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The Argentine Dinner Experience is designed to introduce you to the best of Argentine cuisine and culture. This is not intended to be a cooking class, but rather a fun and unique experience, where guests will meet and dine with people from all over the world. The international team of guides are on hand to look after you and take you through every step of this culinary journey!

You will have the chance to choose from the gourmet fillings to create your own empanada, learning the traditional 'repulgue' technique. Then enjoy what many claim to be the very best steak in Argentina, cooked to order and accompanied with velvety mash potatoes and oven roasted vegetables. Two distinct Malbec wines are chosen from boutique wineries in Mendoza to complement food and you will learn more about these and enjoy unlimited wine throughout the dinner.

For desert, you will make your own alfajores (Argentina's national sweet) where biscuits, dulce de leche, melted chocolate fondue and coconut shavings combine. And finally, you'll get taught about the history and etiquette of mate, Argentina's national pastime and prepare it from scratch among yourselves.

Vegetarian, pescetarian and celiac options are available on request.


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