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Holiday suggestions according to different travel styles, browsing itineraries that our clients have taken in the past. We have grouped the tour itineraries into specific travel styles and special interest to help you choose your perfect holiday, with the kind of experiences that you enjoy.

Always bear in mind that our ability to offer bespoke holidays enables us to design exactly the right trip for you. The itineraries shown can be repeated on your preferred dates with an updated price. Speak to us to arrange your tour itinerary either as shown or with modifications according to your preference and interests.

Culture Connoisseur

Peru In Depth Tour

15 Day Itinerary from

This tour gives you a deeper insight into Peru starting off with Nazca, famous for its mysterious Nazca Lines, Ica for its wine production and year round sunny climate, as well as …

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Global Families

Costa Rica Self-Drive Tour

18 Day Itinerary from

Discover the fiery volcanoes, the foggy forests and escape to the idyllic beaches. Explore the National Parks to admire the incredible variety of birds and unique ecosystems.

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Peru Inca Trail Tour

12 Day Itinerary from

Trek the famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and then travel to Lake Titicaca to visit the remote Islands of Uros and Taquile and discover the ancient traditions of the local Aymara …

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Costa Rica Landscapes Tour

14 Day Itinerary from

Enjoy some active time exploring the volcano in Arenal and and the cloud forest in Monteverde, before heading off to the coast for your luxury beach hotel as a perfect end to your…

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Creme de la Creme

Lake District Tour

14 Day Itinerary from

Enjoy luxury hotels in cosmopolitan cities with superb restanrants and cuisine, and stunning mountain landscapes with lakes, forests and snow covered peaks in the Lake District

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Mexico Yucatan In-Depth Tour

14 Day Itinerary from

Start off with a visit to cosmopolitan Mexico City and all it has to offer before heading to the less well known colonial towns. Fly over to the Yucatan Peninsula for an in-depth v…

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Chile North to South & Cruises Tour

24 Day Itinerary from

Complete visit of Chile with the stunning Atacama mountain scenery in the north, the lush Lake District with lakes and snow covered peaks, cruises of the Fjords, Glaciers and Tierr…

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Large Family Celebration Tour

14 Day Itinerary from

Cosmopolitan Cities with a European feel, a stunning landscape and sophisticated lifestyle. A marvelous itinerary enhanced by a stop at the magnificent Iguassu waterfalls and a vis…

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7 Day Itinerary from

Trekking and camping along the old Inca Trail to Machu Picchu with a deep valley and stunning mountain landscapes. The ancient civilisation of the Incas left us impressive archaeol…

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BRAZIL Rio & Iguassu Falls Tour

9 Day Itinerary from

Enjoy the stunning setting of Rio de Janeiro, the ocean, the beach and the mountains, with superb restaurants, sophisticated shopping, colonial heritage and swanky nightlife. Admir…

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8 Day Itinerary from

The blend of Portuguese colonial heritage, architecture and influence blends with African dieties, traditions and an explosion of creativity in dancing, music and colourful paint…

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Andean Explorer Tour

55 Day Itinerary from

Explore the fascinating cultures and landscapes in the Andes from Peru to southern Patagonia including the Inca civilisation, colonial heritage, saltflats, glaciers and lake distri…

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Central America Discovery Tour

19 Day Itinerary from

Explore the rainforest and National Parks of Costa Rica, ideal for birdwatching, and the colonial heritage of Nicaragua, before admiring the fabulous feat of human engineering at t…

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Yucatan In-Depth Tour

13 Day Itinerary from

Away from the coastal resorts, the life of local Mexicans, continues at a slow pace in provincial villages and small towns. Then relax by the beach on the tiny island of Holbox

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Senderos Tour

15 Day Itinerary from £2,483 €2,079 $2,227

Journey overland to admire the myriad of landscapes and cultures along the route. Peeling back layers to discover ancient Mayan and Aztec pyramids, combined with the colonial herit…

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Canopy Tour

10 Day Itinerary from £2,057 €1,568 $1,674

The central mountain range between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, creates a huge variety of habitats where National Parks protect the forest for excellent birdwatching while stay…

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Inca Tour

14 Day Itinerary from £3,109 €2,830 $3,041

Explore the Inca Empire including the remote Colca Canyon and staying in the "Sacred Valley", taking the trains to Machu Picchu and along magnificent Andean landscapes from Lake Ti…

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Tikal Tour

14 Day Itinerary from £3,188 €2,925 $3,144

The Mayan Civilisation self-destructed before the arrival of the Conquistadores. Today, we visit their legacy, massive pyramids and jungle strongholds, colourful markets and coloni…

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Heritage Tour

12 Day Itinerary from £3,164 €2,896 $3,113

Enjoy cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, admire Iguassu magnificent waterfalls, explore the majestic setting, Royal history and vibrancy of Rio de Janeiro and discover Salvador's colonial …

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Moneda Tour

17 Day Itinerary from £4,735 €4,782 $5,155

Step back in time to explore landlocked Bolivia and the riches of Potosi. Cross mysterious Lake Titicaca perched at the top of the Andean mountains, travelling by train to Cusco an…

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Patagonia Tour

18 Day Itinerary from £4,410 €4,392 $4,733

Andean landscapes of the Lake District across the mountains to explore Patagonia Glaciers and Tierra del Fuego. Cosmopolitan Cities with a modern lifestyle and excellent restaurant…

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Nature Lovers