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Meet the People who make Veloso Tours a leading tour operator. Our team of travel professional experts and guides look after your holiday from behind the scenes as well as in person with you, when you are traveling.

We all share a passion and enthusiasm for travel to discover the world, from our team of expert consultants in London, researchers in the field and first-class local guides who look after you in person.

We ask questions, we train people, we convey our requirements and develop long-lasting partnerships with excellent travel professionals and together we form the Veloso Tours Organisation, looking after your holiday. This first-hand knowledge puts a wealth of experience and insight into the process of creating superb itineraries.

  • London Team
  • Local Guides

Our London Team

Our consultants travel extensively throughout Latin America, India and China, researching, exploring and selecting the best places, activities and accommodation available. Each person in our London team is an expert with essential knowledge to produce high quality holidays.


Paulo Veloso Managing Director

Born in Portugal, Paulo studied photography, design and business studies and has lived in London since 1976. He speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French fluently and has worked in the travel industry for 21 years covering hotels, ground agents, flights, tour operation, training and business administration. Over the last 30 years Paulo has travelled extensively in Latin America researching and assessing hotels, lodges, guides, transport and services.

Nick Goodchild - AITO.jpg

Nick Goodchild Sales Manager

Nick was born and brought up in the UK but has long standing links with Latin America, often visiting family there during his childhood. After graduating in French and Spanish, he lived in Chile and travelled extensively in the Southern Cone. Nick subsequently worked as a hiking tour guide in Europe, gaining a good understanding of what goes into running a successful holiday. Since joining Veloso Tours he has travelled frequently in South and Central America, testing the Self Drive itineraries and indulging his love of fine restaurants.

2969 Victoria Silva

Victoria Silva Travel Consultant

Victoria Silva was born and raised in London and discovered Latin America after finishing her degree in Politics. Having planned only a tour around South America she then fell in love with Peru and after establishing a career in tourism decided to settle there for couple of years. She has travelled around South America extensively and has also visited Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador and Chile. She has also travelled throughout Europe and speaks fluent Spanish.


Berenice Roure Latin America and India expert

Berenice has lived in many places in the world as her parents were diplomats, including six years in Moscow. She later settled in Paris, where she studied Tourism and Hospitality Management and worked at an international tour operator. She speaks fluent French, English and Russian and is learning Spanish. She works in our events and administration departments, as well as taking care of our social networks. Berenice has recently travelled to Uruguay, Belize, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Costa Rica and is our specialist on the French Caribbean.


Andresa Monteiro Accountant

Andresa was brought up in Rio de Janeiro where she studied Business Administration and Personnel. She knows her native Brazil well and has explored the Chapada dos Veadeiros, the Amazon, the Pantanal and Salvador. Andresa is such an important member of our team concentrating on working in our accounts, administration and software maintenance, that she has very little spare time to fulfil her love for dancing, diving and most of all horse-riding.


Margarita Torres Latin America expert

Margarita graduated in Business Administration in Quito where she developed her Tour Operating career in reservations, planning, sales and marketing, allowing her to travel extensively in Europe, Central and South America. She lived in Paris and Belgium where she worked in marketing. Margarita now uses her knowledge of ground services, operations and communication skills to contract our services and develop our organisation in Latin America.


Felipe Veloso Web Designer & Developer

Filipe is responsible for our digital strategy and specializes in the development of our web and digital marketing activities. He has traveled to Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador and the Galapagos to extending his knowledge and expertise of the locations and services available in Latin America.

Jenny Rojas.JPG

Jenny Rojas Flights Manager & Colombia expert

Jenny was born and brought up in Colombia. She became involved in Latin American Tourism after completing a degree at University and spending years working for a specialist travel agency. Jenny joined Veloso Tours in 2005 and has recently gained a Masters degree in Air Transport Management. Jennys our air product manager, responsible for all our flight reservations, airfares and regulations. Having travelled to Peru, Brazil, Argentina and the Galapagos Islands, she has gained a wide knowledge of Latin America. She has travelled to Southern Patagonia and went on a round the world trip from Amer…

Hugh Clayson 2

Hugh Clayson China and Cruise expert

Hugh has spent many years developing tours for discerning clients and working in company managements. He has a deep knowledge of India, Nepal, Tibet, China and Latin America. His passion is expedition cruises all over the world.

