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Itineraries visiting multiple countries for an overview of Latin America

For an overview of Latin America, we suggest itineraries that combine more than a single country. Logical combinations are: Argentina and Chile, Guatemala and Belize, Peru & Galapagos, but there are many more.

The pieces of the puzzle come together, with the knowledge and experience of our expert consultants. In addition we are experts at preparing bespoke itineraries to fit your requirements, interests, destinations and budget.

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Suggestions & Recommendations

Image for: 1350 Brazil


Brazil is a country of fantastic natural beauty, where the spirit of carnival and the rhythm of music and dance are shown in…

Image for: 1351 Peru


Home to the ancient Inca civilisation, Peru combines stunning mountain scenery of the Andes with a fascinating Spanish coloni…

Image for: 1534 Ecuador & Galapagos

Ecuador & Galapagos

Ecuador, offers stunning Spanish colonial cities, indigenous villages with weekly local markets, the dense jungle of the Amaz…

Image for: Mexico people


From pristine Caribbean and Pacific beaches, to rugged mountains, canyon railways of the interior, dense jungle, fresh water…

Image for: dirk-spijkers-692684-unsplash.jpg


Home of the Tango, Gauchos, Patagonian Glaciers and the stylish European-style capital of Buenos Aires.

Image for: Torres Del Paine Ross


Chile has the Atacama mountain desert in the North, the glaciers and fjords of Patagonia in the south and a central, temperat…