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Choose your holiday style to match your interests

With so much choice it can be difficult to decide on what to include within your holiday. Choosing your preferred style or interest from the selection below may give you the inspiration for your ideal trip.

Each tour has been carefully crafted by our travel specialists to give a unique travel experience, based on what works well or combinations that people have requested in the past. Each of these itineraries can also be tailored to suit your interests and requirements, or we can create your bespoke itinerary.

Explore with our expert local guides, hand-picked to integrate your interests and preferences into exclusive excursions and activities that provide an unforgettable and in-depth understanding of local life, people and cultures.

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Expedition Cruises

Expedition Cruising in Galapagos, Antarctica, Patagonia, Amazon, Tierra del Fuego & Cape Horn, Indonesia Islands, Yantze, Bra…

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Family Holidays

Holidays for Global Families that explore the cultures of the world

Copacabana Pool View

Exotic City Breaks

Holidays to unique, fascination, vibrant cities with a cosmopolitan lifestyle to explore on a city break

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Celebrations & Honeymoons

Special experiences with wonderful memories

Timeless men at the barbers

Cultures & People

Local culture and people is the central theme of our holidays to South America, Central America, India and China.

Tropical birds

Wildlife & Birdwatching

Holidays to the best wildlife experiences in South America

Cabalgata in the Andes

Off-Beaten-Track & Horseriding

Active holidays in the great outdoors, mountains, horseriding and trekkings

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History & Archaeology

Holidays to discover ancient civilisations and modern history

Isolated in the forest by the sea

Immersive Lodges

Holidays to the jungle, sleep in the shadow of mountains and pristine rainforest, or live the traditional life, staying in wo…

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Railway Journeys

Journey by train that allow you to watche the landscape, walk around and, in most cases, enjoy meals serves at your table by…

Carnaval Fabia Borges Drum Queen Rocinha 2009 Carnival Parade Agencia FOTO BR Copy

Festivals & Carnival

Bespoke holidays to spectacular, colourful festivals atNew Year or Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Recife and Inti R…

Wilderness trek

Patagonia Tours

Holidays to Patagopnia toxplore a region of powerful glaciers, Andean peaks & temperate forests.

Rainforest wilderness

Rainforest Wilderness

Bespoke holidays to experience the exuberance of vegetation and birdwatching the rainforest

Luxury Hotel in Converted Colonial House

Luxury Tours

Bespoke luxury holidays

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Beaches & Resorts

Stunning beaches & resorts in Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia and the Caribbean

 Vineyards of Queretaro

Wines & Vineyards

Bespoke holidays to experience Argentina and Chilean wines at the vineyards where they are produced

Connecting with Pachamama "El Gran Poder" on the shore of Lake Titicaca

Luxury Off-Grid

Travelling to luxury lodges and yachts in remote destinations to unplug, recharge and reconnect with new cultures, lifestyles…

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Private Villas

Private Villas


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LANDMARK TOURS: Multi-Country & Cross Continent. New Cosmopolitan Tour: Buenos Aires, Iguazu, Rio

CHINAINDIA: Local Life, People & Unique Cultures

GUIDES by Veloso Tours, are the best Local Hosts

PRIVATE VILLAS: Quality Time in exclusive settings

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