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Explore Latin America with a group of like-minded travellers. A Veloso Group Tour will give you the same in-depth cultural experience and comfortable hotel accommodation as our individual tours, but led by a tour leader for extra expertise, organisation and companionship.

Explore Latin America with other like-minded travellers on tours led from start to finish by an expert leader, using specialist local guides and character accommodation, for an authentic insight into local life, people and cultures. 

Group Tours
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Unique Journeys

We take great pride in the quality and knowledge of our Tour Leaders who have been hand selected to provide you with the best possible experience. Our Tour Leaders speak the local language and make sure everything runs smoothly throughout your trip, as well as share with you their passionate for the life, people and cultures of Latin America. Our Specialist Guides offer an unparalleled insight into Latin American culture and history through their in-depth knowledge and expertise. These connections have been fostered over our 25 years of experience in travel to Latin America. We keep our group sizes small, with a maximum of 16 people, in order to have companionship and so we are not intrusive on the local communities which provides a more authentic experience. We have carefully researched and designed each itinerary using the wealth of our knowledge and experience to give you the most enjoyment and authentic insight.

Authentic Travel

The Ideal Group Tour Size

We deliberately keep the groups small, with an average of 12 people so as to maintain a personal focus, allowing for the opportunity to meet people, exchange views and experiences as well as sharing the pleasure of discovering a new place together. A smaller group creates less of an environmental impact on the surroundings and places of interest, providing a more authentic view of local surroundings. This also allows us to use smaller character lodges in certain places.

Pursing Your Own Interests

We have carefully planned days into each itinerary when you are free to pursue your own interests or you can accompany your tour leader, who will conduct an unscheduled visit to places of interest in the surrounding area. Furthermore, you can have privacy whenever you choose; there is no obligation to take meals or optional excursions with the group if you feel like pursuing your individual interests instead.

Extend Your Trip

It is easy to extend you trip either before or after your group tour as the incremental cost is relatively little. We can offer suggested based on your interests and preferences, whether they be spending some extra time on the beach or continuing to explore this fascinating continent.


The main factors for consideration with choosing your group tour should be.

Tour Leader - Are they present with the group throughout the duration of the trip?

Size - What is a typical group size and how will this influence your trip?

Itinerary - What places are you going to visit during your trip?

Duration - Once days travelling have been taken into consideration how long is the trip?

Accommodation - What is the level of accommodation used throughout the trip?

Flights - Are the cost of trans-Atlantic flights included within the price?

Price - What essential costs are not included in the price?

Tour Leaders

Our Tour Leaders play a number of roles in the success of your holiday:

Tour Manager - looks after the logistic details of the journey, assisting with any issues that may arise and liaising with local agents, hotels and airlines.

Travel Companion - ensure the well-being of the group, day-to-day practicalities in a friendly, helpful and professional manner, and have a good sense of humour.

Tour Leader - is responsible for all elements of your itinerary, so you can relax, enjoy and observe your surroundings. They speak the local language and are passionate about life, people and cultures of Latin America, providing an additional insight.

Private Groups

If you are a group of friends or like-minded individuals who would like to organise a private group tour to Latin America we have the experience and expertise required. We regularly organise flexible itineraries, so that group members can pursue individual interests, as well as providing unparalleled insight from our network of specialist guides and tours leaders

Please call us on 020 8762 0616 or contact us online for more details

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Departure Dates

Listed below are our forthcoming departures dates

Departure dateGroup TourPrice fromAvailabilityDetails
Friday, 15 March 2019 Mexico - The Senderos Tour 15 Days for £2,798 for €2,317 for $2,917 Good View Tour
Friday, 12 April 2019 Mexico - The Senderos Tour 15 Days for £2,884 for €2,416 for $3,037 Good View Tour
Friday, 02 August 2019 Mexico - The Senderos Tour 15 Days for £3,086 for €2,648 for $3,320 Good View Tour
Friday, 27 September 2019 Mexico - The Senderos Tour 15 Days for £2,781 for €2,298 for $2,893 Good View Tour
Friday, 08 November 2019 Mexico - The Senderos Tour 15 Days for £2,867 for €2,397 for $3,013 Good View Tour
Friday, 22 November 2019 Mexico - The Senderos Tour 15 Days for £2,867 for €2,397 for $3,013 Good View Tour

Please note: Prices are per person based on two people sharing a room and economy class flights.

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