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Freedom to make stops, detours and travel at your own pace while taking responsibility for your own driving.

You have the freedom to drive at your own pace, make stops and detours, stop for a long lunch, improvise and decide on your own timing. It is hard workk for both pilot and co-pilot but you do have the freedom of making your own decisions on the spot and you can take days of rest, combined with days when you drive between destinations. This can be a good way to travel from A to B on a section of the tour itinerary, drop the car and continue with our transport arrangements.

When you feel that you can take charge of the car, traffic, route, transport and the pace of travel, and, in areas where you feel comfortable driving with a level of risk similar to home, it is possible for us to arrange a vehicle and book the hotels.

We suggest driving itineraries at a slow pace, in areas such as the lake region of Chile and Argentina, the Yucatan in Mexico and possibly Costa Rica, without much traffic, good roads and normal vehicles. It will be hard work for you: you have to research before departure, to plan the route and establish how long you will take between destinations. You will have to negotiate the traffic, read the signs where available' you may be lost, or have an accident, and to plan where to fill up with petrol, so you have to be confident you can reply on your own initiative (language?) and experience.

In most cases, our clients have incorporated self drive into only a part of the holiday, a specific region and route, where self drive is of specific benefit.

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