Day 2-5

Experience the forest at close quarters with a skilled guide and support staff who organise all transport and meals. set off by canoe to a rustic base camp in the Amazon rainforest where we sleep in hammocks covered by mosquito nets. In this stress free environment there are no timetables and the outside world fades into insignificance. From this base we take several walks in the gloom of the forest under the dense canopy, where trees fight for survival and a glimpse of sunlight. During our stay we learn about all aspects of the rich ecosystem, and the interdependent relationships of its flora and fauna. We visit a local family as they go about their daily activities, and learn how they survive by cultivating small plots of bananas, manioc, sugar cane and tropical fruit. We paddle canoe through flooded forest creeks, weaving between the tree trunks to experience the timeless. 


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