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This tour offers the chance to fully appreciate the eclectic architecture of this city. It starts with a panoramic tour along Prado Promenade, then on to Calles Cárdenas, Reina and Carlos III. These streets have wonderful examples of Cuban Art Deco, Art Nouveau, neo-Classic and neo-Gothic.

We then continue on to Vedado, where modern city planning includes buildings by Focsa and López Serrano and also visit the Art Deco former residence of Doña Catalina Laza, the Casa de La Amistad. We then travel along the Havana seafront to Miramar and view residences from the 40's and 50's nestled alongside contemporary buildings.

The next stop is at La Maison and from there we will view a scale model of the city. Next is a tour of Old Havana to take in the residential, public, religious and military buildings located in this historic centre, including palaces, churches and the fort.

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