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Three main civilisations dominated Latin America at various times before the arrival of Europeans in the late 15th and early 16th centuries. These's were the Mayans in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, the Aztecs in central Mexico and the Incas, mainly in Peru. These civilisations flourished within their local surrounds, gaining wealth and power from which they built great cities and empires. Religion was also very important, with each civilisation constructing great temples for the performance of ceremonies and rituals to appease the gods, in return for bountiful harvests and victories in battle.

The Mayas thrived throughout the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, creating a complex society built on agriculture and trade, which consisted of several large city-states, with large pyramids and palaces. They also created an accurate calendar and a numbering system.

The Incas settled in Peru, near the Urubamba Valley, establishing Cusco as their capital and building nearby the 'lost city' of Machu Picchu, high in the Andes Mountains. They built their famed terrace farms, as well as an elaborate system of roads to maintain control of their empire.

The Aztecs were a fierce warrior society, who built a huge empire through military conquest and subsequent taxation of neighboring peoples. They built there mighty capital Tenochtitlan on floating islands in Lake Texcoco, located on the site of present-day Mexico City.

The Spanish conquered Latin America in the 1600s, sacking and destroying the many monuments created by the incumbent civilisations and introducing strong European influences to city architecture planning. Yet Inca descendants still speak their ancient language, Quechua.

Today we can explore the remains of these mighty civilisations, marveling at their extraordinary capacity and ingenuity, at some of the best preserved archaeological sites in the world.

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The Tenango Tour - Tikal - Holidays to Guatemala


Tenango Tour

12 Nights from £3,552 €3,362 $3,617

Dotted with fabulous archaeological sites and picturesque colonial towns, we browse through the colourful markets and scale the magnificent, soaring pyrami…

The Tenango Tour
Tours in Guatemala

12 Nights from £3,552 €3,362 $3,617

Full Itinerary Contact Specialist

Itinerary Summary

  1. Day 1 - Flight to Guatemala City. Transfer to Antigua.

    Day 2 - Tour of Antigua and travel to Lake Atitlan

  2. Day 3 - Boat trip to Santiago Atitlan. Transfer to Chichicastenango

    Day 4 - Sunday market. Return to Antigua

  3. Day 5 - Day at leisure in Antigua

  4. Day 6 - Visit the Mayan site Quiriguá and Copán ruins in the jungle

  5. Day 7 - Return to Guatemala City

  6. Day 8 - Visit El Ceibal

    Day 9 - Archaeological site of Aguateca

    Day 10 - Explore pyramids and admire the wildlife at Tikal

  7. Day 11 - Return to Antigua

    Day 12 - Day at leisure in Antigua

    Day 13 - Guatemala City and flight home

The Chivay Tour - Holidays to Peru


Chivay Tour

14 Nights from £3,472 €3,266 $3,513

Our comprehensive journey through Peru. Discover Andean landscapes, ancient civilisations, stunning ruins and the magnificent islands of Lake Titicaca

The Chivay Tour
Tours in Peru

14 Nights from £3,472 €3,266 $3,513

Full Itinerary Contact Specialist

Itinerary Summary

  1. Day 1 - Arrival in Lima

    Day 2 - Tour of Lima

  2. Day 3 - Tour of the City & Santa Catalina Convent

  3. Day 4 - Journey to the Colca Canyon

    Day 5 - Tour of Colca Canyon

  4. Day 6 - Journey to Lake Titicaca

    Day 7 - Visit Uros & Taquile Islands

  5. Day 8 - Journey to Cusco

    Day 9 - Full Day Tour of Sacred Valley

    Day 10 - At Leisure in the Sacred Valley

  6. Day 11 - Train Journey to Machu Picchu & Guided Tour

    Day 12 - Return to Cusco

  7. Day 13 - Tour of Cusco

    Day 14 - At Leisure in Cusco

  8. Day 15 - Departure

The Pucara Tour - Sacred Valley of the Incas - Holidays to Peru


Pucara Tour

10 Nights from £2,597 €2,216 $2,376

Our essential tour of Peru, including the most important sites of Cusco, Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley of the Incas & Lake Titicaca

