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Admire Patagonia landscapes, hike trails, cruise the fjords, stay at wonderful lodges, to reveal immense glaciers, chiseled rocky mountains and windswept forests.

Patagonia is the name given to the southern tip of South America, with no defined northern boundary, but reaching the Chilean Lake District and the Colorado River in Argentina. For lovers of the great outdoors, few destinations can match the scale and beauty of Patagonia. In both Argentina and Chile you will find towering glaciers, sparkling fjords and lakes, chiseled snow-capped Andean peaks and verdant sub-polar forests. Hike along glorious trails in Torres del Paine, Mount Fitzroy, El Chalten, Bariloche and Los Alerces. Board an expedition cruise through the myriad of islands and channels of Tierra del Fuego to the fabled Cape Horn. Explore on foot, by car or with pedal power in the Lake District.

This mythical place is thought to have been given its name by the 16th century explorer Ferdinand Magellan, who labelled the large indigenous Tehuelche people he found here “Patagones”, in reference to their big feet. It has been the destination of epic voyages by intrepid explorers, Robert Fitzroy and Charles Darwin, and dramatic stories of the sad fate of the indigenous tribes and Jemmy Button. Patagonia attracted settlers fleeing from Europe and more recently, Patagonia has been the subject of writers, painters and wildlife documentary makers and has inspired beautifully shot films, set against a backdrop of magnificent terrain and lonely roads cutting poignantly through the empty expanses.

Journeying through Patagonia is a treat for all the senses; the crashing sound of icebergs detaching from glaciers, the herby aroma of freshly brewed yerba mate, the succulent taste of tender barbecued lamb and the awesome sight of some of the world’s most spectacular scenery unfolding before your eyes. The evocative names alone are enough to stir up thoughts of epic adventure into the unknown; Tierra del Fuego, Land of Fire, Beagle Channel, Cape Horn, Glacier Alley, Drake Passage, Straits of Magallan.

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Perito Moreno

Perito Moreno Glacier

Experience the awesome power of the titanic wall of ice

Happy days in the wilderness

Patagonia and Torres del Paine

Hike below the granite peaks of this prestigious national park

Carretera Australe

Puerto Varas & Lake District

Survey the shimmering lakes in the Switzerland of the south

Vira Vira Region

Pucón & Lake District

Mountain town on the shore of Lake Villarica in the heart of the Lake District

IMG 1067

Bariloche & Lake District

Hike, ride or cycle in some of Argentina's most spectacular scenery

Skorpios II is small enough to get close to a glacier

Northern Ice Field Skorpios II Cruise

Cruise fjords to lush mountains, sculptured icebergs, colourful fishing villages to the spectacular San Rafael Glacier.

Cruising the Chilean Fjords

Southern Ice Field Skorpios III Cruise

Cruise the Southern Patagonia ice fields with Veloso Tours | Latin America Specialists

Cape Horn at dawn on a rare calm, sunny day with M/V Australis waiting

Tierra del Fuego & Cape Horn Cruises

Follow the icy waters to the end of the world in wild Patagonia

El Chalten & Fitzroy

El Chalten & Fitzroy

Hike through alpine meadows to glistening remote lakes

Penguins Puerto Madryn & Peninsula Valdes

Puerto Madryn & Peninsula Valdes

Get up close to whales and penguins on Argentina's craggy coastline

1701 Estancias


Live like a Gaucho at a traditional Estancia


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Stunning coastal landscapes await

Cape Horn Australis cruise


Cape Horn: Life at latitude 50

9375 A Journey Along The Andes

A journey along the Andes

Self Drive in The Argentine Lake District

5 Ways to Explore the Argentine Lake District

Osorno Volcano Chilean Lake District

5 ways to explore the Chilean Lake District

El Chalten

A tale of horses, bandits and endless skies in El Chalten

8189 Where To See Penguins In The Wild

Where to see penguins in the wild


Where to see Condors in South America

5125 Top 5 Places To Go In Patagonia

Top places to go in Patagonia

Top places to go in Patagonia

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