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Plan your visit to the 2018 Rio Carnival

Discover everything you need to know about the Rio Carnival and how you can experience the world's biggest party yourself…

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Costa Rica - Off the beaten track

Discover the best places in Costa Rica to immerse yourself in nature away from the crowds.

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10 best alternative honeymoons in Latin America

We present some of our favourite places for alternative honeymoons or special anniversary celebrations in South and Centr…

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Tikal in Guatemala by Mario Bollini - licensed under CC

Latin America's ancient civilisations: Mayans

In the first of the series, we delve into the past to discover the ancient civilisations of Latin America, starting with …

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Canyon de Colca - Condor des Andes by Martin St-Amant - licensed under CC

Where to see Condors in South America

Find out five of the best places in South America to see condors soaring at close quarters.

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Salvador, Brazil by Rosino - licensed under CC

Seven Ways to Experience Salvador

Discover our favourite things to do in Salvador, taking you on an authentic journey to the cultural heart of this dynamic…

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Walks and Treks in the Sacred Valley

Our guide to the best day walks and longer treks in the Sacred Valley of the Incas

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Watching football at the Maracanã

As the Maracanã faces an uncertain future, we recall our visit during happier times to experience one of the world's mos…

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Flamingos in Celestún Estuary by Katja Schulz - licensed under CC

Seven Ways to Experience the Yucatán

It is famed worldwide for its Mayan ruins and glamorous beaches, but there's much more to Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula than…

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Iguassu Falls by Visit Brasil - licensed under CC

Where to visit in Brazil

Discover the most vibrant cities, the best beaches and the most impressive natural wonders in South America's biggest cou…

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Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay by Luz Adriana Villa - licensed under CC

Where to visit in Colombia

From high Andean peaks, to an idyllic Caribbean coast, discover where to go and what to do in Colombia, with our handy ov…

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Where to visit in Argentina

Discover the best places to visit in Argentina, a country of varied landscapes, abundant wildlife, rich culture and a sty…

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OdanJaeger_ruta by Dan JV - licensed under CC

Where to visit in Chile

Get the run-down on the best places to visit in Chile with our expert guide to this fantastic country.

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Dates for Your Diary: What's happening in Latin America in 2017

Get ahead of the game with our handy rundown of what's happening in Latin America during this year.

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Meet the wonderful wildlife of the Galapagos Islands

Get to know some of the archipelagos most weird and wonderful characters and discover which made our Galapagos 'Big 5'.

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Seven Ways to Experience Patagonia

Discover Patagonia's glaciers, wildlife and breathtaking landscapes with our seven step guide to this mythical region.

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10 best train journeys in Latin America

Travel from the end of the world to the edge of a canyon, as we share our favourite train journeys from across Latin Amer…

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King Penguin by Don Faulkner - licensed under CC

10 best wildlife holidays in Latin America

Latin America is full of wonderful wildlife opportunities, discover ten of our favourite places to indulge your passion.

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Seven ways to experience Rio de Janeiro

Experience Rio de Janeiro in the unique Veloso Tours style with our guide to the best of the Marvellous City.

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Seven ways to experience Santiago de Chile

Get to know the history, culture and local life in the Chilean capital with our guide to the best ways to experience Sant…

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Christ on Corcovado mountain by Artyominc - licensed under CC

Travelling with children in Latin America: why do it and where to go

Read our six compelling reasons as to why you should take your children travelling. Then discover the five best family-fr…

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Seven ways to experience Buenos Aires

Explore the history, culture and local life of Buenos Aires with seven of our favourite ways to experience the Argentine …

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Latin America's ancient civilisations: Incas

Our series focusing on the ancient civilisations of Latin America continues with the vast Inca empire and the heritage th…

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Red-eyed Leaf Frog by Pavel Kirillov - licensed under CC

Seven steps to the perfect Costa Rica experience

Discover Costa Rica's abundant wildlife, mysterious cloud forest and adventure opportunities with our seven step guide to…

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Family adventures in Peru

"A beautiful country with wonderful people" - read about the adventures of the Green family as they travelled through the…

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Brazilian Amazon by Visit Brazil - licensed under CC

Venture into the Amazon

Explore the Amazon Rainforest aboard the Manatee River Cruise in Ecuador to experience a vast expanse of natural beauty a…

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The beginner's guide to the Day of the Dead

November 2nd marks El Dia del los Muertos, known worldwide as the Day of the Dead, when Mexico remembers their loved rela…

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Hotel de Sal, Salar de Uyuni by Nico Kaiser - licensed under CC

Epic adventures in the Land of Extremes

Nine record-breaking Latin American phenomenons to fire your imagination

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Nature and Wildlife in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula

Discover the natural side of this historic part of Mexico

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Lençóis Maranhenses - Lagoa Bonita by Fred Schinke - licensed under CC

Six places to combine with Rio de Janeiro

From magical landscapes to powerful waterfalls, six easy escapes to combine with Rio.

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Discover The Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands is a remote archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, right on the Ecuador and 800 miles off the coast of S…

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Colombia by - - licensed under CC

Is Colombia safe? Times have changed and tourists are coming

Colombia is an emerging travel destination that is opening its doors to visitors from across the globe, but as with any t…

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18 ways to deal with high altitude

18 tips to help you deal with the effects of altitude sickness on the Altiplano; where it occurs and how to not let it sp…

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City Guide: La Paz

Get the inside track on Bolivia's high altitude capital La Paz with our first-hand city guide.

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City Guide: Cusco

Discover what to do and where to go in the historic city of Cusco in Peru.

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Bogota, Colombia by Pedro Szekely - licensed under CC

City Guide: Bogotá

Get the lowdown on Colombia's high altitude capital, with our handy Bogota city guide.

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Santa Teresa fort guardhouse by Marcelo Campi Follow - licensed under CC

Uncovering Uruguay

A strong European influence makes you instantly feel comfortable in a familiar yet exotic country, with many beautiful p…

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Cuban Street by Balint Földesi - licensed under CC

The Americans are coming

Cuba's tourism industry is under unprecedented strain and struggling to meet demand with record numbers of visitors arriv…

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a empanadas by stu_spivack - licensed under CC

Home-made Empanadas

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10 best train journeys in Latin America - Part II

Five more of our favourite train journeys from across Latin America.

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Mexico City - Palacio de Bellas Artes by Jose Francisco Del Valle Mojica Follow - licensed under CC

Mexico City chosen by NYT

The Mexican capital is attracting travelers seeking some of the world's best cuisine, museums and forward-thinking design…

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Plaza de Armas - Parade13 by Robert Luna - licensed under CC

Flights to Peru & Costa Rica

New British Airways flight routes in May 2016 from London Gatwick direct, non-stop to Lima, Peru and San Jose, Costa Rica…

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Atacama by Danielle Pereira - licensed under CC

Flights to Santiago Chile

The longest direct, non-stop flight operated by BA, starting from the 3rd January 2017, for 14 hours and 40 minutes.

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