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During a visit here you will have the opportunity to meet the women responsible for textile activities, preserving the ancient Inca weaving traditional and knitting techniques and walk around the workshop. You can learn about the processes of obtaining the natural colours and the weaving techniques and will have time to purchase some textiles or handicrafts should you wish.

There is a local authentic market in Chinchero, a colourful and lively affair where indigenous people come from the surrounding communities  to trade goods, particularly the woven handicrafts for which the region is so well known. At the highest point in the town there is also an interesting church and to the side of this there are also some Inca ruins.

Some of our favourite places to visit and things to do in the Sacred Valley
What to do in the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Moray terraces

Moray is a well-known Inca site where we can see the innovative round terraces.


Visiting the village of Willoq is like taking a journey into the past to meet the descendants of the Incas.

Horse-riding in the Sacred Valley

Explore the Sacred Valley on horse-back to appreciate the natural beauty of the area, at a slower pace.