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Voyages of discovery for Global Families with "grown-up" children, for a memorable travel experience, quality time together and broadening horizons. Families that travel together have quality time to bond relationships while discovering the variety of beauty in our planet. The cultures and lifestyle of people in the world, different from our home, broadens the mind and spirit and places our own lifestyle in context.

When your children are old enough to appreciate broadening their horizons, a Family Holiday in India, China, Central or South America will be enjoyable and educational. Global Families explore the world, learn about other cultures and ancient civilisations, experience close encounters with tame wildlife, or stay at unique hotels and remote lodges. These tours have been specially designed for families with children, including a variety of child-friendly activities, so that you can enjoy a shared adventure for a binding, lifetime experience.

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Awe-inspiring Machu Picchu


Ancient Inca Civilisation, Andean Culture & Amazon Rainforest

Close encounters

Ecuador & Galapagos

Uncover towering Andean mountains, dense Amazon rainforest and the unique Galápagos Islands

The Spirit of Mexico - Traditional Singers


Travel beyond the stunning beaches to discover ancient Maya and Aztec civilisations with massive pyramids and a rich cultural…

Noronha Beach Mountain


Experience a vibrant mix of cultures in cosmopolitan cities; venture into the jungle, magnificent waterfalls & linger on idyl…

Hummingbird Hovering

Costa Rica

Holidays to Costa Rica, a country adored by explorers, thrill seekers and nature lovers alike

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A unique timeless culture and philosophy, with Imperial wonders, exotic cuisine, cosmopolitan cities & stunning landscapes


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Family travel in Latin America: why do it & where to go

4813 Family Adventures In Peru

Family adventures in Peru

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CHINA - Unique, Ancient Culture & Modern life

LANDMARK TOURS - Multi-Country Itineraries