Private Tour Itineraries crafted to suit your interests, requirements and budget

We offer a variety of services when planning your trip, each with its own advantages.

Bespoke Tour itineraries start with a blank canvas and a consultation in which we learn about your personal style of travel. Every itinerary is personally crafted, intricately planned and professionally executed, while focused on your travel interests, preferences, budget, duration, dates and places to visit. We send you a detailed written proposal for you to read so that we can make adjustments and refinements to your own unique holiday. A Bespoke Tour may take several proposals before we find your perfect fit, and is a very detailed process.

Tailored Tour itineraries (or semi-bespoke) are based on our superb, ready-made Collection of Individual Tours, shown in our brochure and website, which are then used as a basis for your own unique itinerary based on your own preferences. We can add or remove destinations, change the duration of travel, hotels, excursions, cruises in order to incorporate any modifications to create your perfect holiday. The incremental cost of additional nights is usually small in relation to the overall cost of the holiday. We will also send you a detailed written proposal for you to read and make adjustments if necessary. The Tailored Tours are ideal for those who value the inspiration of our ready-made tours, while enjoying a high degree of personalisation.

Hand-finished tour itineraries make use of our superb ready-made Individual Tours, with small adjustments such as choice of flights and class of travel. You may also choose to add or remove excursions, or upgrade the rooms at the hotels. We will send you a detailed written proposal for you to check that the modifications are to your liking. A Hand finished Tour is perfect for a traveller who is happy with our suggested tours and wishes to make a few quick adjustments.