Private, Group & Tailor-Made Holidays
to Central and South America

Each itinerary has been expertly crafted using our wealth of experience and
refined over time to feature the best on offer in Latin America.


  • Tamboril Tour

    Tamboril Tour

    12 Nights from £3655

    Rainforest, Modern & Colonial Heritage

    Rainforest, Modern, Colonial Brazil Tour incorporating the exuberant Amazon rainforest, cosmopolitan Rio de Janeiro, colonial heritage of Salvador and the magnificent Iguassu waterfalls.

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  • Paquera Tour

    Paquera Tour

    11 Nights from £2575

    Vibrant Cities, Colonial History & Beach Resort

    Enjoy the sheer romance of Rio de Janeiro, the magnificent Iguassu waterfalls and the colourful blend of Salvador's colonial heritage before heading to your idyllic tropical beach resort.

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  • Diamante Tour

    Diamante Tour

    12 Nights from £3357

    Bahia Heartland, Heritage & Isolated Island

    Explore the pulsating blend of Salvador's African and colonial heritage, hike the inland rivers and canyons of Lencoies and unwind on the idyllic sleepy beaches of a remote island

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  • Caiman Tour

    Caiman Tour

    15 Nights from £4562

    The Natural World in Brazil, Rainforest & Wildlife

    The Natural World of Brazil focuses on the prolific birdlife of the Pantanal wetlands, the exuberant vegetation of the Amazon rainforest and the vestiges of the Atlantic coastal forest.

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  • Guanabara Tour

    Guanabara Tour

    21 Nights from £5080

    Diverse Landscapes & Cultural Heritage

    Extensive tour of Brazil's contrasting blend of origins, rich cultural heritage and landscapes. Discover vibrant cities, colonial heritage, impressive waterfalls and dense rainforest.

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  • Ninos Amazonas

    Ninos Amazonas

    14 Nights from £3,071

    Family Tour: Rainforest, Cities & Beach Life

    Travel to the exciting cosmopolitan city of Rio de Janeiro, venture deep into the jungle of the Amazon, and play on the soft white sands of the Bahian coast on this family-friendly tour of Brazil.

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  • Rio Carnival

    Rio Carnival

    6 Nights from £3499

    Samba Schools Parade at the Sambadrone

    The World's Most Famous Party, the 5 day Rio Carnival is a cultural celebreation like no other.

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  • Rio de Janeiro

    Rio de Janeiro

    6 Nights from £1922

    Stunning Setting, Lifestyle & Royal Heritage

    Explore this vibrant exotic City in a stunningly beautiful setting. Enjoy Copacabana beach, visit the statue of Christ the Redeemer, Sugar Loaf mountain and discover the unique Royal heritage.

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  • Salvador da Bahia

    Salvador da Bahia

    6 Nights from £1558

    Portuguese & African Heritage

    Explore the fascinating essence of Brazilian identity: a blend of Portuguese and African heritage, visible in the colonial architecture, Orixas, Capoeira, paintings and music.

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  • The Chivay Tour

    The Chivay Tour

    13 Nights from £3511

    Andean Heathland, Remote Sun Island on Lake Titicaca and Life in the Colca Canyon

    Voyage into the Andean with stunning landscapes taking you to the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu and colonial cities and staying on remote Sun Island on the magnificent Lake Titicaca.

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  • The Criollo Tour

    The Criollo Tour

    14 Nights from £3697

    Mysteries of the Desert, Andean Mountains and Amazon Rainforest

    The Andean mountains generate wildly contracting landscapes and cultures with desert and the Nazca Lines on the coast, soaring peaks by the Lost City of the Incas and lush rainforest.

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  • The Chasqui Tour

    The Chasqui Tour

    14 Nights from £3749

    Life in the Colca Canyon, Colonial Heritage and the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

    Rambling in the stunning Andean countryside, we trek the ancient Inca Trail to the Citadel of Machu Picchu, passing remote villages steeped in history and maintaining a traditional way of life.

