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Isolated and tempestuous, the "White Continent" is a paradise of Nature, the ultimate destination for an educational voyage to explore the frozen wilderness.

Antarctica Video - Humans have the solemn duty to look after the wellbeing of our planet, the most beautiful of all in the universe and our home, for us to share with all animals. It's our home and it is their home also. We are the strongest animal on Earth, with an ultimate power for good and bad and therefore, with the ultimate responsibility for the care of our planet during our watch. Nowhere is this more true than in Antarctica: the Continent with no native humans, only human intruders.

Video of Antarctica, in French, as noone has ever seen it: Antarctica sur les traces de l'empereur, mĂȘlant des points de vue sous-marins fascinant, et sur la neige. Also Antarctica's Leopard Seals and further afield, the Orcas of Crezot Islands

Few journeys can justify the tag of 'unforgettable' better than those to the coldest, driest, windiest and most remote and unspoilt place on earth. Antarctica is a land of multi-coloured ice caps, glistening glaciers and towering snow-capped mountains, who's very name conjures up thoughts of epic adventures and heroic discoveries. But thanks to a fleet of sophisticated and comfortable, expedition cruise ships, you can to get up close and personal with the icy terrain and playful penguins of the White Continent.

Depart from Ushuaia in Argentina to cross Drake Passage. The cruise ships constantly monitor the weather forecast to avoid intense storms and choose the best time to sail. The crossing takes three days each way, in which you can socialize with your fellow passengers, and watch the ocean from the comfort of the social areas of the ship.

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