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With a local guide explore Sucre, the historic co-capital of Bolivia and a Cultural Heritage of Humanity Unesco site. This colonial city was founded back in 1538 and continues as a living witness of the fights for Independence and a bastion of perfectly preserved Spanish architecture. Grand colonial churches house valuable paintings and religious sculptures, whilst detailed museums help visitors understand the past and present of this unique town. Some of the places that you could visit on this in-depth tour include the Textile Museum of Asur, the House of Liberty, the Monastery of San Felipe Nery, the Monastery of La Recoleta, the Anthropological and Modern Art Museum and Bolivar Park.

Some of our favourite places to visit and things to do in and around Sucre
What to do in Sucre

Potosi & Cerro Rico

Venture out to the mining city of Potosi to visit Cerro Rico and relive the treasure and tragedy of the silver boom.

Tarabuco Sunday Market

Sunday is the traditional market day in Tarabuco and a vibrant representation of Latin American life.