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One of the oldest civilisations in the world where you witness China's unique cultural evolution through the centuries, with magnificent landscapes, famous monuments and modern facilities. Experience everyday life in the streets, shops and parks where people play games, socialise, exercise, sing, dance and Tai-Chi, early in the morning, for good health.

For many years we have explored an exotic land, based on ancient Confucian values and ruled over for centuries by powerful imperial Dynasties. We have found a country enriched by remote Buddhist monasteries and gleaming temples, and where the evocative names of its most iconic places stir the wanderlust and tell epic stories. In the fertile rice terraces, Himalayan peaks and dramatic river gorges we went further, exploring the communities which have made their homes here for centuries.

Our ethos is to tell the stories about China's Imperial wonders, exotic cities and stunning landscapes, with intimate cultural encounters that have enriched our own travels. We take you away from the crowds on the Great Wall, introduce you to Hong Kong and Shanghai beyond the postcard views and delve into Chengdu's local life.

If you have an inquisitive nature and a lust for not just seeing, but for a better understanding this complex country, then our tours and our local guides will probably be for you. Our Escorted China holidays are based on our first-hand experiences and can be tweaked to suit your personal interests and aims.

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Top Attractions in China


11 Places

Tailor Made Tours & Holidays

Our tailor made China holidays combine our in-depth ethos and the expertise of our guides with your personal interests and preferences.

5270 Temples & Monasteries

4 Places

Temples & Monasteries

There is no better way to understand China's varied religious beliefs and its complex and tumultuous dynastic past, than by visiting its glorious temples, palaces and monasteries.

Rice's Terraces

8 Places

Spectacular Scenery

China's landscapes range from fertile hills and rice terraces, to sweeping desert and snow-covered mountain ranges - iconic scenes that have inspired artists and poets for centuries.

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