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Colca Canyon - Peru

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The Colca Canyon is the canyon of the Colca River in southern Peru and is considered to be the world's deepest canyon, home to the Andean Condor. Snow-cappped mountain peaks on either side frame the magnificent scenery, which is in places green and almost tropical, in others rocky and precipitous. The local Colca people still cultivate terraces along the canyon walls in many places, and many traditional towns and villages can be found all along the length of the canyon. The small, unpretentious town of Chivay is undoubtedly the most important in the area, found on the upper part of the river where the canyon is not so deep. 


The Colca Canyon can be reached by car from Arequipa in about 3 hours. From the Colca Canyon it is a half day drive to Lake Titicaca, through beautiful high Andean scenery, making it the perfect waypoint on your trip across Southern Peru.

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Chivay Tour

The Chivay Tour

Journey through the Andes with stunning landscapes taking you to the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu. Visit stunning colonial cities and visit remote islands on the magnificent Lake Titicaca.

Lima - Arequipa - Colca Canyon -  Lake Titicaca - Sacred Valley of the Incas - Machu Picchu - Cusco

13 Nights
from £3371
with flights

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Chasqui Tour

The Chasqui Tour

Rambling in the stunning Andean countryside, we trek the ancient Inca Trail to the Citadel of Machu Picchu, passing remote villages steeped in history and maintaining a traditional way of life.

Lima - Arequipa - Colca - Lake Titicaca / Puno - Sacred Valley - Inca Trail - Machu Picchu - Cusco - Lima

14 Nights
from £3252
with flights

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Inca Tour

The Inca Tour

Explore the Inca Empire including the remote Colca Canyon and staying in the "Sacred Valley", taking the trains to Machu Picchu and along magnificent Andean landscapes from Lake Titicaca to Cusco.

Lima - Arequipa - Colca Canyon - Lake Titicaca / Puna - Sacred Valley - Machu Pichu - Cusco

14 Nights
from £2778
with flights

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