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Ecuador & Galapagos & Galapagos Islands & Peru Holidays

Encantada Tour

18 Night Itinerary from £6,998

Multi-country Landmark Tour


Cruise the Galapagos Islands and explore the culture and Inca heritage of the Andean region.

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Tour Route

Travel Highlights

  • Combine the Galapagos Islands with Machu Picchu on our tour to Ecuador & Peru
  • Explore the world heritage centre of Quito, famed for its magnificent churches
  • Visit one of South America's most colourful local Indian markets
  • Enjoy an unforgettable seven night Galapagos Cruise in the company of experts
  • Daily walks and snorkelling to see the fearless birds, reptiles and marine life
  • Discover Peru's vibrant capital Lima and the former Inca capital Cusco
  • Marvel at the lost Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, buried in mysterious cloud forest
  • Option to extend your trip to Lake Titicaca, La Paz and Rio de Janeiro

This itinerary can be modified and adapted to your preference with a specialst advisor, who can provide a guaranteed price, based on hotels, transport, excursions and flights.

Tour Itinerary

Ecuador 2013-281.jpg

Quito - 3 Nights

Day 1 - Departure

Day 2 - Guided tour of Quito 

Day 3 - Otavalo market

  • Full Description
  • Accommodation

Day 1


Take a daytime flight to Quito, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Situated between two ranges of the snowcapped Andes, Quito has a beautiful setting and temperate climate. You will be met at the airport by our representative who will take you to your hotel for a 3 night stay on a bed and breakfast basis. Your guide will give you a quick introduction to the area and your programme.

Day 2

Guided tour of Quito 

Today your guide will take you on a half day exploration of Quito, covering both the modern and colonial quarters including La Compañía Church with its ornate façade and a visit to the Archaeological Museum which houses a fascinating collection of pre-Colombian ceramics & gold. 


Day 3

Otavalo market

We visit Otavalo, embracing an area of snowcapped mountains, lakes and terraced farmland. Visit the colourful and bustling Indian market where men and women with long plaited hair, dressed in their traditional clothes sell all types of weavings, tapestries and handicrafts. 

Plaza Sucre

Quito - Tourist Hotel

The Hotel Plaza Sucre is located at the very heart of Ecuador's capital, in the historical downtown named by UNESCO as a Human Heritage site in 1978, because of its architectural beauty and cultural richness. The sober and colonial atmosphere of the hotel makes you feel being transported to the republican era. The hotel offers 25 comfortable guestrooms equipped with private facilities, TV cable, internet, Wifi, and modern facilities. Breakfasts are served in a wonderful rooftop patio with great views of "El Panecillo" statue which towers over the city.

Image for: 1869 Plaza Sucre

Casona de La Ronda

Quito - First Boutique

This delightful 22 room hotel has been converted from an original Colonial townhouse, and is located on the pedestrian La Ronda street, close to many bars and restaurants. The rooms are comfortable and traditionally styled, decorated with fabricsand patterns from local communities. The hotel alos has a small lounge and fireplace, and serves local cuisine and Ecudorean wines.

Image for: 1872 Casona De La Ronda

Casa Gangotena

Quito - Deluxe Hotel

Situated in a newly-restored historic mansion overlooking Plaza San Francisco in the heart of the Old Town, the three-story Casa Gangotena has 31 luxury rooms: a showcase of eye catching style, contemporary design, antiques, furnishings, fine dining, modern technologies and quintessential comforts. Beautifully and eclectically appointed, the hotel invites its guests to explore and to relax, whether in the dining room, glassed-in patio, garden redolent with the perfume of native flowers, wood-panelled library, or else atop its panoramic third-floor terrace. Sophisticated and eclectic, historic yet contemporary, at Casa Gangotena style, passion and service blend seamlessly and delightfully.

The hotel includes several 'experiences' for its guests at no extra cost, including San Francisco’s courtyards & Brewery, Museo del Carmen Alto, San Fransisco Choir & Bell Tower and Chocolate Quiteno tasting.

