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The Arenal Volcano is perhaps the most recognisable feature of Costa Rica's famed natural splendour. One of the best ways to truly appreciate its majesty and scale is to hike around the trails which lead through the lower slopes of the volcano. On the 2-3 hour hike you will pass through tropical forest and see areas devastated by the last eruption in the 1960s, as well as enjoying spectacular views of the "mountain of fire" and walk on ancient lava rocks. Sometimes glowing cinders spew out of the crater and low booms can be heard from deep within. Throughout the hike your local expert will talk you through the history and activity of the Arenal Volcano and help you to identify the flora and fauna of the region.

You might also like to follow up your hike with a relaxing dip in the natural mineral waters of the Tabacon Hot Springs. The geothermal activity beneath Arenal has created a number of naturally-occurring hot springs in the surrounding area - 97% rain-based and 3% magma-based. Rainwater enters the earth through fissures on the surface and is then heated by magma found in the earth's core. Once heated, the waters rise to surface, taking with them minerals found in the earth's rocky stratus and it flows by gravity throughout the property, forming in-river pools, waterfalls and cascades.



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