Our Main Guides

Our Guides make the different to your experience on holiday. They are able to provide you an unparalleled insight into local life, people and culture, for a truly unforgettable holiday. We take great care in the selection and training of our guides, so that they understand our requirements and provide you with an authentic travel experience. We use more guides at times and in many other locations.

Eugenio Souza

Eugenio Souza Brasil, Rio de Janeiro

Eugenio was born in Rio de Janeiro and has worked as a guide there for over 15 years. A Kind and enthusiastic character with a good sense of humour and fun, he loves sharing his passion for Rio de Janeiro with visitors. In his free time Eugenio likes spending time with his family, as well as getting out of the city to explore the Brazilian countryside.

Paulo Giffoni Rio

Paulo Giffoni Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Paulo was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, making him a true "Carioca da Gema", with extensive knowledge of the city. He lived few years in the UK and the USA and worked at the South Africa's Football World Cup and the London's Olympic Games. Paulo is fascinated by the unique history of Brazil, particularly the part from 1808 to 1821 when the Portuguese Royal Family lived in Rio, and the reign of D. Pedro II who stayed in Brasil and kept the country united.

Luana Seara

Luana Seara Brasil, Rio de Janeiro

Luana has a wonderful, friendly and enthusiastic personality. She loves people and she loves Rio de Janeiro, the city and the whole state, Having worked as a guide for many years, she knows the city very well for a wide variety of interests and activities. The flexibility, outdoor life and work with visitors, make Luana excel as our guide to host you in Rio de Janeiro.

Carlos Barbosa Salvador

Carlos Barbosa Brasil, Salvador

Carlos was born in Salvador and studied Tourism in Spain, travelled to US as an exchange student, learned Spanish in Majorca, French in Paris and German in Freibourg, before working for the Bahia Government Tourism Office. He has excellent knowledge of Salvador's history and culture with its unique blend of African and Portuguese heritage including a wide range of restaurants, art galleries and local markets.

Alexandre Rocha

Alexandre Rocha Brasil, Sao Paulo

Alexandre was born in Maceió, speaks fluent English and Spanish and has taken the National and International Tourism Guiding courses. Sao Paulo is a city that requires intimate knowledge and Alexandre is an expert in the city's Museums, Markets, Art and Leisure activities that will take you "behind the scenes". He has a friendly personality, thoroughly reliable with a calm self assurance, that makes him a wonderful guide in a cosmopolitan, historic and vibrant city.

Marvin Lima

Marvin Abato Peru, Lima

Marvin Abanto was born and raised in Lima. In his adolescence Marvin quickly realised that guiding and sharing his knowledge of his country was his passion, and much more than just a career. Marvin has travelled and led groups around all southern Peru. He lived in Cusco for eight months, known as the navel of the world, where he learned a lot about the Andean culture, their History, their tradition and lifestyle.

Emiliano Buenos Aires

Emiliano Carrascal Argentina, Buenos Aires

Emiliano has grown and was educated in Buenos Aires, and is fluent in English, French and Portuguese. Gained in depth knowledge and experience of guiding the capital city centre, the Parana River delta and the countryside areas, Emiliano is reliable, friendly and professional with proven success in the tourist industry, obtaining recognition from the Argentinean tourist industry professionals for his excellence.

Gabriela Segura

María-Gabriela Segura Argentina, Bariloche

Born and brought up in Patagonia, Gaby studied English Public Translation at a University in Buenos Aires and finished her studies in tourism at Nahuel Huapi National Park. She has done several courses on Patagonian native flora and history, and on adventure and outdoor activities. Before Gaby worked for twelve years as a stewardess for British Airways and other airlines. She speaks fluent Spanish & English and has a good knowledge of German, French & Portuguese.

