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Private tailor-made tour Itineraries crafted to suit your interests, requirements and budget

We offer our expert services to create your perfect, tailored holiday itinerary 

Tailor-Made Tour itineraries start with a blank canvas and a consultation by phone or in person, where we learn about your personal style of travel. Every itinerary is personally crafted, intricately planned and professionally executed, while focused on your travel interests, preferences, budget, duration, dates and places to visit. We send you a detailed written proposal that can be adjusted and refined to provide your own unique holiday. A Tailor-Made Tour itinerary may take several proposals before we find your perfect fit; it is a very detailed process, but its worth it!

Customised Tour itineraries are based on our comprehensive, ready-made collection of Individual Tours, shown in our brochure and website, which are then used as a basis for your own unique itinerary based on your own preferences. We can add or remove destinations, change the duration of travel, hotels, excursions, cruises in order to incorporate any modifications to create your perfect holiday. The incremental cost of additional nights is usually small in relation to the overall cost of the holiday. We will also send you a detailed written proposal for you to read and make adjustments if necessary. A Customised Tour is ideal for those who value the inspiration of our ready-made tours, while enjoying a high degree of personalisation.

Fine-Tuned Tour itineraries also make use of our superb ready-made Individual Tours, with small adjustments such as choice of flights and class of travel. You may also choose to add or remove excursions, or upgrade the rooms at the hotels. We will send you a detailed written proposal for you to check that the modifications are to your liking. A Fine-Tuned Tour is perfect for a traveller who is happy with our suggested tours and wishes to make a few quick adjustments.

  • Advice & Inspiration
  • Itinerary & Quotation
  • Refinement & Confirmation
  • Preparation & Documentation
  • Travel Departure & Support

Advice & Inspiration

Find inspiration from this website or our brochure with a collection of Private and Group itineraries. Each has been carefully crafted and refined over time to offer the best elements of Latin America.

Talk to our specialist consultants about personalising any part of an existing itinerary or to create a bespoke solution, tailor-made to your interests and travel preferences.

With over 25 year's experience of travelling in Central & South America, we have witnessed first-hand the extraordinary wonders, landscapes and people of this magnificiant continent.

A fascination with the natural world is at the core of Veloso Tours values and from which we aspire to deliver authentic travel experiences with an insight into local life, people and culture.

Our team has travelled extensively throughout Latin America, enabling our Consultants to offer unparalleled specialist advice and insight into the places, activities and accommodation available.

Speak with our Specialists about travelling to Latin America and create a unique itinerary based on our firsthand experience and knowledge whilst tailored to your interests and preferences.

Itinerary & Quotation

Veloso Tours provides you a price quotation and day-by-day proposal itinerary, presented in a bound booklet or email.

Our itineraries contain clear and precise descriptions, maps and images of the places, cities, hotels, tours, activities and transfers involved in your trip.

Whether you are looking for character lodges or luxury resorts our wealth of knowledge and expertise offers you the best range of options.

We maintain an extensive network of suppliers, hotels and service providers across Latin America. Our consultants and researchers regularly inspect and review these offerings to ensure the highest quality of standard.

Refinement & Confirmation

You can ask questions and discuss any component of your itinerary with our specialists, who will be able to make suggestions and modifications.

Once you are satisfied with your itinerary and the price we will ask you to complete a booking form and secure a deposit, with which we confirm all of the arrangements.

Preparation & Documentation

Our Travellers Guide offers practical information and advice on how to prepare and a questionnaire which helps our guides learn more about your interests and preferences.

Before leaving you will receive your Travel Folder, a useful way to keeping everything organised and accessible. This includes your itinerary, luggage labels, restaurant suggestions, pocket-translator, flight tickets and vouchers.

Travel Departure & Support

One week before leaving we will call you to check that you are prepared and answer any final questions.

Whilst travelling you benefit from the full support, scope and security of the Veloso Tours organisation. We provide a 24-hour emergency contact number and all of the contact details for our agents and ground services.

As a member of ABTA, the UK's leading travel association, we are committed to following a strict code of conduct to provide a high standard of service, fair terms of trading and accurate information.

Although we may not be the biggest fish in the pond, our consistent level of high quality service and specialist knowledge of travel in Latin America has lead to multiple nominations for the British Travel Awards.

If you build a holiday buying flights and accommodation from different suppliers (a DIY holiday), you may not be protected if things go wrong.

Our ATOL License and ATIO Assurance protects you from losing money or being stranded abroad, so you can book a holiday safe in the knowledge that if something go wrong you will be well cared for.


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