Rates are on a room and breakfast basis.

Image for: 1871 Casa Gangotena
Eric & Letty Galapagos Cruise (7).jpg

Galapagos Islands Cruise - 7 Nights

Days 4-10 - Cruise the Galapagos Islands

  • Full Description
  • Accommodation

Day 4

Fly to the Galapagos for your 7 night cruise

Take a domestic flight to the Galapagos and transfer to the superb M/Y Letty (first class) or excellent value M/Y Coral I & II (first class at tourist class prices) yachts for your 7-night cruise on a full board basis. Your Galapagos cruise includes daily morning and afternoon guided excursions to admire the tame wildlife endemic to each island. 

M/Y Coral I & II yachts - accommodating 36 and 20 guests respectively, these well-appointed first class vessels are the perfect base to explore the islands. On board, you will enjoy superb cuisine in the dining room and al fresco, have free use of the snorkelling equipment and kayaks and enjoy coastal dinghy explorations on the ships Pangas. The cabins are very comfortable and the service quite personable as the guide to crew ratio is lower than other comparable yachts.

M/Y Letty - a very popular first class ship hosting no more than 20 guests. The Letty has three decks of 10 spacious, air conditioned twin bedded outside facing staterooms with polished teak interiors, private bathroom and window.  There's a dining room, well-stocked bar and conference area with a flat screen TV, library and panoramic picture windows. Or you can relax in a lounge chair on the sun deck, enjoying sea breezes and a sky full of stars. Snorkelling and wetsuits are available for hire locally. The Southern/Central itinerary on the M/Y Letty is shown below (other itineraries are available, please ask for details).  

After the welcome briefing and safety drill, a delicious buffet lunch is served on board. In the afternoon, travel by bus to Cerro Tijeretas or “Frigatebird Hill” one of two sites where you can see nesting colonies of both species of frigate birds (Great and Magnificent), as well as lava lizards, the medium ground finch and Chatham mockingbird. Walk along the trail to Punta Carola for scenic views, then return to the yacht for a briefing followed by our Captain’s welcome cocktail party and dinner prepared by our culinary school-trained chefs.


Day 5

Cerro Brujo & Punta Pitt (San Cristobal)

We spend the morning at Cerro Brujo, a breathtaking white coral beach, with expansive views and good bird-watching.  Take a peaceful walk along the beach, or swim with sea lions from the beach. Take out the kayaks or stand up paddle boards for a different perspective of the marine life.  Enjoy a scenic Zodiac ride that takes us through a cave called The Cathedral. Return to the yacht for lunch. 

Go ashore this afternoon at Punta Pitt, a tuff formation that serves as a nesting site for many sea birds including all three types of boobies – blue-footed, Nazca and red-footed boobies, both frigatebird species, swallow-tailed gulls, storm petrels, shearwaters, and brown pelicans. Punta Pitt is considered one of the best sites for birds in the archipelago, and is also home to a colony of sea lions.  At Pitt Rock, we snorkel with sea lions and colourful fish such as the King Angel and Surgeon fish. Return to the yacht for a briefing followed by dinner.


Day 6

Punta Suarez & Gardner Bay (Espanola)

Disembark at Punta Suarez on Espanola Island,  home to the greatest number of endemic species found in Galapagos.  Sea lions bark noisily as we land on their beach. Curious Hood mockingbirds peck at our shoelaces. From April to December, the waved albatross, found only on Espanola, perform its wild mating ritual. Colonies of blue-footed boobies engage in “sky-pointing” to show off for potential mates. Easily spotted wildlife are the Nazca boobies busily caring for their young, stunning swallow-tailed gulls, the only nocturnal gulls in the world and red-billed tropicbirds take shelter under the cliffs. We also find Darwin’s Finches, Galapagos Doves and Galapagos Hawks, as well as a  unique species of marine iguana identified with traces of red and green colorings. Follow the trail to the dramatic ocean blow hole, and watch for colorful sally light-foot crabs crawling along the shoreline.  Return to the yacht for lunch on board.

