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Bespoke holidays to incorporate spectacular, colourful festivals at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Recife, Easter Processions at Antigua, Guatemala and Inti Raymi in Cusco, Peru. Enjoy the music, dancing and spirit of the parades and processions.

Experience the wonderful fireworks on Copacabana beach at New Year; the intense rhythms of the drums in Afro troupes at Carnival in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Recife; the solemn Easter Processions in Antigua, Guatemala; the re-enactment of ancient traditions and beliefs at Inti Raymi Festival in Cusco, Peru. The loving family reunions at the cemeteries with relatives that have passed away, during the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico. The thunderous joy of Chinese and Tibetan New Year.

People come together with music, costumes, dances, ceremonies, colour and creative attire, in a spectacle that we should witness and participate in, at least, once in a lifetime. In general, there are two options: you can bounce around in the thick of the crowd (in Brasil this is called to be in the "pipoca" - have you even made popcorn in a saucepan?), wear the costumes, dance and participate as the locals do; or you can watch from a distance in the safety and even comfort of a box or seat in the gallery, as many other locals also do.

For the brave and really determined, there are many smaller, high intensity events, to be discovered. Contact us and all will be revealed.

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