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Find yourself hidden within the peace and tranquility of pristine forest, surrounded by dense vegetation, with the sound of howler monkeys in the distance and of raindrops on the thatched roof of your lodge.

Venture to wonderful Rainforest Lodges to experience the exuberance of vegetation, surrounded by massive trees and a dense tree canopy. Between the tree trunks of virgin rainforest, there is a twilight that prevents strong undergrowth and where young plants fight to reach the top for a place in the sun.

A characteristic of pristine, virgin rainforest is the density of vegetation that restricts visibility; the biggest danger is getting lost; there are no trails, no need, the lack to light makes it possible to walk through the undergrowth with no need for a machete to cut a fixed trail. The guides know the way, they will lead your across, sometimes you follow a small stream to a river where you can see the sky; orientation by the stars.

The symbiosis of plants and insects is fascinating: ants guard a young tree, clearing the ground around it so it has no competition and it can grow to the canopy where is can reach sunlight. In return the tree provides a habitat for the ants to live. Massive columns of army ants roam the forest with the rustling sound of crushing armor, looking for prey in a frightening sight. Columns of leaf cutting ants bring a continuous flow of small leaf cuttings to their burrow; they eat a fungus that grown on the leaves. Fungus decompose the fallen wood, bringing back to the soil, the nutrients for new trees to grow.

In the flooded rainforest, the water rises 6 to 10 meters through the tree trunks and mangrove roots, creating a huge lake for canoes to zig-zag through on sightseeing excursions guided by local experts.

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