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Discover a land of happiness and scenic beauty.

The buddhist nation of Bhutan is nestled between China and India in the scenic Himalayas. It is a country with no traffic lights and a government that measures the happiness of its people as their primary concern. A visit here is an extraordinary experience as you observe a way of life, that although changing, still retains a charm and simplicity not known anywhere else in the world.

A journey to Bhutan offers much to see and explore, including many monasteries the most famous Taktshang Monastery (also known as Tigers Nest) that clings to the cliffs above the forested Paro Valley and only visited via a challenging hike. The Himalayan scenery is quite beautiful, with rivers carving through wide valleys and snow-covered mountain tops at every turn.   

Bhutan has a population of about 790,000 inhabitants and many live in the major towns and cities such as the capital Thimpu, Paro and Punakha. Here, the people are relaxed, monks laugh and chat and an air of joy fills the air. Explore museums and learn about local arts and crafts.

In recent years, Bhutan has become quite a draw for travellers which has improved the quality of the hotels considerably. 



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