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Explore this lesser-visited region of Ecuador, a land of sandy beaches, nature and wildlife.

The lesser-visited Pacific Coast of Ecuador is fast acquiring quite a reputation for a place to head to after your travel in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. If your schedule allows, we would recommend a few days flying too Manta and either going north to San Clemente to enjoy a few days on a private beach at the Palmazul Hotel and Spa. Or if you are still in the mindset for a more active exploration of this friendly and dramatic coastline, then head south to Machalilla National Park where you can explore the wild and remote park in the company of expert local guides from your base, Mantaraya Lodge.

From here, you can take whale watching trips, fishing expeditions, go trekking in the coastal forest, visit freindly local villages and enjoy glorious sunshine relaxing on remote beaches. 

Our expert travel consultants can create a magical few days travels for you in a region few tourists visit.

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The Pacific Coast

Palmazul Afuera

Palmazul Hotel & Spa

A Pacific coast beachside retreat to relax after your tour of Ecuador and the Galapagos.