Continue on to Gardner Bay, where large colonies of sea lions dot the seemingly endless white sand beach.  Take a leisurely stroll or relax on the beach, watching for the Galapagos Hawk, Darwin’s Finches or Espanola Mockingbird. Swim with playful sea lions right from the beach, explore the bay and islets by kayak or stand up paddle board.  Take a Zodiac ride to explore the caves covered with invertebrates.  Admire the colourful array of underwater life at this excellent snorkeling site near Tortuga Rock.  Return to the yacht for a briefing followed by dinner.

Day 7

Punta Cormorant & Post Office Bay (Floreana)

Step ashore at Punta Cormorant on Floreana Island, where the olive-sand beach is alive with the sounds of sea lions, lava herons, yellow-crowned night herons, blue-footed boobies, and penguins.  Follow a trail to a brackish lagoon, home to Bahama ducks, common stilts, Galapagos flycatchers, yellow warblers and the greater flamingos. Wind your way past a rich variety of plants including the morning glory, cut leaf daisies, mangroves (black, red and white), paldo verde and scalesia. The trail leads to a beach where sea turtles lay their eggs in the powdery sand dunes and sting rays swim in the shallow water. After the walk, there is an opportunity to snorkel at Champion Islet, a shallow sunken crater colonized by a brilliant array of colorful fish and corral, white-tipped sharks, sea turtles, spotted eagle rays and sea stars. Lunch is served back on board on the sundeck, weather permitting. 

Floreana is one of the few populated islands in the Galapagos with a rich and intriguing human history.  After lunch, visit on of the most famous sites in Galapagos, Post office Bay, where a post office barrel was erected in the late 18th Century to use by English whaling vessels. Visitors are invited invited to leave a post card and to pick up any mail destined for their home town. There is a chance to swim from the beach with sea lions. Late afternoon, take a Zodiac ride near Baroness Point to look for sea turtles and rays. Return to the yacht for a briefing followed by dinner.

Day 8

Highlands & Charles Darwin Research Centre (Santa Cruz)

Disembark at Puerto Ayora, the social heart of the Galapagos, with a population of 24,000. Travel by bus to the highlands,passing through all seven vegetation zones found in Galapagos. Visit the tortoise reserve at one of the private farms that protects giant tortoises in their natural habitat.  Stop at “the tunnels”, the largest lava tubes found in Galapagos, and visit Los Gemelos (The Twins), a pair of large craters. Return to the yacht for lunch on board and a briefing. 

This afternoon, visit the Charles Darwin Research Station and see the tortoise and land iguana corals and the breeding center with new hatchlings and miniature tortoises that will be repatriated when grown. Visit a new exhibit honoring Lonesome George, a worldwide icon of conservation as the last surviving tortoise from Pinta Island that tragically died of natural causes.  Stroll through town to shop for souvenirs or stop in at an internet cafe. Return to the yacht for dinner or as you wish, remain ashore for dinner on your own.  Zodiac shuttles from the Letty to the main dock will be offered throughout the evening.

Day 9

Las Bachas & Bartolome Island

This morning enjoy a Zodiac ride at Caleta Tortuga Negra (Black Turtle Cove) through a series of coves and inlets surrounded by mangroves. See pairs of mating sea turtles (Sep to Feb), white-tipped reed sharks and golden cow-nosed rays.  Return to the yacht for lunch. 

Disembark at Bartolome, a young Island that is inhospitable to most plants and animals. Climb the long wooden staircase to the summit of a dormant volcano, pausing along the way to marvel at lava bombs, spatter and cinder cones. It seems as if we are walking on the moon!  The panoramic view from the top encompasses the entire island, including the distinctive eroded tuff cone known as Pinnacle Rock.  The crystal clear water below beckons of snorkeling with schools of tropical fish, white-tipped reef sharks and Galapagos Penguins. Take a Zodiac ride along the rocky shoreline. Return to the yacht for the evening briefing followed by dinner.

