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French Guiana has much to explore from the Space Centre to the Amazon rainforest.

French Guiana is a department of France, its currency being the Euro. The towns along the Northern coast you will feel the fusing of French, Caribbean and South American people, architecture and culture. 

One of the biggest draws is the European Space Centre at Kourou, still used to launch satellites into space. 

This is pristine and unspoilt area of the Amazon rainforest perfect for those who have a keen interest in birdwatching, renowned as one of the best spots in the world to view the Cock of the Rock or the Harpy Eagle. It is also a thriving wildlife region, boasting one of the healthiest populations of the otherwise jaguar and giant river otters worldwide, as well as being considered one of the best destinations for eco and community tourism. Many local communities live off tourist visits in a sustainable way, providing an authentic and ethical experience for visitors to this little explored corner of the continent.

The best time to visit is from September to April, and ideally in February and March when you can observe sea turtles nesting on the beach at St Laurent.

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