Tango in Buenos Aires

Nathalie Rodriguez Argentina, Buenos Aires

Nathalie Rodriguez is a dancer and teacher of Argentine tango. She started her training in Tokyo, then in Europe and Buenos Aires, where she was blessed to train with world-acclaimed teachers and tango champions. In 2012, with her partner, they opened Tanguito, which quickly grew to become one of London’s most established tango school and milonga. She is fluent in French, English and Spanish and well-known as an instructor for her well-rounded, no non-sense approach and as a person for her warmth, kindness, courteousness and professionalism.

Juan Martinez Mexico City

Juan Martinez Mexico City

Juan completed studies in Philosophy, Humanities and the History of Mexico, and was Professor of History at a local school. He has been a guide since 1985 focusing on cultural tours, and his new passion is the Archaeology of Mexico, having travelled extensively throughout the country. Juan’s favourite tour is “Las Misiones de la Sierra Gorda” in Queretaro. Outside work, Juan enjoys keeping fit, hiking and yoga, and most of all, being with his family.

Guia Ursula Leonardo

Ursula Leonardo Peru, Lima

Ursula is our Tour Guide of Lima and is particularly in love with what her country can offer: She admires its culture, history, local life and people, that’s why she dedicates her life to be a guide. She has worked as a tour leader with the Peruvian Congress Palace and the Inquisition Museum for almost nine years, performing tours in 4 languages and leading all kind of visitors, from school students to high personalities involved in national and international politics.

Fernando Chara

Fernando Chara Peru, Cusco

Fernando lives in Cusco, and works as a guide within the city and the surrounding area of the Sacred Valley of the Incas and at Machu Picchu. While stillrelatively young, he has comprehensive knowledge and understanding of local history , the archaeological sites, and the Inca civilisation. Fernando's friendly character helps him to get on well with visitors. He previsouly worked as a journalist at one of Peru's most popular newspapers.

Boris Santos

Boris Santos Peru, Cusco

Boris was born in Cusco, Peru and always liked to travel around, studying tourism as a means of keeping him out of an office job and to allowing him to keep discovering new places and people. Boris went on to complete a Masters Degree and trained for two years with the United Nations. He has worked in hotels, restaurants and travel agencies and has relished the opportunity to help Andean communities to improve their economy through tourism.

Manuel Quispe Puno

Manuel Quispe Peru, Puno

Manuel is knowledge and passionate about the Andean life. He as a local guide likes to share in an easy way to understand history, culture, food, manners and landscape. Manuel will take you to the right place to enjoy and experience Lake Titicaca. Also is very concerned about global warming and how it affects us.

Elizabeth Rojas

Elizabeth Rojas Bolivia, Sucre

Elizabeth was born in Sucre, capital of Bolivia where she was raised and educated. Prior to becoming a Tour guide in Bolivia she spent a year living in Australia as an exchange student. She is a graduate in economics and has been a qualified tour guide for over 15 years. Liz speaks fluent Spanish, English and Quechua (the native Inca language) and she loves Bolivia, espcially its people, culture and history!

Gina Castillo Quito

Gina Castillo Ecuador, Quito

Gina is a National tourist guide who was born and raised in the city of Quito, she did her High School studies in Florida, USA where she learned a good command in English. She continued her studies in Tourism Sciences at the Equinoccial University in Ecuadors. She has been guiding for over 15 years acquiring a vast knowledge and experience in cultural tourism, outdoor activities, history which is her passion. She is very friendly and knowledgeable, and people enjoys her charisma, professionalism and responsibility for her job.