Day 10

South Plaza Island & North Seymour

Today’s visit is at South Plaza, a small geological uplift with tall cliffs where swallow-tailed gulls, shearwaters and red-billed tropicbirds build their nests.  The trail leads us through Opuntia (Prickly Pear) and Sesuvium, and land iguanas are seen here feeding on the cactus leaves.  The island is home to a colony of bachelor sea lions, with dominant bulls in various stages of recovery from battles over prime beach territory.  Return to the yacht for lunch.  Later, snorkel between North and South Seymour in deeper water.  

Go ashore at North Seymour, a small geological uplift to observe swallow-tailed gulls, blue-footed boobies and endemic land iguanas. Visit the largest colony of Magnificent frigate birds in Galapagos, and watch for marine iguanas and sea lions body surfing the northern swells. Return to the M/Y Letty for the Captain’s farewell cocktail party and dinner, followed by a slide show presentation by your guides.

Coral I & II

Galapagos Islands - First Motor Yacht

Coral 1 & II are very comfortable sister yachts offering charming public areas over 3 decks and accommodating 36 and 20 guests respectively. You will enjoy the intimate experience of a private yacht, with delicious Ecuadorean and international cuisine served in elegant restaurants. The cuisine can be extended to a BBQ dinner on the open-air Moon deck. Both yachts offer very personalised service, with a 1 naturalist guide for a maximum of 10-12 guests, lower than most other vessels.

The air-conditioned cabins are well-appointed with picture windows, twin or full size beds and private facilities. 

The itineraries available range from 3 and 4 night cruises that can be combined to make 7, 10 or 11 night extended cruises exploring the North, East, West and South of the Galapagos Islands.

Special offer - FREE flights to/from the mainland to the Galapagos islands on the following departures:

22 January 2020 - 4 nights West itinerary

29 January 2020 - 4 nights South itinerary

2 February 2020 - 3 nights North Central itinerary

8 March 2020 - 3 nights East itinerary

11 March 2020 - 4 nights South itinerary

19 April 2020 - 3 nights East itinerary

3 May 2020 - 3 nights East itinerary

All offers subject to availability at the time of booking.

Good choice for families 

The Coral 1 & II vessels are ideal for family groups, with interconnecting cabins and discounts available for children.


Image for: 2314 Coral I & II

The Letty

Galapagos Islands - First Motor Yacht

The Letty is a first class motor specially designed for cruising the Galapagos, accommodating up to 20 guests.

The Letty has 10 cabins over three decks, some with twin lower berths and others with double beds; 2 cabins are also available as triples, with twin lower berths and an upper berth. The cabins all fully air-conditioned and have private facilities with hot showers and hair dryer, as well as fresh towels.

Interiors are of polished teak wood and public areas are a dining room, bar and lounge area with TV, VCR and book/video library. There is also a sun deck on top of the yacht with seating and both shaded and unshaded areas. Each boat has a crew of 9 plus 2 expert naturalist guides.

Special family only departures

The Letty offers family only sailings throughout the year. On departures where a family has booked, she will be designated only for families travelling with children. Children age 6 to 11 get 25% discount off the cruise rate and teenagers aged 12 to 17 get 15% discount off the cruise rate (excluding peak holiday weeks). There is a limit of one child or teenager discount per adult or full fare. Please ask our specialist tour consultants for details of the available family only dates.

Click here for more detailed information and images :

Image for: Eric & Letty Galapagos Cruise (1).jpg
LIMA 01 {Image # (1)»}{Total # (1)»}.jpg

Lima - 2 Nights

Day 11 - Flight to Lima

Day 12 - Guided tour of Lima 

  • Full Description
  • Accommodation

Day 11

Flight to Lima

After breakfast we disembark, transfer to the airport and fly back to the mainland, connecting with a flight to Lima, where we stay for 2 nights including breakfast.

