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Xperience is a luxury expedition, top of the range, yacht for a maximum of 48 passengers. The quality of service and facilities are excellent and lunch "al fresco" on deck is wonderful.

The Xperience is a medium size, comfortable expedition vessel, operating luxury Galapagos Cruises. Guests on board you will find a well stocked library for reading and study, as well as a restaurant, lounge, bar and ample space for lunch al fresco, whilst the the top deck is the observation/sun deck with jacuzzi and sun loungers.

Your experience on this cruise is of the highest quality with 4 expert naturalist guides, certified to the highest level by the Galapagos National Park, and who will lead your excursions and give briefings during your cruise.

Useful Information

Boat description

Passengers appreciate the "non-cruise" atmosphere aboard the Xperience: informal and unregimented with a warm sense of camaraderie.

Spacious indoor and outdoor areas, with more outdoor space than any other boats of same size.

  • Family cruises that include special activities, programs and materials for children, as well as a child coordinator.
  • The only ship this size that has two single cabins available, and therefore no single supplement.
  • Al fresco dining with an average of 15 meals served outdoors while cruising.
  • Small groups with a maximum of 12 guests per naturalist guide, compared to 16 guests per guide on other boats.
  • A well-equipped infirmary with an on-board M.D. that provides services free of charge. Our doctor accompanies passengers during some of the excursions, and is available whenever assistance may be required.

Deck plan & cabins

Xperience Main deck plan

Xperience weather deck pla

Xperience boat deck plan

Xperience sun deck

Southern Itinerary 7 nights

Saturday to Saturday


AM: Baltra - During World War II, Baltra was a U.S. military base, protecting the Panama Canal from attack. Now, Baltra is home to the region's airport and is where you will meet your ship.

PM: North Seymour Island - Layers of lava that originally erupted underwater have created a low-lying island packed with wildlife. A hike along the shore and into the island’s interior reveals mystery upon mystery.


AM: Santa Fe - To the southeast of Santa Cruz Island you’ll find one of the oldest islands in the Galapagos, Santa Fe. Sea lions are the main attraction here, as well as multiple dive sites and walking trails.

PM: South Plaza - This little island off the coast of Santa Cruz will bring you up close with seal pups. South Plaza has one of the biggest colonies of sea lions in the Galapagos.


AM: Cerro Brujo, San Cristobal - A fascinating geologic landscape, beach, and satellite volcanic cone. Boat rides along the shore bring you to a huge natural cut-out and a unique photo opportunity!

PM: Punta Pitt, San Cristobal - A truly unique destination – it is the only place in the Galapagos where you are able to witness all three species of boobies in one place.


AM: Cormorant Point, Floreana - The first capital of the Galapagos and where Charles Darwin met the islands' Governor. Its small brackish lagoon is often home to flamingos and stilts.

PM: Post Office Bay, Floreana - This site is home to the post office barrel where whalers and others could leave their mail to be picked up by outbound ships. Continue the tradition and post your own letter.


AM: Punta Moreno, Isabela - This place will make you feel like you’ve travelled back into a prehistoric era. Located on the extreme north coast of Isabela Island, you may see huge marine iguanas and Galapagos Penguins.

PM: Elizabeth Beach, Isabela - A sheltered inlet and one of the westernmost points in the Galapagos. Scenic boat rides offer excellent wildlife viewing and access to a rich mangrove ecosystem.


AM: Punta Ayora, Santa Cruz - Here, you have the opportunity to visit a giant tortoise reserve in the lushly vegetated highlands, or to wander through the lovely streets of Puerto Ayora for some shopping


AM: Gardner Bay, Española - Home to one of the longest beaches in the Galapagos. You’ll visit a sea lion colony and search for more wildlife, such as the startlingly red Sally Lightfoot crabs.

PM: Punta Suarez, Española - Home to Nazca and blue-footed boobies and waved albatrosses, where it may be possible to see them performing spectacular mating dances around April and May time.


AM: Mosquera Islet - At its most narrow, Mosquera Islet is only 160km across. You’ll find sea birds here, as well as sea lions; it is home to one of the biggest populations in the Galapagos.


Northern Itinerary 7 nights

Saturday to Saturday


AM: During World War II, Baltra was a U.S. military base, protecting the Panama Canal from attack. Now, Baltra is home to the region's airport and is where you will meet your ship.

PM: Black Turtle Cove, Santa Cruz - The only way to get to Black Turtle Cove is by dinghy. A shallow inlet, it protects a range of wildlife. Look out for: white-tip reef sharks, rays and sea turtles.


AM: Puerto Egas, Santiago - With its sandy beach, black rock and blue-water grottos this stop offers a taste of Galapagos geology, some great snorkelling, and an opportunity to see shore birds and Galapagos fur seals.

PM: Rábida - The landscapes of this small island are visually stunning. Among other sights, there is an old volcanic cone bathed in crimson, sitting amid coves of clear, aqua-blue water.


AM: Espinoza Point, Fernandinha - This is one of the least visited sites on Fernandinha due to its remote location and difficult access. Black volcanic rocks provide a stark contrast to the brilliant green of plant growth.

PM: Tagus Cove, Isabela - This cove has historically provided shelter for wayfarers and is one of the places Charles Darwin visited in 1835. A hike up a volcanic tuff cone offers views of Darwin’s Lake.


AM: Vicente Roca, Isabela - You’ll find Vicente Roca Point right at the mouth of the sea-horse-shaped Isla Isabela. While you’re there, don’t miss the sea horses in the spectacular bay – perfect for snorkelling.

PM: Urvina Bay, Isabela - Take a ramble through this reef’s high-and-dry corals or stick to a shorter version and look for land iguanas and giant tortoises. Urvina Bay is great for swimming and snorkelling.


AM & PM: Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz - Here, you have the opportunity to visit a giant tortoise reserve in the lushly vegetated highlands, or to wander through the lovely streets of Puerto Ayora for some shopping.


AM: Darwin Bay, Genovesa - Formed by a submerged crater, and the resulting steep cliffs provide the perfect protected homes for a range of seabirds. See how many you can spot.

PM: El Barranco, Genovesa - We’ll take you sailing to El Barranco, situated in the southern part of Darwin Bay. Explore the 1.5km trail of volcanic rock and look out for rare species.


AM: Dragon Hill, Santa Cruz - Named after its population of land iguanas, the site offers a beautiful view of the landscape and two small brackish lagoons where flamingos and other shore birds occasionally feed.

PM: This is one of the most spectacular settings in the Galapagos. A relatively young island, its volcanic origins are evident. One visiting astronaut even said it reminded him of the moon.


AM: Las Bachas, Santa Cruz - a white-sand beach on the northern coast of Santa Cruz Island. This is one of the largest nesting areas of the Pacific Green Sea Turtle in the Galapagos.

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