and discover the flora and fauna of the Amazon

View Itinerary

Discover Special Interests &
Activities in Brazil

Below are a selection of tours focused on different travel preferences and interests, alternatively speak with our country specialists to create a personalised itinerary.


Amazon Cruises

Cruise through pristine rainforest on an Amazon Cruise. The riverboat travel along the rivers stopping at a number of locations to view local villages and take excursions shore into the rainforest. Most of ...

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Exotic City Breaks

An Exotic City Break is ideal for those who do not have time for a long trip around various different countries. We recommend spending longer in one interesting and exciting location to reduce the time spent travel...

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Gallery of Brazil

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