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Cuba's colonial, US, revolutionary and socialist history converge in its iconic capital.

Havana is a beautiful city of colourful mansions, lively squares and a legendary waterfront, providing the backdrop to Cuba's unique society in action. Here we find museums dedicated to the country's historical development, vibrant American classic cars of yesteryear, the melodic tunes of live son, bolero, salsa and rumba music and Havaneros filling the street in a hive of activity and conversation. Add to that the welcoming casas particulares homestays, an increasing number of renowned private restaurants and our wonderful guides and Havana is the perfect place to begin your Cuba holiday.

Linger here for longer and we will show you the city's Afro-Caribbean roots encapsulated in rumba rhythms, the 'Forest of Havana' where communities conduct religious ceremonies and the grand mansions confiscated by Fidel's revolutionary government and given second homes as national embassies.

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Tailor Made Cuba Planning Guide

Where to go in Cuba, what to do and how to experience this complex and beautiful island beyond the beaches.

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7 Ways to experience Havana

Delve deeper for a more in-depth view on Havana, a city shaped by Spanish, African, US, Caribbean and Soviet influences.

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Mi Casa Es Tu Casa: Cuba's Homestay Revolution

Five compelling reasons to choose to stay at a casa particular during your Cuba holiday.

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Special tour of Havana

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Old Havana Tour

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Architecture of Havana

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Cuban Art Tour

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Museums of Havana

Delve deeper into Cuba's fascinating society, varied art scene and rich history in Havana's best museums.

8449 Cabaret Shows

Cabaret Shows

Be dazzled by Cuban music, dance, costumes and folklore at Havana's best traditional cabarets.

8464 Typical Cuban Meal

Typical Cuban meal

Sample some of the city's best cuisine and meet the locals in an atmsopheric private restaurant.

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Rum Museum

Explore the rum making process and its unique place in Cuban culture and society at this excellent museum.

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Cuban Religion tour

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Vinales Valley

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Las Terrazas

Las Terrazas is a thriving community project, surrounded by natural beauty and home to Cuba's oldest coffee plantations.



2062 Saratoga


Located in the centre of Old Havana with super rooftop pool

Hostal Luz 115 Havana (2).jpg

Hostal Luz 115

A delightful five bedroom 1840s colonial house spread out around a traditional courtyard in Havana's old town.

Hostal Guido Havana (4).jpg

Hostal Guido

A grand three bedroom colonial mansion in Vedado, close to the Malecon and popular restaurants and bars.

Casa Iraida Havana Vieja (1).jpg

Casa Iraida

Nestled in the heart of the old town, Casa Iraida is a welcoming retreat with wonderful antique features and a delightful hos…

Casa El Madero Havana (2).jpg

Casa El Madero

A popular homestay which places guests in the centre of Havana Vieja, close to restaurants, bars and attractions.