Day 12

Guided tour of Lima 

In the company of our local guide, you will visit the main squares, surrounded by grand colonial buildings and the Anthropological Museum with its fascinating array of textiles, potteries and mummies spanning from 1400 BC to Hispanic time. We also visit the Larco Herrera Museum, where a large collection of fascinating treasures are housed.


Lima - Tourist Hotel

This small contemporary hotel is located in the heart of Miraflores, with plenty of access to local conveniences such as restaurants and shops. The rooms are comfortable, spacious and modern although simple in character, and all with modern amenities such as WiFi, air conditioning and private facilities. The hotel has a bar and restaurant serving international dishes.

Accommodation is on a bed and breakfast basis.

Image for: 1839 Allpa

Casa Andina Private Collection

Lima - First Hotel

The stylish Casa Andina Private Collection is located in the heart of Miraflores, close to many excellent restaurants. The 148 rooms are furnished in the modern European style, with modern amenities and private facilities. There is a lounge, swimming pool, bar, restaurant, and adjoining sandwich cafe for light snacks.

Accommodation is on a bed and breakfast basis.

Image for: 1838 Casa Andina Private Collection

Country Club

Lima - Deluxe Hotel

Located just 7 miles from the international airport in the exclusive residential area of San Isidro with a pleasant view overlooking Lima Golf Club. 

Opened in 1927 and declared a Peruvian Cultural Monument, the historic Country Club offers luxurious and lavish accommodation in single or double air conditioned rooms equipped with cable TV, minibar and internet access. Each room is adorned with traditional Andean textiles. Dine in the award-winning hotel restaurant or enjoy a cold drink at the bar. For something light try the hotel snack bar. Work out in the hotel gym or take a leisurely swim in the pool. Guests interested in golf can gain access to Lima Golf Club.

Accommodation is on a bed and breakfast basis.

Image for: 1835 Country Club

Cusco - 2 Nights

Day 13 - Flight to Cusco

Day 14 - Guided tour of Cusco 

  • Full Description
  • Accommodation

Day 13

Fly to Cusco 

Transfer to Lima airport for internal flight to Cusco, where we stay for three nights on a bed and breakfast basis. The afternoon is free for you to acclimatise to the altitude of 3,310m or stroll to the main square to absorb the local atmosphere.

Day 14

Guided tour of Cusco 

Today, our local guide takes you on a fascinating half day tour of Cusco and the ruins surrounding the city. Within Cusco the evidence of Inca culture is still visible, despite the destructive tendencies of the conquistadores. The cathedral, churches and numerous other buildings are erected on solid Inca stonework foundations, unchanged over the centuries. Outside the city stands the mighty fortress and religious site of Sacsayhuamán, an astounding megalithic structure, whose massive stones, weighing over 100 tons each, fit together with characteristic Inca precision. 

Casa San Blas

Cusco - First Boutique

The Boutique Hotel Casa San Blas provides a service based on personalised attention within the context of a friendly, home-like atmosphere. The hotel is located in the historic artisans quarter of San Blas, just two and a half blocks from Cusco's main plaza. The rooms are decorated with a select collection of weavings designed to provide guests with an insight into the history and meaning of the mystical symbolism of the Andes. The hotel has been designed to harmonise with the colonial architecture of the San Blas neighbourhood, based upon the restoration of a historic mansion while incorporating all the benefits of the modern world, warmth, comfort - in a perfect blend of old and new.

Accommodation includes room and breakfast.

Image for: 1847 Casa San Blas

Costa Del Sol Picoaga

Cusco - First Hotel

The Costa Del Sol Picoaga Hotel occupies an original Colonial mansion built for a Spanish nobleman, shown in its stonework arches and large courtyard. Located just 2 minutes from the main square, the hotel is an ideal base from which to explore the city. The 70 rooms are well decorated, comfortable and modern, all with private facilities.

Accommodation is on a room and breakfast basis.