Mauricio Baus

Mauricio Baus Ecuador, Quito

Mauricio was born in Quito. He studied in Ecuador and has a Diploma in Law, and also in Tourism. He also lived and studied in the United States and travelled to many countries due to his father's diplomatic career. He is fluent in English, Spanish and has a basic knowledge of Italian. Mauricio is a licensed guide and has over fifteen years experience working in tourism as a tour guide and also as a tour conductor.

Henry Porras

Henry Porras Costa Rica, San Jose

Henry has worked in the tourism industry for over 20 years and has a great passion for the natural beauty of his native land, and loves walking in the forest both alone and with visitors. A kind and thoughtful character, nothing is too much trouble for Henry, and he also has a great sense of humour and many stories to tell about his experiences in travel and tourism.

2967 David Jiménez

David Jiménez Costa Rica, San Jose

David Jiménez possesses a great passion for showing the natural beauty of his natal land with a peculiar touch. He is empirical and has great knowledge about the heritage of his country. He has gone through various years of experience which give to his trips a real sense of that special knowledge he has for this small part of the world. David likes to combine the trips of nature with rural and local visits, as in this way he is delighted to share with visitors the daily life of Costa Rican people and their traditions.

Martha Rodriguez

Marta Rodriguez Cuba, Havana

Martha has been a tour guide in Cuba for eight years. Martha boundless energy and enthusiasm, having worked as an entertainer and as a piano teacher for five years, so music is one of her passions; she also loves dancing, traveling, reading history books and doing cross words.

Mirvel Bravo Havana

Mirvel Bravo Cuba, Havana

Following an early career in teaching, Mirvel has 17 years' experience working in tourism, during which time he has had the opportunity to meet a wide range of individuals with diverse backgrounds and interests. He takes immense pride in introducing his guests to Havana's art, architecture, rum, cigar, flora and fauna, always increasing his understanding of Cuban culture.

Alain Trinidad

Alain Rojas Cuba, Trinidad

Alain is one of our main guides in Trinidad, an engaging, enthusiastic and knowledgeable character who enriches our guests' experiences in this jewel of a city. An English, German, French and Italian speaker, he revels in his role as a bridge between Cuban culture, nature, history and character and its visitors, describing each guests as a "small universe". In his spare time Alain loves watching documentaries, reading and spending time with his family.

Joaquin Gonzalez Santiago

Joaquin Gonzalez Joaquin Gonzalez

Joaquin was born in Santiago, Chile. After finishing his studies in a film school, he worked as a cameraman in a TV show named "Tierra Adentro". After that he travelled and worked in New Zealand improving his knowledge of the English language. He speaks fluent English and Portuguese and has been working as a tour guide for about five years. Nowadays he splits his time working as a tour guide and playing drums in a rock band.

Shagzill Khan

Shagzill Khan Kochi & Kerala, India

Shagzil hails from the south and has a deep passion for his homeland which is evident in how he shares his knowledge and insight. Shagzil also has knowledge in Islamic History and Arab Culture and has extensively studied world history, Indian history and travel. Beyond the degrees and studies, Shagzil is a delightful person. He enjoys spending time making cards, designing furniture and loves playing Lawn Tennis.

Junis FS Hampi

Junis Hampi, India

Junis is a leading tour guide in South India for the past 12 years. He has a passion for travelling on new untravelled roads and he is very eager to share this for this incredible country, particularly the ancient ruins at Hampi.


Dushyant Singh Jaipur, India

Dushyant has been a licensed, professional tourist guide since 2000, working in Jaipur, the Pink City, a UNESCO city declared in 2019. He loves his job and works with an open mind to take account of other's opinions and ideas.

Ritu Sharma New Delhi

Ritu Sharma Delhi, India

Ritu hails from Delhi, the city of Mughals. She loves touring and showcasing India and living each and every moment of a tour. Ritu has an in-depth knowledge of the culture of India. She loves reading books, cooking and listening to music.


