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Choose your holiday style

With so much choice it can be difficult to decide on what to include within your holiday. Choosing your preferred style or interest from the selection below may give you some inspiration for your ideal trip.

Each tour has been carefully crafted by our travel specialists to give a unique travel experience, based on what works well or combinations that people have requested in the past. Each of these itineraries can also be tailored to suit your interests and requirements, or we can create your bespoke itinerary.

Explore with our expert local guides, hand-picked to integrate your interests and preferences into exclusive excursions and activities that provide an unforgettable and in-depth understanding of local life, people and cultures.

Get up close to blue footed boobies

Expedition Cruises

An Expedition Vessel as the comfortable way to reach the inaccessible: Discover the Amazon Rainforest, the Fjords of Chile, T…


Family Holidays

Voyages of discovery for Global Families with "grown-up" children, for a memorable travel experience, quality time together a…

Copacabana Pool View

Exotic City Breaks

Absorb a unique lifestyle with a short break to a fascinating city.

Beach Page Three


Your Honeymoon will be a memorable, exciting and happy celebration for the start of your new life together.

Timeless men at the barbers

Cultures & People

Authentic insights with our expert guides for an in-depth perspective into the rich cultures and local life of people of Lati…


Wildlife & Birdwatching

Some of Latin America's best wildlife opportunities


Active & Horseriding

Enjoy trekking, walking, hiking, ride a bicycle, horseriding or kayaking in magnificent scenery, remote locations, rainforest…

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History & Archaeology

Discover ancient civilisations and modern history

Isolated in the forest by the sea

Immersive Lodges

Escape to the jungle, sleep in the shadow of mountains and pristine rainforest, or live the traditional life, staying in wond…

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Railway Journeys

Experience the best train journeys watching stunning landscapes go by

Reveillon Rio Fireworks

Festivals & Carnivals

Plan a bespoke holiday to incorporate the most spectacular, colourful and significant festivals.

Wilderness trek

Patagonia Tours

Admire Patagonia landscapes, hike trails, cruise the fjords, stay at wonderful lodges, to reveal immense glaciers, chiseled r…

Temple, Tibet

Tibet Culture

High in the Himalayan mountains there is an ancient Buddhist culture struggling to survive under modern influences. Witness f…

Vineyards in old style

Self-drive holidays

Freedom to make stops, detours and travel at your own pace while taking responsibility for your own driving.

Remote and wonderful

Rainforest Wilderness

Find yourself hidden within the peace and tranquility of pristine forest, surrounded by dense vegetation, with the sound of h…

Luxury Hotel in Converted Colonial House

Luxury Tours

La Creme de la Creme in character, location, comfort, decoration and reinforced by superb service. Luxury is the privilege of…

Beach Page Three

Beaches & Resorts

Unwind on a palm-fringed beach and swim in crystal clear blue waters. Latin America and the Caribbean are home to some of the…

Enjoying a winery

Wines & Vineyards

Some of the best wines in the world




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NEW HOLIDAYS - BOOK NOW - 2021 offers a window of opportunity for travel at promotional prices,  before 2022, when there may be a boom in travel and late availability constraints. Whichever departure date you choose, now is the time to plan your next trip. Check our tour itineraries, download from our website, request our brochures or contact our travel agents.

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