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Argentina boasts one of the most stylish and cities in the Americas, joined by several smaller yet significant cities which embody the diversity of this magnificent country.

Buenos Aires is undoubtedly one of the star attractions of the continent, let alone Argentina. The most European of all Latin American cities, it is charactarised by wide tree-lined avenues, traditional old-time cafes and a wonderful dusty bookshops. However, it is also a city with a distinctive Latin flavour, best embodied in the brightly coloured corrugated iron houses of La Boca.

Argentina’s other cities all gain their fame more from the astonishing areas of beauty and interest that surrounds them, than for the streets, squares and parks which form the cities themselves. However, that’s not to say that they don’t make for enjoyable bases from which to explore the countryside.

Located at the foot of the Andes mountain range, Mendoza is the starting point for the wine tours that attract so many visitors to the region. The city is known for its leafy streets, shady plazas and interesting museums and is also gaining a reputation as something of a culinary hotspot, the perfect compliment to the local wine. Adventure enthusiasts can also partake in horse-riding, rafting, hiking and skiing within easy reach.

With a nickname like ‘the End of the World’, you know Ushuaia is going to be a little different. It is located at the end of Patagonia, in the equally vividly named Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire) and is dominated by its busy port, the launching pad for cruises around the fjords and glaciers of the region. The Martial mountains and the Beagle channel provide a dramatic backdrop to the world’s southernmost town, which also boasts the world’s southernmost golf course and train line.

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Buenos Aires

Cosmopolitan Buenos Aires is famed for its wide avenues, upmarket barrios, old-time cafes and traditional tango halls.


Located in the foothills of the Andes, Mendoza is Argentina's premier wine-producing area.


This region in north-east Argentina is characterised by multi-coloured hills, pristine vineyards and large salt flats.

Ushuaia & Tierra del Fuego

Ushuaia is the world's southernmost town, intrepid Tierra del Fuego Ushaia cruises start or finish at its busy port.

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