Hike below the granite peaks of this prestigious national park

Torres del Paine is widely recognised as one of the world's great national parks, and it isn't hard to see why. The scenery here is often astounding and brings together everything that Patagonia does so well; towering snow-capped mountains seem to soar skywards out of thick forests, which themselves lead to the shores of shimmering turquoise lakes. Wandering vicuñas, deer and foxes dot the landscape, whilst electric-blue icebergs and tumbling glaciers remind you just how far south you are here. The most recognisable features of the park are the three granite towers (los torres), which give the park its name, and the horns (los cuernos), a distinctive collection of jagged granite peaks, sculptured over millennia by glacial erosion and which combine with Lake Pehoé to create the very definition of a picture-perfect scene.

Small valleys separate the spectacular granite spires and mountains of the massif, the most famous of which, due to their beauty and immensity, are the French Valley and the Valley of Silence.

Insights - Activities

Although the National Park is protected from tourism damages, it offers nevertheless a range of activities for travellers who are looking for an unforgettable experience in a both beautiful and safe environment. From climbing and mountaineering to fly fishing and kayaking passing by horse riding and sailing, activities that provide Torres Del Paine National Park will please everyone!

A network of the marked trails within the National Park makes it easy to hike up Torres Del Paine this remote area offers fabulous view and memorable sightings of an array of wildlife. From one day excursion to 7 days of hike, Torres Del Paine offers lots of different trails, from beginners with an easy level to professionals requiring experience. The two main long treks are along Ascension Valley to the Towers and along Valle del Frances to the mirador. The road to Laguna Amarga, Lago Grey and Pehoe affords an excellent panoramic view of the Park with only short walks.

Torres Del Paine also has a good variety of hotel and lodge accommodation both inside and outside the National Park, giving easy access for visitors to explore the park on their own, or on organised excursions. With 5 well-deserved Park Keeper Offices, everyone can easily ask information about activities. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any excursion booking. 

Insights - Towers W Trek

The W-shaped route along Ascension Valley, Valle del Frances and Grey Glacier, takes in the most beautiful sights of the national park, but is suitable only for fit and experienced trekkers (of any age) who can walk for between 6 and 9 hours per day over four consecutive days with two 1 hour uphill stretches. The itinerary includes accommodation in 4 mountain refuges: Refugio Central next to Hosteria Las Torres offers a proper bed for the first and last night, then one night at Refugio Chileno, Los Cuernos and Paine Grande, all with wholesome meals, shared rooms with 6 to 8 bunks, communal showers (hot water) and toilets. This trek is self-guided but once a month in season there is a group guided departure.

Insights - Wildlife & Flora

With a unique flora and a diverse array of wildlife, Torres Del Paine is one of the most well-preserved National Park in the entire South America. From desert shrubs and tuft grasses (Patagonian Steppe), to Deciduous Antarctic Beech trees, passing by Andean Desert and Pre-Andean Shrubland, the National Park recorded a large number of plant species and trees such as orchids. Among the fauna, diversity of environments leads to presence of an abundance of mammals including Puma, Guemal, Guanaco and Chilla Fox. With more than 100 visible bird species, Torres Del Paine seems to be the perfect place to get acquainted of Patagonian endemic birds such as Andean Condor, Buzzard Eagle, Flamingo and the famous Woodpecker.

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