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Surrounded by the blue waters of the Caribbean, Cuba has some stunning beaches which make a great place to relax at the end of your holiday.

There are a number of all-inclusive resorts in Varadero, conveniently located close to Havana with easy access to the airport. Further away, there are some excellent exclusive beach resorts in the Cayos. These can be reached by small local plane from Havana, or by road. They can also be reached easily from the city of Trinidad, making them a great stop-off on your way back to the airport in Havana.

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Varadero boasts more than 20 km of white sandy beaches and is the most developed of all Cuba's resorts.

Santa Maria & Ensenachos

With pristine beaches and clear waters, this is an ideal beach gateway for those who prefer more exclusive hotels and fewer p…


Cuba's colonial, US, revolutionary and socialist history converge in its iconic capital.