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Brazil is a country with a fascinating natural beauty and wildlife, cosmopolitan cities, exotic cuisine, beautiful beaches and magnificent waterfalls. All have excellent hotels and our guides provide wonderful hospitality.

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  • Exotic Beach Escapes

    For those seeking to escape the city there is the nearby beach town of Buzios, famous for its picturesque beaches and trendy bohemian lifestyle, where the rich and famous of South America come to relax and socialise. Discover the numerous bays and coves with hidden sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, dotted throughout this peninsula. Alternatively visit the charming town of Parati, where the pedestrianised town centre has retained is original cobbled streets and rich colonial architecture from when it was a port on the Gold Route from Minas Gerais.

    Located nearby to Salvador da Bahia are the former fishing villages of Morro Sao Paulo and Praia do Forte. These tranquil paradises offer miles of long deserted, white sandy beaches and warm seas with stunning clarity to explore the shoreline reefs. Here you can relax in the shade of swaying coconut palms or explore the cafes, galleries and market in the nearby village.

    Further north is Recife and Natal, where an endless coastline of palm-fringed hides small beach paradises that embody the essence of Brazilian beach culture with little laid-back towns with a host of small bars and restaurants playing live music. Near to Natal is Praia da Pipa where a mixture of red sandy beaches and sheltered covers attract dolphins and marine turtles, set against a backdrop of lush Atlantic coastal forest. Or for the seeking to escape society there is Fernando de Noronha, in a remote archipelago of tiny volcanic islands, where the crystalline waters contain an abundance of tropical fish and untouched beaches.

  • Brazil's Vibrant Cities

    Rio de Janeiro is perhaps the one of the continent's most beautiful places, straddled between huge forest covered granite peaks and the golden sandy beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. The best views are from Sugarloaf Mountain and from the statue of Christ the Redeemer which stands high on Corcovado Mountain looking over the city with arms open wide embracing visitors. Each year thousands of people come to celebrate carnival with an intensive, all-night, parade of music and dance from local Samba schools.

    Northern Brazil is home to the state of Bahia famous for its pristine golden beaches and colonial cities, a melting pot of Portuguese and African cultures. Salvador da Bahia was once the Brazilian capital and during the eighteenth century generated huge wealth from nearby sugar-cane and tobacco plantations. Evidence of this golden era can still be seen in the grandiose colonial architecture. A unique blend of Portuguese and African cultures can be vividly seen in the bright colours of many townhouse and exotic rhythms of renowned drum troupes of Olodum.

  • Wildlife & Nature

    Western Brazil is part of the vast Amazon basin which covers more than one third of the country and is home to an unimaginable variety plants and animals. The Amazon is the planet's largest and most diverse tropical rainforest, covering an area equivalent to Western Europe. Here one can lose themselves in pristine rainforest, staying in small character lodges or river cruising along mighty Amazonian river. The colonial city of Manaus provides access to the isolated region and is known as "The Heart of the Amazon".

    The Pantanal wetlands are home to an extraordinary variety of wildlife and is a paradise for birdwatchers and nature lovers.  Each year the landscape of this watery wonderland is transformed when water level rise to cover the lowland savannah and dense forest to create vast areas of shallow lagoons which provide vast open expanses and offer fantastic opportunities to watch the magnificent array of wildlife.

    Iguassu Falls is one of South America's most extraordinary sights. Watch as vast torrents of water thunder over a horseshoe-shaped natural fault where more than two-hundred and fifty separate cascaded create an awe-inspiring spectacle. The falls lie between Brazil and Argentina, and while the panorama from Brazil is arguably better the Argentinian side allows you to get closer to the action. However to get the full experience of the falls you have to explore both sides.

  • Holidays to Brazil

    Brazil is Latin America's biggest country, and one of the most exotic and evocative in the world. Just mentioning Brazil conjures up thoughts of the dense jungle of the Amazon, infectious music and dance, of sun-drenched beaches lined with palm trees, of happy and exuberant people with a zest for life. A holiday in Brazil really does offer something for everyone, yet its massive size and extraordinary variety of attractions means that without insider knowledge it can be difficult.

Tours of Brazil

Find inspiration from these pre-fabricated itineraries, all of which are 100% tailorable to match your personal interests and travel preferences. Start planning your journey with our expert advisors, for first-hand advice and specialist inspiration.

Tamboril Tour

The Tamboril Tour

Rainforest, Modern, Colonial Brazil Tour incorporating the exuberant Amazon rainforest, cosmopolitan Rio de Janeiro, colonial heritage of Salvador and the magnificent Iguassu waterfalls.

Rio de Janeiro - Iguazú - Manaus - Amazon lodge - Salvador

12 Nights
from £2897
with flights

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Paquera Tour

The Paquera Tour

Enjoy the sheer romance of Rio de Janeiro, the magnificent Iguassu waterfalls (optional) and the colourful blend of Salvador's colonial heritage before heading to your idyllic tropical beach resort.

