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8410 Art & Culture Of Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Art and Culture of Rio de Janeiro

Explore Rio's thriving art scene at excellent galleries and museums

8415 Botanical Gardens

Rio de Janeiro

Botanical Gardens & Sugar Loaf Mountain

Discover thousands of plant species from across Brazil and an array of exotic birds at the excellent Botanical Gardens. Continue to take the cable car to the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain, overlooking the bay and with a magnificent view of the city.

8416 Burle Marx & Folk Art Museum

Rio de Janeiro

Burle Marx & Folk Art Museum

Get off the beaten track with a tour of the estate of the world famous landscape designer and the charming Folk Art museum.

8412 Classical Music & Shopping

Rio de Janeiro

Classical Music & Shopping

Visit the beautiful theatre, listen to some live Brazilian or classical music and spend the afternoon shopping at the city's best centre.

8413 Corcovado Mountain

Rio de Janeiro

Corcovado Mountain

Combine a visit to the famous Christ statue on Corcovado with Sugar Loaf Mountain, historic Santa Teresa or the Tijuca forest.

Ilha Grande

Rio de Janeiro

Ilha Grande hiking

Journey along the coast to the forest-covered 'Big Island' to enjoy wonderful hiking opportunities and idyllic jungle-fringed beaches.

Ipanema Crafts Market

Rio de Janeiro

Ipanema Hippie Market

Ipanema is known the world over for its famous beach, but its Hippie Market is a wonderful place to people-watch and shop for local products and artwork.

Maracana Stadium

Rio de Janeiro

Maracana Stadium

Enjoy a match at the world-famous Maracanã stadium, host of two World Cup finals.

8428 Pedra Da Gavea Trek

Rio de Janeiro

Pedra Da Gavea trek

Take on perhaps the city's best hike through dense forest to magnificent viewpoints, reached by relatively few visitors to Rio de Janeiro.

Old Rio De Janeiro 5

Rio de Janeiro


Located up on the hills outside Rio de Janeiro, Petropolis has a cooler climate and was used by the Brasilian Royal Family as their residence. We visit the Imperial Palace recounting the unique history of how the Portuguese Royal Family came to live in Rio de Janeiro making Brasil the capital of the Portuguese Empire.

8426 Rio By Night

Rio de Janeiro

Rio by night

Venture out into the lively Lapa district to discover Rio's famed nightlife and live music scene.

8418 Rio De Janeiro History Tour

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro History tour

Relive Rio's rich colonial history on this special tour through the older parts of the city, often overlooked by visitors.

8429 Rios Three Ecosystems

Rio de Janeiro

Rio's Three Ecosystems

Rio's exotic climate and remarkable setting have created three unique ecosystems, which can be enjoyed on our special tour, perfect for nature lovers.

Terrace restaurant with Bossa Nova music and view

Rio de Janeiro

Rocinha Favela

Urban dilemmas, population growth and migration, freedom to invade land, honest people doing a hard days work for little money, and delinquency issues. Pressures on humans.

8420 Sepetiba Bay

Rio de Janeiro

Sepetiba Bay

Board a schooner boat to sail to the tropical islands of Sepetiba Bay, around 50 miles from Rio.

Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Special tour of Rio de Janeiro

Visit Corcovado, the historic centre and lesser-visited areas, for a more in-depth perspective on modern day Rio and its fascinating history.

8409 Sugar Loaf Hiking

Rio de Janeiro

Sugar Loaf Hiking

Avoid the crowds and reach the summit on a challenging hike up Sugar Loaf, in the company of expert guides.


Rio de Janeiro

Tujica Forest

Discover virgin rainforest, isolated waterfalls and lush 'Mata Altantica' vegetation in the huge Tijuca Forest, set in the urban heart of the city.


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