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  • The Pucara Tour

    The Pucara Tour

    10 Nights from £2850

    Ancient History and the Culture of the Incas

    Journey to Machu Picchu, the Lost City of the Incas, high in the lush sub-tropical Andean mountains, where imposing ruins occupy a seemingly impregnable position.

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  • The Pacaya Tour

    The Pacaya Tour

    15 Nights from £2824

    Cruise the Amazon Rainforest and visit the Mountains of the Incas

    From the comfort of a river boat, we explore the pristine exuberant vegetation of the Amazon rainforest, the flora and fauna and discover the people who live along the riverbanks.

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  • The Machu Picchu Tour

    The Machu Picchu Tour

    7 Nights from £2289

    Colonial Heritage and the Citadel of the Incas

    High on the mountainside, protected by jungle and a deep canyon, Machu Picchu was an ancient stronghold. We see the descendants of the Incas and explore their colonial heritage.

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  • The Cordillera Real Tour

    The Cordillera Real Tour

    14 Nights from £4428

    Serene Lake Titicaca, Andean Landscapes and Exuberant Rainforest

    Lake Titicaca has a serene tranquility and small isolated farming communities preserving their traditional way of life. We visit the exuberant rainforest and the history of the Andes.

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  • Ninos Incas

    Ninos Incas

    14 Nights from £3,117

    Discover ancient cultures, mountain landscapes and the diversity of the Amazon rainforest with your little explorers, on his family-orientated tour of Peru.

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  • Cusco


    6 Nights from £797 plus flights

    Andean Landscapes to the Citadel of the Incas & Colonial Heritage

    Perched high in the Andean Mountains, Cusco, Machu Picchu and the "Sacred Valley of the Incas" tell the story of the Inca Empire and the colonial legacy of the Conquistadores.

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  • Pichincha Tour

    Pichincha Tour

    14 Nights from £4197

    Rainforest and the Enchanted Islands

    This tour includes the Amazon rainforest, a Galapagos cruise to experience the stunning friendly wildlife and an insight into the colonial charm of Quito, high in the mountains.

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  • Primavera Tour

    Primavera Tour

    21 Nights from £5267

    Avenue of Volcanoes, Andean Markets, Amazon forest and the Enchanted Islands

    Close encounters with friendly wildlife on the Galapagos Islands cruise and experience fascitating cultures in the exuberant rainforest and by the volcanoes on the Andean mountains.

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  • Bellavista Tour

    Bellavista Tour

    14 Nights from £4191

    Andean Landscapes and the Enchanted Islands

    Visit the colonial villages with local markets, along the Avenue of Volcanoes, in the Andean mountains. Take a cruise in the Galapagos Islands to observe the abundant friendly wildlife.

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  • Esmeralda Tour

    Esmeralda Tour

    13 Nights from £2890

    Explore the distinct Amazon, Andean Mountains and Pacific coast with unique island willife

    We explore the exuberant rainforest from the comfort of a boat travelling on the Napo River. admire Andean landscapes and the Pacific coast with Isla Plata teeming with wildlife.

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  • Darwin Tour

    Darwin Tour

    10 Nights from £3646

    Andean Landscapes and the Enchanted Islands

    Visit the colonial villages with local markets, along the Avenue of Volcanoes, in the Andean mountains. Take a cruise in the Galapagos Islands to observe the abundant friendly wildlife.

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  • Cosmopolitan Tour

    Cosmopolitan Tour

    10 Nights from £2099

    Cosmopolitan Mexico City, Colonial Taxco and Cuernavaca, plus the bygone glamour of Acapulco

    Mexico City combines a modern lifestyle with colonial history and massive Aztec pyramids. Continue to glamourous Acapulco, made famous for the cliff divers.

