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Authentic insights with our expert guides for an in-depth perspective into the rich cultures and local life of people of Latin America, India and China.

Local culture and people is the central theme of our holidays to South America, Central America, India and China. It is a common thread that links the countries in which we travel, manifested in music, dance, art and social gatherings at thriving markets, in local parks and in bars, cafes and teahouses.

In the Brazilian city of Salvador, African, Portuguese and Brazilian influences blend to create an exotic city, embodied in rhythmic Olodum drumming. Music is a core component of the cultural identity of Havana in Cuba, where a unique society has grown out of decades of isolation and an African and Spanish heritage, and also in Buenos Aires, a city of tango halls and traditional cafes.

Mexico is a country infused with a strong cultural identity, perhaps best experienced in the city of Oaxaca and during the Day of the Dead celebrations. We also find traces of Mayan roots in Mexico and Guatemala, whilst the Inca heritage in the Andean regions of Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador remain particularly strong. Explore the islands of Lake Titicaca and you will find timeless communities preserving ancient ways of life and customs. Far away from the cities, we encounter remote Amazon communities with little contact with the 21st century world and in the pampas of Argentina are country estancias in which you can experience elements of the traditional Guacho way of life.

In China, the cities, towns and nomadic villages of Tibet are home to devout pilgrims striving to lead their centuries-old lifestyles in the face of change, whilst throughout Yunnan, the province demonstrates strong cultural identities in its many minority communities. The capital Beijing offers windows into the lives of very distinct generations; the older Beijingers who grew up in communist China, and socialise together early every morning in the city's parks and a younger generation embracing the trappings of capitalism.

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Live like a Gaucho at a traditional Estancia



9302 Otavalo Market

Otavalo Market

9366 Tarabuco Sunday Market

Tarabuco Sunday Market

Potosi & Cerro Rico

Potosi & Cerro Rico


Beijing & Great Wall

3940 Shigatse & Tibet

Shigatse & Tibet


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