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A visit to one of the region's many clay licks is one of the most eagerly anticipated activities for visitors to this part of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Given the sheer size and scale of the rainforest, animal sightings can sometimes be a challenge. That does not apply to the clay licks however, where flocks of brightly-coloured macaws, parrots and parakeets descend to feed on the soil, extracting vital minerals to help them digest the fruit and seeds found in the jungle. A clay lick can be accessed from all of our lodges in this part of the Amazon basin. At some, sightings have also been reported of tapirs, ocelots, owls and others animals.


Some of our favourite things to do and see in the Ecuadorian Amazon
What to do in the Ecuadorian Amazon

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Butterfly House

The butterfly farm at Sacha Lodge is one of the largest in Ecuador - a great place to see these beautiful creatures.

Achuar Community

Learn about traditional jungle life by visiting the local Achuar community near the Kapawi Lodge.