Image for: 1848 Costa Del Sol Picoaga

La Casona

Cusco - Luxury Hotel

La Casona Heritage video

Enjoy superb cuisine, elegant furnishings, attentive service and spacious rooms in the first luxury boutique hotel in Cusco, with a unique mix of culture and tradition. Carefully restored from its former life as a 16th century mansion, La Casona presents modern luxury without sacrificing authenticity. Eleven spacious suites surround a sumptuous courtyard. Contemporary amenities create the ambience of comfort and exclusivity enjoyed by residents in centuries past.

The hotel has a restaurant, bar, spa and free Wi-Fi. The air-conditioned rooms have private bathroom, TV, minibar and a seating area. Each room features dark wood sculpted panels, elegant furniture, deep burgundy sofas and rich rugs and fabrics.

The rates include daily buffet breakfast with regional products. 



Image for: inkaterra-la-casona.jpg

Sacred Valley - 1 Night

Day 15 - Sacred Valley of the Incas Tour

  • Full Description

Day 15

Sacred Valley of the Incas Tour

We are up early today to enjoy a scenic, full day guided tour (including lunch) to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, affording great views of the valleys and Inca terracing. We visit the Maras salt mines and continue to Pisac market, a colourful affair where villagers come from miles around to barter and sell food and weavings. We visit Pisac ruins to see the remains of some of the finest examples of Inca masonry, and continue to the village of Ollantaytambo, with its ancient irrigation system, still in good working order, and with the ancient Inca temple fortress towering above. We return to Cusco with a deep understanding and admiration for the incredible achievements of the ancient Incas. 

machu picchu.jpg

Machu Picchu - 1 Night

Day 16 - Machu Picchu by Vistadome Train


  • Full Description
  • Accommodation

Day 16

Machu Picchu by Vistadome Train

We set off from Cusco by Vistadome train along the course of the Urubamba River to Aguas Calientes. This is a spectacular journey through a dramatic and changing landscape with some fantastic views. From Aguas Calientes, you will be met by your guide and take a bus up the steep mountain side to the magnificent citadel of Machu Picchu, which silently awaits. You will have a private guided tour of the ruins to learn about the Inca culture and history of the site. After an included lunch, the rest of the afternoon is free for further independent exploration. We overnight at a nearby hotel (including breakfast). 

Casa Andina Classic

Machu Picchu - Tourist Hotel

Located by train station, the hotel is modern, functional but bland, useful for an overnight stay. The standard rooms have no windows but others look out over the station or behind to the Urubamba river.

Image for: 1861 Casa Andina Classic

El Mapi

Machu Picchu - Boutique

A smart and contemporary hotel, located in the heart of Machu Picchu town (Aguas Calientes); the perfect spot to start enjoying a once in lifetime experience to the Citadel of Machu Picchu: the Lost City of the Incas. El Mapi hotel is located just a few steps from the main square and the train station, this hotel of only 48 rooms, offers its guests the opportunity to admire and interact with the picturesque Andean town of Machu Picchu town. The hotel welcomes all of its guests with great service in a friendly and cozy environment. With all the facilities in mind, the rooms are modern equipped with two twins or one king bed, 100% cotton sheets, down duvets covers, 32'' TV and cable, hair dryers and naturally scented toiletries.

Image for: 1859 El Mapi

Sanctuary Lodge, Belmond Hotels

Machu Picchu - Deluxe Lodge

Set in its own gardens and the only hotel in such close proximity to the magical ruins, the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge offers twenty-nine well-appointed rooms and two suites. Also located just outside the gates to the Lost city of the Incas, this beautiful hotel is the only one to command views of the site. An Orient Express owned hotel, the service is impeccable and the food is excellent. Accommodation includes room, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In nearby Aguas Calientes hot springs you can enjoy a soothing bath at the end of a long day of exploring. Enjoy lunch in the cafeteria overlooking the citadel of Machu Picchu, where you can choose from a wide variety of dishes and enjoy a spectacular view. There is also an indoor dining room where a delicious breakfast buffet and international cuisineare available.

