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Discover the best of Life in Latin America, India & China. Articles to inform and inspire you to visit fascinating destinations and cultures.

'Life in Latin America, India & China' is our online platform, written by our team of consultant specialists, shares our passion for travel and love for an in-depth perspective of local life, people and cultures.

It offers a unique collection of articles, city guides, expert advice, interviews, reviews, travel tips, surveys, competitions, photography, recipes and other hidden gems within these fascinating destinations.


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7417 Where To Visit In Colombia

Country Guides

The best things to do, places to go and hidden gems to discover in the countries of South & Central America.

5125 Top 5 Places To Go In Patagonia

Region Guides

What to do, where to go and how best to experience Latin America's diverse landscapes and regions.

Rio de Janeiro Sugar Loaf aerial

City Guides

The best things to do, places to go and hidden gems to discover in Latin America and China's diverse cities.

9472 10 Best Inca Ruins & Archaeological Sites To Visit

Travel Inspiration

Gain inspiration for your next travel adventure with our guides to the best of Latin America.


Wildlife Guides

Learn more about Latin America's wildlife destinations, where to visit and what you can see at each.


Ancient Civilisations

Delve into the fascinating stories of the Mayas, Incas, Aztecs and more and the wonderful ruins left behind.

8064 Rio Carnival 2019 Plan Your Visit

Festivals & Events

Discover the best festivals, carnivals and events from Latin America and how you can experience them.

8555 Top 6 Things To Do In The Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Advice & Inspiration

A wealth of advice and articles to provide inspiration and information for your visit to the Amazon Rainforest.

1677 Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Advice & Inspiration

Gain answers to key questions about the Galapagos Islands and meet the wildlife of the archipelago.

3878 Xian & Terracotta Army

China Advice & Inspiration

Delve into a wealth of ideas and inspiration to help you plan your ideal China holiday.

12343 When To Visit Antarctica

Antarctica Advice & Inspiration

Considering a cruise to Antarctica? Gain a wealth of inspiration and answers to the key questions with our insightful guides.…




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