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After its founding by Francisco Pizarro in 1535, Lima soon became the commercial and administrative centre of the Spanish empire in South America, bringing a period of prosperity to the city until an earthquake in 1746 destroyed all but 20 houses. Following this devastation the opportunity was taken to elaborately rebuild the city. Today's wide streets, huge plazas and old houses with ornately carved balconies are a legacy of this period.


Lima, "City of Kings" has an interesting and attractive historic centre containing valuable examples of colonial and republican architecture. Among the principal points of interest is the Main Square, on which three of the City's most important buildings from the past and present stand: The Cathedral, the Presidential Palace and the City Hall. Miraflores, cosmopolitan district is five kilometers away south from the historical center, wide and modern commercial districts, parks and green areas of great beauty. Between the tourist attractions that Miraflores offers, you can find the archaeological complex of the Huaca Pucllana (known also as "Juliana"); the Park Redoubt, which remembers Miraflores Battle, the Municipal Palace which possesses an active room of art's exhibitions, the Parochial Church which was reconstructed after the war the Pacific war; shopping areas as Larco Mar, the Park of Love and the beaches of Waikiki and Miraflores.


How to get to Lima


Lima's international airport is well served by the regoinal airlines, making it easy to get to from most countries in South America. While there are no direct flights from the UK, airlines such as Iberia, KLM and Air France connect Lima easily with London through their European hubs, usually taking about 15 hours. 


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Inca Tour

The Inca Tour - Peru

Group - 13 Nights from £2,854

Explore the Inca Empire of the Sun including the remote Colca Canyon and staying in the "Sacred Valley of the Incas" before taking the train to Machu Picchu. We travel by bus along magnificent Andean landscapes from Lake Titicaca to Cusco.

Lima - Arequipa - Colca Canyon - Lake Titicaca / Puna - Sacred Valley - Machu Pichu - Cusco

Cocha Tour

The Cocha Tour - Peru

Group - 11 Nights from £3,078

Luxury tour to explore the legacy of the Incas and Conquistadores, Rulers of the Andes in ancient times. Magnificent "Andean Explorer" train journey across dramatic landscapes from Lake Titicaca to Cusco and Vistadone train to Machu Picchu.

Lima - Arequipa - Lake Titicaca / Puno - Sacred Valley


Moneda Tour

The Moneda Tour - Bolivia Peru

Group - 17 Nights from £3,672

Step back in time to explore landlocked Bolivia and the riches of Potosi. Cross Lake Titicaca, birthplace of the Inca Empire and perched at the top of the Andean mountains, before travelling by train to Cusco and Machu Picchu fortress.

Santa Cruz - Sucre - La Paz - Puno / Lake Titicaca Sacred Valley - Machu Picchu - Cusco - Lima

Shaman Tour

The Shaman Tour - Argentina Brazil Bolivia Peru

Landmark - 28 Nights from £8036

Cross Continent with a cruise deep in the Amazon Rainforest, Cosmopolitan Cities, Colonial Heritage and magnificent Iguassu Falls, combine with stunning Andean Landscapes.

Buenos Aires - Iguazu - Rio de Janeiro - Salvador - Brasilia - Manaus - Amazon Cruise - Lima - La Paz - Lake Titicaca/Puno - Sacred Valley - Machu Picchu - Cusco

Montecristi Tour

The Montecristi Tour - Brazil Bolivia Peru

Landmark - 13 Nights from £3883

The stunning setting of Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana on the Beach and high on Lake Titicaca, with a luxury train jourbey across Andean mountain landscapes to the Citadel of the Incas

Rio de Janeiro - La Paz - Lake Titicaca - Cusco - Machu Picchu - Cusco - Lima

Encantada Tour

The Encantada Tour - Ecuador Peru

Landmark - 17 Nights from £4,984

Cruise the Enchanted Galapagos Islands for close encounters with friendly wildlife. Experience the Andes, colonial heritage and Inca civilisation crossing to the stunning setting of Rio de Janeiro

Quito - Galapagos Cruise - Lima - Cusco - Machu Picchu - Cusco

Laguna Tour

The Laguna Tour - Chile Peru Bolivia

Landmark - 21 Nights from £5497

Expedition into the remote salt flats and lagoons with flamingoes in the High Andes and Atacama desert while travelling across mountains and valleys to the citadel of the Incas at Machu Picchu

Santiago de Chile - San Pedro - Laguna Colorada - San Pedro de Quemez - Uyuni  - Potosi - Sucre - La Paz - Lake Titicaca/Sun Island - Lake Titicaca/Puno - Cusco - Machu Picchu - Cuzco - Lima

Quechua Tour

The Quechua Tour - Peru Bolivia

Landmark - 16 Nights from £3714

The descendant of the Empire of the Incas maintain their identity and traditions blending with colonial history, in a setting of impressive mountains landscapes and the riches of Potosi 

Lima - La Paz - Sucre - Potosi - Sucre - Sun Island - Lake Titicaca/Puno - Cusco - Machu Picchu - Cusco

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Miraflores Park Plaza

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