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  • Viceroy Tour

    Viceroy Tour

    5 Nights from £1021

    Colonial Cities of Northern Mexico

    Narrow cobbled streets, houses painted in warm earth colours and beautiful churches; the Spanish heritage is visible in the courtyards and architecture of monuments and main squares.

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  • Copper Canyon

    Copper Canyon

    4 Nights from £457

    Landscapes of the Copper Canyon

    A scenic, unforgettable rail journey through the breathtaking landscapes of the Copper Canyon, travelling between the northern town of Chihuahua and Los Mochis on the Pacific coast

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  • Mirador Tour

    Mirador Tour

    10 Nights from £2847

    Mayan Pyramids and Colonial Heritage

    A land steeped in ancient history, colonial past and literally scattered with Mayan and Aztec pyramids. We include the stunning Chiapas region with villages nestled in mountains.

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  • Paseo Tour

    Paseo Tour

    13 Nights from £2041

    Caribbean Beach resort, Mayan Pyramids and colonial history of the Yucatan

    Explore the austere and palatial pyramids of ancient Mayan civilisations, discover colonial cities, isolated Haciendas and unwind on beaches lapped by the turquoise clear ocean

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  • Palapa Tour

    Palapa Tour

    10 Nights from £2384

    Yucatan in-Depth

    Explore the Aztec remnants of the past, stepping back in time at Calakmul for the pyramids of mighty civilisations, small villages, the walled city of Campeche and colonial Merida.

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  • Zocalo Tour

    Zocalo Tour

    12 Nights from £1831

    Cosmopolitan Mexico City, Aztec and Mayan Pyramids

    Visit at a leisurely pace the modern cosmopolitan life and Aztec pyramids of Mexico City, and the Yucatan where colonial past of Merida blends with Mayan sites and villages, by the Caribbean sea

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  • Hacienda Tour

    Hacienda Tour

    13 Nights from £3260

    Magnificent colonial luxury Haciendas, Mayan pyramids and a beautiful beach resort

    The old wealth of producing sisal is visible in the opulent country Haciendas and Estates, now converted into small luxury hotels. Visit Mayan pyramids and enjoy a beach resort by the Caribbean sea

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  • Pampa Tour

    Pampa Tour

    13 Nights from £4,445

    Discover cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, the impressive Iguazu waterfalls, the wildlife of Peninsula Valdez, icy waters of Tierra del Fuego and view Patagonia glaciers at close range.

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  • Peninsula Valdes Tour

    Peninsula Valdes Tour

    Nights from N/A

    Patagonia embraces some hostile, barren lands but the fertility of its coast is a remarkable sight. The Southern Right Whales come yearly from June to December, to join sea elephants, sea lions and the lar

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  • Sereno Tour

    Sereno Tour

    11 Nights from £4380

    Highlights of Chile from Northern Deserts, Lake District and Patagonia Glaciers

    A thin ribbon of land stretching between the Andes and the Pacific. We visit the Atacama desert, the green lakes and mighty volcanoes of the Lake District and the glaciers of Torres del Paine.

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  • The Villarica Tour

    The Villarica Tour

    12 Nights from £2905

    SELF DRIVE along the Chilean lake regions with wineries, snow covered peaks and volcanoes

    Magnificent journey through stunning mountain scenery of majestic volcanoes, lakes and picturesque villages, for you to explore, driving on your own, making stops and detours.

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  • Blue Tour

    Blue Tour

    12 Nights from £3998

    Atacama Desert Mountains and Chilean Fjords cruise to Laguna San Rafael Glacier

    Facinating contrast of the Atacama desert landscapes of salt flats, Tatio geysers and high mountains, with a cruise along the Chilean Fjords with lush forests, hot springs and massive glacier.

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  • The Azul Tour

    The Azul Tour

    13 Nights from 3892

    Embark on a unique journey that covers the breadth of Chile, from the hot Northern landscapes of the Atacama Desert to the cold Southern wildernesses of Patagonia, you will discover the fascinating diversity of the majestic country

    Facinating contrast of the Atacama desert landscapes of salt flats, Tatio geysers and high mountains, with a cruise along the Chilean Fjords with lush forests, hot springs and massive glacier.

