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Magnificent Yunnan

Breathtaking scenery, charming old towns and an intoxicating mix of cultural identities combine to make Yunnan one of the most rewarding areas through which to travel in China. Combining the headline acts with some of the province’s hidden gems offers the chance to explore the many cultures that coexist here and enjoy a cross-section of the most spectacular landscapes. Journeying along ancient caravan routes reveals remote monasteries, historic teahouses and isolated minority communities living a traditional way of life. Head further afield and you’ll encounter deep gorges, idyllic yak meadows, sparkling blue lakes and thriving wetlands.

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Lijang is spectacularly located close to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, which combines with the Black Dragon Pool Park and so…


Shangri-La exhibits all the traits of Tibetan culture - barley cultivation, yaks, lamas, monasteries, butter tea and prayer f…

Dali & Erhai Lake

An ancient city with beautiful temples and traditional pagodas on the shores of the majestic Erhai Lake.

Kunming & Stone Forest

A sea of towering powerful limestone pillars rise side-by-side amid lakes, ponds, forests, caves, underground rivers and wate…

LUX Lijiang

This luxury boutique hotel evokes the days of the Southern Silk Road, offering the chance to immerse yourself in the ancient…

LUX Benzalin

Situated in a scenic valley, this luxury resort hotel offers a welcoming retreat to relax after a day exploring.