The Lodge has 31 rooms and one suite, bar, restaurant, self service autlet and a cliffhanging snack bar, with one of tha best views of the Sacred Mountain. All rooms have Television, laundry service, mini bar, Idd telephone.


Image for: 1857 Sanctuary Lodge, Belmond Hotels
Cusco Cathedral

Return to Cusco and fly home - 2 Nights

Day 17 - Return to Cusco

Day 18 - Departure or extend your stay

  • Full Description
  • Accommodation

Day 17

Return to Cusco

Early mornings offer an excellent opportunity for a quiet stroll around Machu Picchu, a walk along the Inca Trail to Intipunku (Sun Gate), or a strenuous climb to Huayna Picchu, the rocky escarpment overlooking the ruins. In the afternoon, we take the Vistadome train back to Cusco, where we stay for our last night (including breakfast).

Day 18

Departure or extend your stay

Enjoy the morning in Cusco at your leisure. We then take an afternoon flight to Lima, connecting with your return overnight flight home in the early evening (arriving in the UK the next morning). Or take an optional extension tour to Lake Titicaca, La Paz and Rio De Janeiro.

Casa San Blas

Cusco - First Boutique

The Boutique Hotel Casa San Blas provides a service based on personalised attention within the context of a friendly, home-like atmosphere. The hotel is located in the historic artisans quarter of San Blas, just two and a half blocks from Cusco's main plaza. The rooms are decorated with a select collection of weavings designed to provide guests with an insight into the history and meaning of the mystical symbolism of the Andes. The hotel has been designed to harmonise with the colonial architecture of the San Blas neighbourhood, based upon the restoration of a historic mansion while incorporating all the benefits of the modern world, warmth, comfort - in a perfect blend of old and new.

Accommodation includes room and breakfast.

Image for: 1847 Casa San Blas

Costa Del Sol Picoaga

Cusco - First Hotel

The Costa Del Sol Picoaga Hotel occupies an original Colonial mansion built for a Spanish nobleman, shown in its stonework arches and large courtyard. Located just 2 minutes from the main square, the hotel is an ideal base from which to explore the city. The 70 rooms are well decorated, comfortable and modern, all with private facilities.

Accommodation is on a room and breakfast basis.


Image for: 1848 Costa Del Sol Picoaga

Belmond Monasterio de Cusco

Cusco - Luxury Hotel

Built 300 years ago atop Inca foundations, the building was originally the Seminary of San Antonio Abad. In 1995, the seminary was tastefully converted into a luxury hotel while still preserving its original architecture of arched galleries surrounding two elegant colonial style courtyards. The Belmond Monasterio de Cusco is  Cuzco's premier hotel, providing its guests with a museum setting of Inca and Spanish traditions. The hotel is conveniently situated very close to the city's central square, the Plaza de Armas, where the Cathedral and museums are located.

All of the 122 air-conditioned rooms have en-suite bathrooms, telephone, mini-bar and cable TV and many of them are oxygen-enriched. The hotel also has a lobby bar, two restaurants and deli/café.

Several activities are available including art tours, cooking classes and pisco lessons.

The rooms and on a bed and breakfast basis.

Image for: hotel-monasterio-cusco.jpg

Price Guidelines

Season Low Season
Travel Dates Year round
Room Arrangement Tourist First
Multiple Travellers - Twin Room £6,998 £8,098
Multiple Travellers - Own Room £8,782 £10,931
Single Traveller - Own Room £9,351 £11,536

Prices are a guideline and per person. Please request a quote for Special Events, Christmas, New Year's Eve & Easter.

What's Included

  • 19 Days / 17 Nights
  • International flights (1 overnight)
  • Internal flights
  • Accommodation as shown on the itinerary
  • 17 breakfasts, 9 lunches and 7 dinners
  • Transfers to and from airports
  • Transport  throughout the itinerary
  • Excursions listed, all with expert, English-speaking guides
  • Prices are per person (twin share)
  • Prices for Special Events, Christmas, New Year's Eve, Easter on request

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