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Are you a trailblazing explorer or you prefer to discover new cultures in-depth? Are you an adventurous family exploring the globe or do you travel in luxury with the finer things in life? Perhaps you are a busy professional with limited time as opposed to time rich travelling slowly.

We've created countless itineraries to suit many travel personas over the last 20 years. Here we present some of our favourite itineraries for you to consider and use as inspiration for your own tour with Veloso Tours. 

Our ability to offer bespoke holidays enables us to design exactly the right trip for you. The itineraries shown can be repeated on your preferred dates with an updated price or tailored to your requirements and interests.

Speak to us to arrange your own tour itinerary.

4582 Culture Connoisseur

Culture Connoisseur

In depth perspective of the cultures and heritage of the destination we visit with experts guides to provide a fascinating in…

4588 Global Families

Global Families

Holidays for families to spend quality time together on fascinating journeys, discovering new places, cultures and broadening…

Luxury Hotel in Converted Colonial House

Creme de la Creme

Holidays for those who travel using the best of the best; the highest standard of luxury everywhere you go, with the best hot…

4590 Professionals


Suggestions for short trips to a variety of exotic destinations, so different, that you feel as though you have been away on…

4370 Private Groups


Long itineraries of over 3 week. Our world is fascinating for the variety of cultures, beautiful landscapes and Life on Earth…

4592 Trailblazer


Voyages of discovery to destinations away from the main tourist trails, so you can be one of the first few to visit. Once you…

4595 Escapist


Time away can be re-invigorating, be it on the beach, in the mountains, or surrounded by a completely different culture. Rel…

NicolasMateus (11).jpg

Time rich travellers

If you have more time available, then Latin America is the ideal destination. Immerse yourself for longer in the iconic sight…

7725 Gregarious


Enjoy companionship, travelling with a group of like-minded explorers. These tours are led full time from start to finish by…

7905 Nature Lovers

Nature Lovers

Experience the Natural World to view wildlife and birdwatching in the best locations, at the right time of the year.

Perito Moreno

Digital Detox

Escape the digital world and re-connect with nature, scenery and wildlife - for an Invigorating and magical adventure.


Holiday with your Grandchildren

Create lifetime bonds with your grandchildren on a wide range of tour itineraries. Our expert local guides ensure the individ…




VACCINATION PROGRESSING - Gathering pace; everyone hopes it is the end of this pandemic.

NEW HOLIDAYS - BOOK NOW - 2021 offers a window of opportunity for travel at promotional prices,  before 2022, when there may be a boom in travel and late availability constraints. Whichever departure date you choose, now is the time to plan your next trip. Check our tour itineraries, download from our website, request our brochures or contact our travel agents.

BROCHURE - New Latin America brochure is out now to inspire you. View and request a copy in Brochures.

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