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A combination of driving and hiking, this half-day excursion is designed for those who would like to learn about the ancient Aonikenk culture (the Tehuelches), visiting places and valleys where these indigenous people used to live. One of the highlights of the trail is the large rock formations which contain well-preserved rock paintings from ancient times. There may also be opportunities to see some of the wildlife of the park en-route, including condors, foxes, flightless rheas, herds of guanacos and, if you are extremely lucky, the reclusive puma.


Some of our favourite things to do in Torres del Paine
What to do in Torres del Paine

Lakes, Waterfalls & Wildlife

Gain a panoramic introduction to Torres del Paine, with astounding views of its spectacular features and wildlife.

Paine Massif & Glacier Grey

Enjoy glorious mountain views and get up close to the electric-blue icebergs and immense wall of ice of the Glacier Grey.

Base Torres Trek

Undertake this challenging 11 mile round hike to the base of the iconic towers in Chile's Torres del Paine national park.