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Traditional villages, rural landscapes and hilltop Inca ruins bring you closer to Peru's fascinating past and present.

The Urubamba Valley, known as The Sacred Valley of the Incas lies just north of the Inca capital of Cusco and today is one of the best places in Peru to see Inca traditions and the descendants of a once great civilisation. The dramatic landscape is charactarised by steep mountains, snow-covered peaks and traditional agriculture, small towns come to life in colourful bustling markets and outstanding Inca ruins, particularly those at either end of the valley in Pisaq and Ollantaytambo, demonstrate the enduring brilliance of the Inca people and their customs and ways of life. The people still speak the native Quechua language and conserve ancient customs and ancestral rites.

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5086 Pisac Ruins & Market

Sacred Valley of the Incas

Pisac ruins & market

The spectacular hilltop ruins of Pisac guard the north-eastern entrance to the valley and afford wonderful views.

5087 Ollantaytambo

Sacred Valley of the Incas


Ollantaytambo is a large Inca archaeological site, that was once one of the most important centres of the region.

5084 Moray Terraces

Sacred Valley of the Incas

Moray terraces

Moray is a well-known Inca site where we can see the innovative round terraces.

5085 Maras Salt Ponds

Sacred Valley of the Incas

Maras salt ponds

The pre-Inca salt ponds of Maras are still used by locals in the Sacred Valley even today.

5088 Willoq

Sacred Valley of the Incas


Visiting the village of Willoq is like taking a journey into the past to meet the descendants of the Incas.

8368 Horse Riding In The Sacred Valley

Sacred Valley of the Incas

Horse-riding in the Sacred Valley

Explore the Sacred Valley on horse-back to appreciate the natural beauty of the area, at a slower pace.


Sacred Valley of the Incas

Chinchero textiles & market

Chinchero is a rural town best known for its textile work and communal organization.

8370 Pre Hispanic Music Experience

Sacred Valley of the Incas

Pre-Hispanic music experience

Experience the sounds of the past in this musical adventure in the heart of the Andes.

8374 Machu Picchu

Sacred Valley of the Incas

Machu Picchu

Travel by train to the Lost Inca citadel of Machu Picchu on a full day tour from the Sacred Valley.

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Casa Andina Premium

Casa Andina Premium

Sacred Valley of the Incas

First Hotel

Explora Valle Sagrado

Explora Valle Sagrado

Sacred Valley of the Incas

Deluxe Hotel

6318 Mountain Lodges Of Peru

Mountain Lodges of Peru

Sacred Valley of the Incas

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Sacred Valley of the Incas

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Belmond Hotel Rio Sagrado

Rio Sagrado

Sacred Valley of the Incas

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Sol y Luna - Relais & Chateaux

Sol Y Luna

Sacred Valley of the Incas

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Villa Urubamba

Villa Urubamba

Sacred Valley of the Incas

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