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Choose your holiday style

With so much choice it can be difficult to decide on what to include within your holiday. Choosing your preferred style or interest from the selection below may give you some inspiration for your ideal trip.

Each tour has been carefully crafted by our travel specialists to give a unique travel experience, based on what works well or combinations that people have requested in the past. Each of these itineraries can also be tailored to suit your interests and requirements, or we can create a bespoke itinerary just for you.

Explore Latin America with our expert local guides, hand-picked to integrate your interests and preferences into exclusive excursions and activities that provide an unforgettable and in-depth understanding of local life, people and cultures.

Image for: 4194 Expedition Cruises

Expedition Cruises

Discover the remote Amazon Rainforest, Tierra del Fuego in Patagonia, Galapagos Islands & Antarctica

Image for: 1625 Brazilian Amazon Lodges


Pristine rainforest with a dense tree canopy on a cruise in remote areas of the Amazon basin. Explore the forest trails and i…

Image for: 1677 Galapagos Islands


Follow in the footsteps of Darwin's voyage leading to his theory of evolution, while enjoying a cabin on a yacht in the Pacif…

Image for: 1709 Tierra Del Fuego & Cape Horn Cruises

Tierra del Fuego

Discover the icy channels, historic bays and penguin communities of the end of the world on an expedition cruise in Patagonia…

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Chile's North Ice Field

Cruise through stunning fjords to lush mountains, sculptured icebergs, colourful fishing villages and the spectacular San Raf…

Image for: 12092 The Skorpios III

Chile's South Ice Field

Follow the Kawaskar route from Puerto Natales through the fjords, bays and immense glaciers of the Southern Patagonian Ice Fi…

Image for: 4205 Antarctica


Take the ultimate trip of a lifetime to explore the frozen expanse of the great white beyond

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Family Holidays

Voyages of discovery for families with "grown up" children, for a memorable travel experience.

Image for: 1615 Rio De Janeiro

Exotic City Breaks

Absorb a different way of life with a short break to a far away city

Image for: 1350 Brazil


Your Honeymoon will be a memorable, exciting celebration for the start of your new life together.

Image for: 8377 Uros Floating Reed Islands

Cultures & People

Authentic insights into the rich cultures and local life of the people of Latin America and China, with expert guides.

Image for: 1629 Pantanal

Wildlife & Birdwatching

Some of Latin America's best wildlife opportunities

Image for: 7482 Walks And Treks In The Sacred Valley

Walking & Active

Discover numerous ways to hike, bike ride, horse ride or kayak in magnificent scenery throughout Latin America & China.

Image for: Cusco

History & Archaeology

Discover ancient civilisations and modern history

Image for: 1718 Bajos Del Toro

Immersive Lodges & Hotels

Escape to the jungle, sleep in the shadow of mountains or live the traditional life in Latin America's best immersive hotels…

Image for: 5016 Andean Explorer Train

Train Journeys

Ride the rails on Latin America's best train journeys

Image for: 4911 The Beginners Guide To The Day Of The Dead

Festivals & Carnivals

Plan a bespoke holiday to incorporate the most spectacular, colourful and significant festivals in South and Cental America.

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Patagonia Tours

Hike trails or cruise the fjords to reveal Patagonia's immense glaciers, chiseled Andean peaks & temperate forests

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Tibet Tours