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Unique experiences, special value, complementary perks, VIP treatment and rare access.

Our ethos is to provide an in-depth perspective of Life in Latin America, India & China to enhance your visit. We achieve this by focusing on your own personal interests and sharing with you our understanding of local life, people and culture. Our specialist knowledge, professional management and hand-picked guides enrich your journey, for an authentic travel experience.

Specialist Advisers

Our expert specialist consultants will prepare travel arrangements and tailor-made, bespoke itinerary planning. We have all travelled extensively throughout Latin America, with our first hand knowledge, our deep understanding of the culture and boundless enthusiasm for "Life in Latin America". Since then we have explored China in great depth and have developed a similar passion and expertise in the east. You will find an honest approach to planning an itinerary, advising you of "pros and cons", suggesting sights and selecting accommodation. We believe this approach ensures you have the best possible service.

Personal Focus

We focus on your own interests through our Client Questionnaire analysis, so that these can be applied to the planning of your holiday and enhance your experience during the excursions on tour.

Expert Guides

They will look after you face to face, bringing places to life by conveying their knowledge and enthusiasm. Our local tour guides are experts in their own field with a wealth of information to enhance your visit and some work exclusively for us. They also have excellent communication skills to ensure that you are provided with the information that interests you, in a way that holds your attention.

Travel Insights

We provide all our clients with our Traveller's Guide and restaurant suggestions, providing helpful information on what you will need and where to go while you are away.

Support & Service

Along with your tickets, we will provide you with a final itinerary with the address, telephone number and contact details of all the hotels and our representatives and/or guides who will look after you in the Veloso Tours organisation, should you have any questions or need any help.

Professional Management

We have a dedicated Duty Manager on call 24-hours a day and you will be given the emergency telephone number. We monitor the progress day-by-day, step-by-step of all clients away on tour and have personal mobile phone numbers and emergency numbers for all our local agents. Spanish and Portuguese speaking staff can get in contact with everyone in Latin America and China. Before departure we reconfirm all flights for you.

Local Partnerships

We develop strong, business relations with our partners in Latin America and China: hotels, lodges, local agents and tour operators; as well as all the main airlines. Our representatives in Latin America and China are one of our main strengths, through their dedication to outstanding service and understanding of our requests.

We are completely objective in the choice of hotels and lodges which we plan into each itinerary, with the independence and versatility to do what is right for each individual's preferences. We recommend and execute every itinerary based upon our current knowledge and driven entirely by what is right for each client.

Financial Security

Veloso Tours is well capitalised to the level required by the UK Government, through the Civil Aviation Authority and the Association of British Travel Agents, and our financial performance is regularly monitored so that clients can be certain that their money is safe with us.

In order to maintain our Air Travel Organisers License, we have to keep a strong balance sheet and publish Annual Certified Accounts, available for public inspection at the UK Companies House, Crown way, Cardiff, CF4 3UZ, Telephone 01222 380801.

We are also members of the Association of British Travel Agents, the Association of Independent Tour Operators and the International Air Transport Association to issue airline flight tickets.


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