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Costa Rica

  • Colombus Tour

    Colombus Tour

    11 Nights from £1096

    Costa Rica Discovery

    The central highlands have a wide variety of altitudes and climates, with a diverse type of vegetation and habitats for birdwatching. Admire an active volcano, follow forest trails and canopy walkways

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  • Tanager Tour

    Tanager Tour

    10 Nights from £2070

    National Parks and Rainforest

    National Parks offer large areas of dense tropical rainforest where birds abound and find refuge. There are good hotels, excellent lodges and birdwatching guides to led you through a myriad of trails

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  • Sombrero Tour

    Sombrero Tour

    10 Nights from £1995

    Historic Revolution and Unique Society

    Cuba projects a surreal mise-en-scene of classic cars, cyclists and derelict buildings, standing next to pristine, beautifully renovated colonial squares, palaces and turn of the century villas.

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  • Havana


    6 Nights from £488 plus flights

    A unique city with a unique spirit and a unique society. Come to see for yourself.

    Explore the fascinating and surreal city of Havana. Enjoy the Caribbean climate and the relaxed pace of life, while learning about Cuba's dramatic history and its unique society.

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  • Coral Tour

    Coral Tour

    12 Nights from £2830

    Barrier Reef, Rainforest and Mayan archaeological sites

    Home to dense tropical rainforest with rivers and shallow waterfalls, mountain pine ridge with fern undergrowth, Mayan sites and a large Barrier Reef with excellent resorts on the cayes.

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  • The Quechua Tour

    The Quechua Tour

    16 Nights from £3612 from UK

    The Heartland of Incas and Conquistadores

    Landlocked Bolivia and Peru are the land of the mighty Inca Empire. People today preserve their culture and tradition as we explore local towns and villages and walk through their markets

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  • Tenango Tour

    Tenango Tour

    12 Nights from £3197

    Colourful Weavings, Markets and Mayan Pyramids in the Jungle

    Dotted with fabulous archaeological sites and picturesque colonial towns, we browse through the colourful markets and scale the magnificent, soaring pyramids set in the lush jungle rainforest.

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  • Santa Fe Tour

    Santa Fe Tour

    9 Nights from £3436

    The abundant colonial wealth of Cartagena, small villages, cosmopolitan cities and coffee plantations

    Abundant colonial wealth of silver and gold was shipped to Spain from Cartagena's massive fortress, where you stay in beautiful character hotels. Stay in vibrant Bogota and visit coffee plantations

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  • Antarctica XXI Air Cruise

    Antarctica XXI Air Cruise

    Nights from £7117

    The vessel is strongly built of steel with an ice-strengthened hull, perfect for the polar seas. The ' Grigoriy Mikheev ' is manned by an en­thusiastic Russian crew of around 20, all highly experienced in

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  • Plancius - Oceanwide Expeditions

    Plancius - Oceanwide Expeditions

    Nights from £10187

    The Antarctic Peninsula is part of the Antarctic Continent and is the southern continuation of the mountain chain that runs from North America through South America into the Scotia Sea. Here it contin

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  • Silversea Cruises

    Silversea Cruises

    Nights from

    Silversea is a world apart from all other luxury holidays, delivering the ultimate all-inclusive travel experience. Four elegant, yacht-like ships provide guests with the highest standards of all-suite acc

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  • Castillo Tour

    Castillo Tour

    7 Nights from £2098

    Volcanic peaks on Ometepe island and Spanish colonial heritage in Ganada and Leon

    Local people are eager to show you the country's natural splendor, tropical forests, traditions and culture, incredible beaches, massive island volcanoes and beautiful colonial architecture.

