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Explore Delhi and Mumbai like a local, with our top 8 best authentic experiences not to be missed

Explore like a local in Delhi and Mumbai and be rewarded by some memorable experiences.

1. Bollywood Studios Tour - Mumbai

Soak up the excitement in a Bollywood studio where we visit a Film or TV set where you can explore and meet the crew and understand finer nuances of the craft. Observe the film shoot experience; the guide with the help of the crew and cast will help you gain a deeper understanding of the creative process. The next stop is a visit to a recording studio and an understanding of the sound and music operations for films. You can even record a Bollywood song/dialogue. Our most special stop is a taste of Bollywood dance! A mixture of numerous styles, a Bollywood dance is best explained as beautiful storytelling. And finally, enjoy a Bollywood movie screening or a visit to the new Bollywood museum in Mumbai!

2. Explore Delhi by Dawn

Few cities in India could claim the long continuity and status that Delhi has enjoyed. From being Indraprastha, the capital of the heroes of the epic Mahabharata, to being the powerful capital of modern day India, Delhi has seen the rise and fall of many influential cultures in the country. Wake up at the crack of dawn and embark on a morning tour of Delhi as the city awakes. Every turn leads to unknown places in Delhi that reveal local secrets. As the day emerges, we come face to face with those who make Delhi, Dilli.

3. A Culinary Tour of Delhi

Sample the iconic delicacies that defined Delhi over the centuries on a culinary sojourn where you’ll learn how food cultures in Delhi changed as the city changed. You will try many iconic food delights of Delhi and marvel at the change in landscape as you pass by India Gate of New Delhi to Jama Masjid of Old Delhi. Laden with history and stories and so much taste – this is a food tour you won’t want to miss!

4. A Great Indian Wedding Tour - Delhi

The Great Indian Wedding Tour is an exciting way to learn why Indians are so obsessed with weddings. We take you through a market that’s become the go-to destination for all things wedding! The market itself is so exciting because it’s an urban rural melting pot where one can witness many subcultures of the city. Once a part of one of the ancient cities of Delhi, today Shahpur Jat is home to a farming community living harmoniously surrounded by a market that’s bustling with stores of many artists, fashion designers and hip cafes, One minute, you’re checking out beautiful jewels and another you’re next to a school that’s leading you a 14th century tomb!

5. Bollywood Dance Workshop - Mumbai

Mumbai is the centre of the Indian film industry and Bollywood dance is famous the around the world. So what better a place to learn this iconic Bollywood dance moves than with other like-minded travellers on an authentic dance workshop. Open to all ages and families, the one hour session is a mixture of numerous styles, best explained as beautiful storytelling. You’ll shake a leg and fuse bhangra, hip hop, salsa and many more dance styles creatively to some popular Bollywood songs. The workshop will leave you a bit exhausted but is great fun!

6. Malwan Home Cooking Workshop in Mumbai

Enjoy a cooking date for you with the lady of a contemporary Mumbai household. Apron-up, and assist her with quintessential recipes from the region. With a host of masalas, special recipes, and traditional techniques, get an insight into the local Cuisine of Mumbai.

7. Discover the ancient sport of Mallakhamb in Mumbai

Often called as one of the strangest sports in the world, the ancient and traditional pole fitness technique Mallakhamb comes from “Malla’ that means wrestler and ‘Khamba’ that means pole.

8. Mumbai by Public Transport Tour 

Explore Mumbai like a local through the labyrinth of the city on types of public transport..We start off with a BEST bus ride – a company that’s been providing Mumbai transport since the 1870s. You will find yourself at the train station, where over six hundred and sixty thousand footfalls are seen in a day. Started in 1853, the trains are the most complex network in India, and Mumbai carry over 8 million people every day and is truly the lifeline of Mumbai. You will get off at the much-awarded city museum where you will learn about Mumbai’s history from being seven islands to a bustling megapolis.

Take a local Kaali – Peeli (Black and Yellow) cab next and reach the Bandra Area, where a rickshaw ride awaits you. Take on these rickety beasts as you learn about Bandra’s history and drive through the by-lanes and with utmost ease and precision. This Italian import has an interesting back-story of its birth too. Lastly, after all the driving around, walking and hearing interesting stories, your tired legs will find the perfect solace at a local restaurant. You can relive the tour with your guide and ask him any questions about this city or country.


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