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India is one of the World's most fascinating cultures

India is a continent, not a country. The world's largest democracy is an intoxicating place to visit: from modern metropolises like Bombay and Delhi to the peaceful backwaters of Kerala; holy temples and shines to the cooling colonial hill stations - there is much to explore. Discover the great mountain ranges of the Himalayas to stunning beaches in Goa or Kerala. The sacred river Ganges carves through history and the mighty Brahmaputra river offers 'off the beaten track' exploration including the one-honed Rhinos of Kaziranga National Park. Speaking of National Parks, a safari in Ranthambore National Park is on many people's wish list in search of the elusive tigers. And of course, for the first time visitor, the Taj Mahal remains one of the world's most beautiful buildings; a place of romance built by the Mogul Emperor Shah Jahan in 1632 to house the tomb of his favourite wife.

India has a rich history, from the days of the great Mogul Emperors and Maharajas with their grand palaces, many of which are now luxury hotels for you to enjoy. In 1498, the Portuguese became the first European colonialists and you can still see their influence today in Goa, Kochin and Diu. The Portuguese had very limited resourses to control the whole Indian Ocean and gradually the British East India Company took over. It was founded in 1600 to trade with India but took control of Indian land from around 1612 onwards. The Portuguese gifted The Seven Islands of Bombay to the British as part of the dowry of Princess Catarina de Braganca in her marriage to King Charles II in 1662 . The British legacy remains today with the rules of law, a democratic, allbeit very bureaucratic government, love of tea and cricket, and the operation of an effective countrywide railway network. 

India is so vast, it is perhaps difficult to know where to begin when planning an itinerary. That's where Veloso Tours expert team comes in. We listen to your requirements and together with our expert local partners create the perfect bespoke programme to fit your requirements, depending on your budget and tastes. Our local guides are highly experienced in tailoring you daily visits and excursions to your exact interests. So join us on an adventure of a lifetime.

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Top Attractions in India

Hampi 7 Bee

15 Places


Explore India's rich history at ancient sites, great Mogul inspired architecture and the influence of the British Raj.

Houseboat Kerala Pixabay

9 Places


India has some wonderful national parks, the beautiful Kerala backwaters, mighty rivers, beaches and Himalayan hill stations to explore.

Ghats At Varanasi

10 Places


India's culture is fascinating, with nine religions, ancient temples, rural India, the sacred Ganges and of course, the wonderful cuisine.

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