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We create amazing itineraries to suit your travel mood and spirit for your holidays, reflecting your own travel style: a travel personas for a purpose. The reality is that we like the best of everything: from city life to mountains, forests and beaches, camping and luxury resorts, expedition cruises, horse riding and trekking..... all are a means to a purpose. Below, we offer some of our favourite itineraries to suit your travel persona.

Holidays to match your interests and mood of the moment:

You may be a TRAILBLAZER explorer reaching places that few have visited.
Or a CULTURE CONNOISSEUR focusing on discovering new cultures in-depth.
Are you an adventurous GLOBAL FAMILY showing your children or grand children different cultures?
Enjoy the CREME DE LA CREME traveling in luxury with the finer things in life as a STYLISH EXPLORER.
Or you are a busy PROFESSIONAL with limited time looking for a short escapade?
Being TIME RICH is a very special moment in life, allowing you to travel the world at a slow pace.
Are you on a GLOBETROTTING mission to discover beauty everywhere in our planet?
The GREGARIOUS strive for good company in a group of fellow travellers.
SEAFARERS love the sea, the people and life on yachts, ships, exploring on a cruise.

Choose the Persona that best matches your interests. You can travel on the itineraries as shown for each Persona and on your preferred departure date or tailor the itinerary to your requirements and interests. Speak to us to arrange your own tour itinerary.

Inca & Pre-inca Cultures of Peru

Culture Connoisseur

Focus on the unique culture and historic heritage.

Mobile Aircut

Global Families

Quality time travelling together and discovering the world

Luxury Hotel in Converted Colonial House

Creme de la Creme

Travel in comfort using the best available everywhere

Terrace restaurant with Bossa Nova music and view


Busy professionals on exotic holidays

Remote expeditions and landscapes


On a mission to discover the whole world

Remote Expeditions


TRAILBLAZERS are the first to explore new destinations: "When everyone goes to the left, I go to the right".

Connecting with Pachamama "El Gran Poder" on the shore of Lake Titicaca

Time Rich

Taking a career break or retired, now you have time

Idyllic Beach


A change of environment to recharge your energy levels

7905 Nature Lovers

Nature Lovers

The Natural World, flora, fauna at close range

Navire d'expédition L'Austral

Stylish Explorer

Stylish Explorer

Penguin colony socialising


People who like groups

Your crew provide the best service




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CHINA - Unique, Ancient Culture & Modern life

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