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Brazil is a country of fantastic natural beauty, where the spirit of carnival and the rhythm of music and dance are shown in an energetic lust for life.

Brazil is a land of superlatives with stunning landscapes, abundant wildlife and a rich colonial history. It exudes the exotic and conjures up thoughts of golden sun-drenched beaches, lazy palm trees and deep blue skies. It evokes vibrant cities, infused with Portuguese heritage, blended with African influences and inhabited by laid-back Brazilians with a zest for life and love of energetic carnivals and rhythmic music.

But Brazil is a vast country with many faces, and away from the coast the vast rainforest of the Amazon, the expansive wetlands of the Pantanal and thundering waterfalls of Iguassu present a natural side with extraordinary bio-diveristy.

We invite you to browse our selection of escorted Brazil holidays below. These itineraries aim to showcase the best of the country, based on our first-hand experiences and those of our travellers over time. All can be tweaked to suit your personal interests and aims - please call us to discuss your trip and ask us your questions.

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Top Attractions in Brazil

4066 Beaches

13 Places


No matter where you travel along Brazil's coastline, you are never far away from a picture-perfect beach, some hidden and deserted, others thriving with typical Brazilian beach life.

1618 Salvador Da Bahia

8 Places


From colonial hillside gems and sprawling seaside settlements to shiny modern metropolises, Brazilian cities are full of vibrant local life and fascinating tales.

1625 Brazilian Amazon Lodges

9 Places


Brazil is home to the world's largest rainforest, widest waterfall and biggest wetlands, bursting with an extraordinary array of exotic animals and birds.

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