Rio de Janeiro - Salvador da Bahia - Praia do Forte Beach Resort

11 Nights
from £2046
with flights

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Diamante Tour

The Diamante Tour

Explore the pulsating blend of Salvador's African and colonial heritage, hike the inland rivers and canyons of Lencoies and unwind on the idyllic sleepy beaches of a remote island.

Salvador - Lençois - Salvador - Morro Sao Paulo

13 Nights
from £2538
with flights

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Caiman Tour

The Caiman Tour

The Natural World of Brazil focuses on the prolific birdlife of the Pantanal wetlands, the exuberant vegetation of the Amazon rainforest and the vestiges of the Atlantic coastal forest.

Rio de Janeiro - Pantanal - Manaus - Amazon - Salvador - Praia do Forte

14 Nights
from £3896
with flights

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Samba Tour

The Samba Tour

Extensive tour of Brazil's contrasting blend of origins, rich cultural heritage and landscapes. Discover vibrant cities, colonial heritage, impressive waterfalls and dense rainforest.

Rio de Janeiro - Paratí - Ouro Preto - Iguassu - Manaus - Amazon lodge - Brasília - Salvador - Praia do Forte Beach

20 Nights
from £4406
with flights

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Ninos Amazonas

The Ninos Amazonas

Travel to the exciting cosmopolitan city of Rio de Janeiro, venture deep into the jungle of the Amazon, and play on the soft white sands of the Bahian coast on this family-friendly tour of Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro - Manaus - Amazon Lodge - Salvador da Bahia - Praia do Forte Beach

14 Nights
from £3874
with flights

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Tucano Voyage

The Tucano Voyage

Explore areas very rarely visited and seek out the mysterious life in the forest wilderness, in some of the regions most untouched rainforest.

Manaus - Amazon Cruise (Rio Negro) - Manaus

8 Nights
from £3696
with flights

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Carioca Tour

The Carioca Tour

The World's Most Famous Party, the 5 day Rio Carnival is a cultural celebreation like no other.

Rio de Janeiro

6 Nights
from £1577
with flights

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Rio de Janeiro City Break

The Rio de Janeiro City Break

Explore this vibrant exotic City in a stunningly beautiful setting. Enjoy Copacabana beach, visit the statue of Christ the Redeemer, Sugar Loaf mountain and discover its Royal heritage.

Rio de Janeiro

6 Nights
from £1922
with flights

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Salvador da Bahia City Break

The Salvador da Bahia City Break

Explore the fascinating essence of Brazilian identity: a blend of Portuguese and African heritage, visible in the colonial architecture, Orixas, Capoeira, paintings and music.

Salvador da Bahia

6 Nights
from £1558
with flights

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Heritage Tour

The Heritage Tour

Enjoy cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, admire Iguassu magnificent waterfalls, explore the majestic setting, Royal history and vibrancy of Rio de Janeiro and discover Salvador's colonial and African heritage.

Buenos Aires - Iguazu Falls - Rio de Janeiro - Salvador de Bahia

12 Nights
from £3128
with flights

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Viracocha Tour

The Viracocha Tour

Cross continent from coast to the high Andean mountains, with remote villages, cosmopolitan Cities, Inca archaeology and dramatic landscapes.

Brazil - Argentina - Bolivia - Peru -

21 Nights
from £4998
with flights

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Shaman Tour

The Shaman Tour

Cross Continent with a cruise deep in the Amazon Rainforest, Cosmopolitan Cities, Colonial Heritage and magnificent Iguassu Falls, combine with stunning Andean Landscapes.

Argentina - Brazil - Bolivia - Peru -

28 Nights
from £9363
with flights

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Osorno Tour

The Osorno Tour

Cross Continent with the lush forest of the Lake District. From tropical beaches to the high Andes with cosmopolitan cities, magnificent waterfalls, colonial and Inca heritage.

Brazil - Chile - Argentina - Bolivia - Peru -

22 Nights
from £5245
with flights

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Montecristi Tour

The Montecristi Tour

The stunning setting of Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana on the Beach and high on Lake Titicaca, with a luxury train journey across Andean mountain landscapes to Cusco, Sacred Valley and the Citadel of the Incas

Brazil - Bolivia - Peru -

13 Nights
from £4045
with flights

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Cataratas Tour

The Cataratas Tour

Magnificent waterfalls, cosmopolitan cities and Lake District landscapes. The stunning setting of Rio de Janeiro, modern lifestyle and cuisine contrasts with the classic feel of Buenos Aires.

Chile - Argentina - Brazil -

14 Nights
from £2798
with flights

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Encantada Tour

The Encantada Tour

Cruise the Galapagos Islands. experience the Andean mountains, colonial heritage and Inca civilisation. Option to continue to Lake Titicaca, La Paz and the stunning setting of Rio de Janeiro.

Ecuador - Peru - Bolivia - Brazil -

17 Nights
from £5237
with flights

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