The Pucara Tour
Tours in Peru

10 Nights from £2,597 €2,216 $2,376

Full Itinerary Contact Specialist

Itinerary Summary

  1. Day 1 - Arrival

  2. Day 2 - Travel to Lake Titicaca 

    Day 3 - Uros & Taquile Islands of Lake Titicaca

  3. Day 4 - Journey to Cusco

    Days 5-6 - Sacred Valley

  4. Day 7 - Travel to Machu Picchu by Train

    Day 8 - Return to Cusco by Train

  5. Days 9-10  Explore historical centre of Cusco

  6. Day 11  Departure

The Mirador Tour - Holidays to Mexico


Mirador Tour

14 Nights from £3,414 €3,196 $3,438

A land steeped in ancient history, colonial past and scattered with Mayan and Aztec pyramids. We include the stunning Chiapas region with villages nestled …

The Mirador Tour
Tours in Mexico

14 Nights from £3,414 €3,196 $3,438

Full Itinerary Contact Specialist

Itinerary Summary

  1. Day 1 - Departure from UK

    Day 2 - Anthropological Museum & Pyramids of Teotihuacan

    Day 3 - Mexico City at leisure

  2. Day 4 - Puebla

    Day 5 - Monte Albán

    Day 6 - Oaxaca at leisure

  3. Day 7 - Sumidero Canyon

    Day 8 - San Juan Chamula and Zinacantan

    Day 9 - San Cristobal at leisure

  4. Day 10 - Transfer to Palenque

    Day 11 - Tour of Palenque site

  5. Day 12 - Tour of Merida

    Day 13 - Uxmal excursion

  6. Day 14 - Chichén Itzá

    Day 15 - Return home

The Palapa Tour - Tulum - Holidays to Mexico


Palapa Tour

10 Nights from £1,562 €974 $1,030

Explore the Aztec remnants of the past, stepping back in time at Calakmul for the pyramids of mighty civilisations, small villages, the walled city of Camp…

The Palapa Tour
Tours in Mexico

10 Nights from £1,562 €974 $1,030

Full Itinerary Contact Specialist

Itinerary Summary

  1. Day 1 - Departure from UK

    Day 2 - Tulum

  2. Day 3 - Kohunlich

    Day 4 - Chicanná & Calakmul

  3. Day 5 - Campeche

    Day 6 - Edzná

    Day 7 - Labná, Kabah and Uxmal

  4. Day 8 - Oxkutzcab

    Day 9 - Merida

  5. Day 10 - Chichén Itzá

    Day 11 - Depart to UK

The Quechua Tour - Holidays to Landmark Tours

Landmark Tours

Quechua Tour

17 Nights from £4,204 €4,144 $4,465

The descendant of the Empire of the Incas maintain their identity and traditions blending with colonial history, in a setting of impressive mountains lands…

The Quechua Tour
Tours in Landmark Tours

17 Nights from £4,204 €4,144 $4,465

Full Itinerary Contact Specialist

Itinerary Summary

  1. Day 1 - Departure

    Day 2 - Lima City Tour

  2. Day 3 - Flight to La Paz

    Day 4 - La Paz City Tour

    Day 5 - Tiahuanaco

  3. Day 6 - Flight to Sucre

    Day 7 - Sucre city tour

    Day 8 - Potosí

    Day 9 - Tarabuco Sunday Market

  4. Day 10 - Sun Island

    Day 11 - Taquile & Uros Islands

  5. Day 12 - Andean Explorer Train

    Day 13 - Sacred Valley of the Incas Tour

  6. Day 14 - Train to Machu Picchu

    Day 15 - Machu Picchu at Leisure

  7. Day 16 - Cusco city tour

    Day 17 - Cusco at Leisure

    Day 18 - Departure

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