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The Plancius is a former oceanographic research vessel for the Dutch Navy, which has been fully refurbished for intrepid Antarctic exploration. It has an ice strengthened hull and a capacity of 116 passengers, allowing you to explore the Antarctic Peninsula in an intimate and detailed way. The focus of the Plancius is very much on exploration and not luxury. It therefore appeals most to travellers with an adventurous spirit who see their cabin as a place to rest their heads at night and a base from which to discover the remote wilderness. All cabins do have private facilities.

There are ten zodiacs, allowing for frequent shore landings and boat trips, led by experienced and expert guides. Before these excursions, you will be fully briefed on what to expect by the Plancius team, who will help to guide you and place everything into a greater context. Triple and quadruple cabins are available, as is the option to camp on the Antarctic Peninsula, for truly intrepid travellers. A choice of itineraries includes crossing the Polar Circle, anchoring at a Base Camp to explore an area in greater detail and the chance to also visit the Falklands and South Georgia.

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Quadruple Porthole

Quadruple Porthole

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Triple Porthole

Triple Porthole

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Twin Porthole

Twin Porthole

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Twin Window

Twin Window

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Twin Deluxe

Twin Deluxe

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Plancius Deck Plan

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Plancius Antarctica Cruise Ship (3).jpeg

Whale watching

Embark on an unforgettable expedition cruise across the Drake Passage to Antarctica. Enjoy close encounters with remote wildlife and the promise of immense whales.

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Port Lockroy, Antarctica.jpeg

Classic Antarctica

Venture to the great white beyond on a classic ten night voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula, with abundant wildlife and towering icebergs.

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Group of Adélie penguins ready to take a plunge.jpeg

Polar Circle

Attempt to cross the Polar Circle on this epic voyage across the Drake Passage to reach the Antarctic Peninsula, a land of sensational icescapes and abundant wildlife.

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Antarctica, Mountaineering.jpeg

Base Camp

Enjoy extra time for a variety of activities, as the boat anchors in one position and allows you to explore the extraordinary Antarctic landscape in more detail.

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Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula

Head east to the windswept wildlife haven of the Falkland Islands, then visit the immense penguin colonies of South Georgia en route to the icy waters of Antarctica.

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Plancius Experience

Why choose a Plancius Antarctica Cruise:

  • Former oceanographic research vessel for Dutch Navy, refurbished for intrepid polar exploration
  • Capacity limited to 116 passengers, for a more intimate experience
  • Excellent value for those looking for a more affordable cruise, focused on expedition, not luxury
  • Simple and comfortable cabins, all with private en-suite facilities
  • Ice strengthened hull
  • 10 zodiacs for frequent boat outings & with regular shore excursions
  • Regular informative lectures & presentations to prepare for excursions
  • Camping option available (extra cost)
  • Triple & quadruple cabins available
  • Choice of itineraries including Polar Circle, Base Camp & Falklands/South Georgia

Boat Specification

Passengers:116 in 53 cabins

Staff & crew:45

Length:89 meters (293 feet)

Breadth:14,5 meters (47 feet)

Draft:5 meters (16 feet)

Ice class:1D (Plancius has a Lloyds class notation 100A1 Passenger ship, Ice Class 1D at a draught of 5 meters)

Displacement:3434 tonnes

Propulsion:3x Diesel-Electric

Speed:10 - 12 knots maximum

Deck Plan

Plancius Antarctica deck plans

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