Dharmendra Tiwari Varanasi, India

Dharmendra Tiwari born and raised up in the holy city of Varanasi, with a deep religious faith living in this city and working as government approved guide since 1996. He is very passionate about his profession and guests loves touring around the religious spots with him as he gives in-depth explanations and recites Sanskrit slokas which adds an icing to the cake.

Leena Sircar Kolkata

Leena Sircar Kolkata, India

Leena is from Kolkata, the city of life and warmth, which became most important centre during the British Raj. She did her M.Phil from Calcutta University. She loves to show the rich heritage and culture of her birthplace with guests from other places travelling to India. Photography, listening to music, reading international relations related books and exploring new areas are her passions.

Sandeep Singh Agra

Sandeep Singh Agra, India

Born in Kashmir, Sandeep now lives in the city of Taj, Agra. His journey began way back in 1999 when he completed his graduation from St John’s College Agra and later did his masters in history. As the years went by he decided to explore more through his PhD in medieval history of India. He is also a keen photographer, historian and a professor. According to the huge diversity of culture, religion and heritage of India, he states "India is a universe within a universe”

Roshani Kerawalla Mumbai

Roshani Kerawalla Mumbai, India

Roshani is based in Mumbai. She has an MA in International Relations from the University of Mumbai. Roshini has been working as a tour guide in English and Italian for over 3 decades. She is passionate about travel and meeting guests from all around the world. She has herself travelled widely in India. She loves reading, experimenting with recipes and participating in cultural activities.

Charles Ganaraj Madurai

Charles Ganaraj Madurai, India

Charles Ganaraj - Charles was born and brought up in Madurai, he has started his career in 2009 since then there is no looking back, he also have a deep interest of Indian wildlife and have used this knowledge when leading groups to places such as Mudumalai, Bandipur and Ranthambore National parks. Many times he has indulge in adventure tourism such as trekking in Nilgiris. He consider his humor to be his one of his important assets along with his passion for photography. Charles aim is to create a positive experience for all his clients so that they leave satisfied and are keen to return bac…

Sandeep Kumar Amritsar

Sandeep Kumar Amritsar, India

Sandeep has been is working as a tour guide for over 8 years. He is very much passionate about his work, having studied in Cyprus and also working as a chef. However, he realised his passion was not to be a chef but to be a tour expert and from then on there was no looking back. Sandeep also enjoys stage acting and singing.

Thumbnail Pedro Torres

Pedro Torres Oaxaca, Mexico

Pedro Javier was born and raised in the beautiful city of Oaxaca in 1962. He studied medicine at Oaxaca University, and worked as a physician for several years before studying tourism in the US. He is now guiding in Oaxaca for 10 years and loves sharing his cultural knowledge with travellers from all over the world.​

Thumbnail Raul Gonzalez

Raul Gonzalez Mexico City

Raúl González is a native of Mexico City. He studied tourism at the University and has been guiding throughout Mexico for the past 30 years. Raul is a Veloso Tours Preferred Guide and has a great passion for arts, culture and ancient civilisations. ​

Thumbnail Francesca Monarca

Frances Monarca Tulum, Mexico

Francesca was born in Germany and raised between Italy, French Switzerland and Germany for more than a decade, and she is now living in Mexico. Travelling and touring much of the country, she has worked tirelessly to establish solid foundations and connections with people and places she’s encountered on her way in building a new way of travelling in Mexico and offer unforgettable true experiences, not to be found elsewhere; at least not with the kind of detailed client care and empathy that her returning clients appreciate her for.​

Thumbnail Guillermo Ruiz

Guillermo Ruiz San Cristobal, Mexico

Guillermo is from the region of Chiapas, and has lived in the city of San Cristobal since 1997. He has studied in tourism and has been a guide for the past 15 years. He is fluent in Spanish, English and Italian. Guillermo particularly enjoys to share with our clients the history, the gastronomy and the archaeology of San Cristobal de las Casas. He loves the biodiversity of his region as well as the story of the Indigenous people. ​



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