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Cosmopolitan Buenos Aires is famed for its wide avenues, upmarket barrios, old-time cafes and traditional tango halls.

Buenos Aires is the archetypal Latin American city, with a European twist, perched on the mouth of the River Plate and bordering the immense flatlands of the Pampa. Immigration from every corner of the globe has given it a diverse, cosmopolitan feel, without ever losing its passionate Latin identity. Just as the traditional San Telmo barrio of old-fashioned cafes and leafy plazas contrasts markedly with the pristine skyscrapers of the business area, so too does colourful and lively La Boca stand at the other end of the spectrum to the solemnity of Latin America's most impressive cemetery in Recoleta. Whilst crowds gather in front of Casa Rosada (that of Evita fame) in Plaza de Mayo, the upmarket district of Palermo offers peaceful green spaces and fashionable boutiques.


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4692 7 Ways To Experience Buenos Aires

7 ways to experience Buenos Aires

City Guide: Buenos Aires

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8491 Buenos Aires Guided Tours

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires guided tours

Buenos Aires is a wonderfully diverse city, with distinct barrios offering different perspectives on the city, both its modern day local life and its rich history.

Buenos Aires

La Boca & San Telmo

These two barrios, south of the centre, are different in appearance but share much in common; history, character and the tango.

8504 Central Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Central Buenos Aires

This historic part of the city is where we find the main square, the huge cathedral, the famous Pink House and the wonderful Colon Theatre.

8489 Palermo, Retiro & Recoleta

Buenos Aires

Palermo, Retiro & Recoleta

Discover why Buenos Aires is known as the "Paris Of South America" in the city's grand northern barrios.

8485 Tango Show & Dinner

Buenos Aires

Tango Show & Dinner

Experience all the drama of the tango, performed to its highest level, at one of the city's renowned tango shows.

8484 Tango Lesson

Buenos Aires

Tango Lesson

Inspired by the tango? Why not have a go yourself at one of Buenos Aires' premiere tango schools?

8481 Milonga Tango Dance

Buenos Aires

Milonga Tango Dance

Discover the Spanish roots of the tango dance at one of the city's many specialist Milonga dance halls.

Buenos Aires

Colon Theatre

Visit one of the world's great theatres and one the city's most iconic structures - a magnificent fusion of architectural influences.

Buenos Aires

Evita And Peronism

Our special 'Evita & Peronism' tour is a wonderful way to better understand the profound effect this political ideology has had on Argentina.

8472 Buenos Aires Architecture

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Architecture

Learn more about the diverse architectural styles seen in Buenos Aires and what they tell us about the city's rich history.

8471 Art In Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Art In Buenos Aires

This special tour provides a complete panoramic view of the pieces exhibited in the most important museums of Buenos Aires.

8483 Bars & Coffee Shops

Buenos Aires

Bars & Coffee Shops

Frequent some of the city's best bars and coffee shops to gain a unique perspective on local life in Buenos Aires.


Buenos Aires

Argentine Dinner Experience

Experience the best Argentine cuisine, Assado grilled meats and sample Malbec wines,

8487 Hidden Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Hidden Buenos Aires

Get off the beaten track and discover some of the little-visited gems that provide a deeper perspective on Buenos Aires.

8480 Diego Maradona Tour

Buenos Aires

Diego Maradona Tour

'El Diego' is one of the most talented, yet controversial and colourful figures in the history of football and his legacy continues to thrive in his home city.

8482 Pope Francis Tour

Buenos Aires

Pope Francis Tour

Get to know the life and times of Latin America's first Pope on this specially designed tour of Buenos Aires.

8479 Jewish Community

Buenos Aires

Jewish Community

Take a tour through the rich Jewish heritage of Buenos Aires, one of the largest Jewish communities in the world.

8475 Underground Tunnels

Buenos Aires

Underground Tunnels

Discover one of Buenos Aires' more unusual places, venturing through this amazing urban archaeological site.

8478 Estancias Of The Pampa

Buenos Aires

Estancias of the Pampa

Head to the open pampa to get a taste of Gaucho life and its rich culture, enjoying trekking, bird-watching or horse-riding.

8474 Delta Del Tigre

Buenos Aires

Delta Del Tigre

Travel out of the city to the town of Tigre to take a boat trip on the Paraná Delta and visit fascinating museums.

Colonia Del Sacramento

Buenos Aires

Montevideo & Colonia

Cross the River Plate to visit Uruguay for the day, heading to traditional Colonia or modern Montevideo.

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1939 Alvear Palace Hotel

Alvear Palace Hotel

Buenos Aires

Deluxe Hotel


De las Americas

Buenos Aires

Tourist Hotel

Hotel Front1

Intersur Recoleta

Buenos Aires

First Hotel

1940 Legado Mitico

Legado Mitico

Buenos Aires

First Boutique

1943 Loi Suites Recoleta

Loi Suites Recoleta

Buenos Aires

First Hotel

1944 Mine Boutique

Mine Boutique

Buenos Aires

First Boutique

1941 Regal Pacific

Regal Pacific

Buenos Aires

First Hotel

Sofitel Recoleta

Sofitel Recoleta

Buenos Aires

Luxury Hotel


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