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"Raw and unspoilt" two of the first words many visitors use to describe the sure-butsubtle lure of the Falkland Islands. This is a place for wildlife, with a rugged coastline, rolling grasslands, superb walking trails, fresh air and the a rocky, windswept landscape of natural earth colours.

It’s the UK, but not as you know it. Rugged coastline, bracing fresh air, rolling grasslands and superb walking trails and bird-watching may all sound familiar, but here seven species of penguins outnumber humans by 250 to 1 and share the archipelago with sea lions, dolphins and elephant seals. The humans that you do encounter will give you a warm embrace to their home, 300 miles off of the coast of Argentina, and be eager to share with you the folklore and tales that have become the stuff of legend. Hopping between the the windswept Falkland Islands is an ideal extension to your adventures in Chile or an unforgettable Antarctic cruise.

We invite you to browse our selection of Falklands holidays below. These itineraries have been carefully planned by our destination specialists to optimise your time and provide a deeper perspective on the archipelago.

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Where to Visit in Falkland Islands
Popular locations and hidden gems

Sea Lion Island

This island provides a habitat for a huge range of wildlife, both on land and in the surrounding water. These include three s…


With a population of around 2,000, Stanley is the smallest and most remote capital city in the world.

Pebble Island

Pebble Island is home to three varieties of penguins and is covered by a number of attractive lakes and ponds.

Carcass Island

Photogenic Carcass Islands is characterised by sandy beaches, grassy plains and rocky cliffs. It is home to Gentoo and Magell…