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  • Panama Canal Tour

    Panama Canal Tour

    Nights from £1822

    Impressive canal through the jungle and amazing series of locks

    Visit the famous Panama Canal and observe the working of the locks, Ocean to Ocean, between the Pacific and the Atlantic. Experience the pristine rainforest and lakes that provide the canal's water

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Landmark Tours

Multi Country Tours

  • The Viracocha Tour

    The Viracocha Tour

    21 Nights from £5407

    Cross continent from tropical coast to high Andean mountains with remote heartland villages and markets; Cosmopolitan Cities, Inca archaeology and dramatic mountain landscapes

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  • The Shaman Tour

    The Shaman Tour

    28 Nights from £8036

    Cross Continent with a cruise deep in the Amazon Rainforest, Cosmopolitan Cities, Colonial Heritage and magnificent Iguassu Falls, combine with stunning Andean Landscapes.

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  • The Osorno Tour

    The Osorno Tour

    22 Nights from £5261

    Cross Continent with the lush forest of the Lake District. From tropical beaches to the high Andes with cosmopolitan cities, magnificent waterfalls, colonial heritage and the ancient Inca civilisation

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  • The Montecristi Tour

    The Montecristi Tour

    13 Nights from £3883

    The stunning setting of Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana on the Beach and high on Lake Titicaca, with a luxury train jourbey across Andean mountain landscapes to the Citadel of the Incas

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  • The Cataratas Tour

    The Cataratas Tour

    14 Nights from £2595

    Magnificent waterfalls, cosmopolitan cities and Lake District landscapes. The stunning setting of Rio de Janeiro, modern lifestyle and cuisine contrasts with the classic feel of Buenos Aires.

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  • The Encantada Tour

    The Encantada Tour

    17 Nights from £4,984

    Cruise the Enchanted Galapagos Islands for close encounters with friendly wildlife. Experience the Andes, colonial heritage and Inca civilisation crossing to the stunning setting of Rio de Janeiro

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  • The Libertador Tour

    The Libertador Tour

    16 Nights from £5059

    Cruise the Galapagos Islands for close encounters with friendly wildlife, combined with the landscapes of the Andean mountains, colonial heritage and ancient Inca civilisation.

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  • The Laguna Tour

    The Laguna Tour

    21 Nights from £5497

    Expedition into the remote salt flats and lagoons with flamingoes in the High Andes and Atacama desert while travelling across mountains and valleys to the citadel of the Incas at Machu Picchu

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  • The Yamana Tour

    The Yamana Tour

    14 Nights from £3865

    A region of Patagonia Glaciers, Andean landscapes with lush forests, lakes and snow covered peaks, before the windswept islands and Beagle channel of Tierra del Fuego

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  • The Quechua Tour

    The Quechua Tour

    16 Nights from £3714

    The descendant of the Empire of the Incas maintain their identity and traditions blending with colonial history, in a setting of impressive mountains landscapes and the riches of Potosi 

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  • The Ambos Mundos Tour

    The Ambos Mundos Tour

    12 Nights from £2948

    The proud, defiant traditions of Cuba contrast with impressive Mayan pyramids of the Yucatan, both sharing similar Spanish colonial heritage but very different modern history and American influence.

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  • The Chac-mool Tour

    The Chac-mool Tour

    21 Nights from £3287

    Mighty Aztec and Mayan civilisations built spawling cities with fabulous pyramids. Visit the markets, admire the weaving, witness the colonial influences and enjoy modern lifestyles.

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  • The Aurora Tour

    The Aurora Tour

    14 Nights from £3060

    Visit colourful markets with beautiful weavings in towns with typical colonial architecture, impressive Mayan pyramids in dense rainforest and unwind in the Caribbean on the Barrier Reef.

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  • The Pacal Tour

    The Pacal Tour

    15 Nights from £4265

    The Mayan Route - Visit Mayan villages, colourful weavers and the massive pyramids built by powerful civilisations that mysteriously abandoned their cities to the encoaching jungle.

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