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Meeting local communities is an essential part of your Amazon experience. These encounters will give you the chance to learn about their remarkable lives living in the world's biggest rainforest and their customs, passed down through the generations. Different lodges visit different communities, including the Caboclos that live on the river banks. You might visit a school, watch them prepare manioc flour, learn about medicinal plants and see a local meal prepared.

Some of our favourite things to do and see in the Brazilian Amazon
What to do in the Brazilian Amazon

Meeting of the Waters

Marvel at this natural phenomenon, where two rivers run side-by-side to form the Amazon River.

Jungle Nature Trails

Head into the jungle in the company of an expert guide to discover the extraordinary plant life of the Amazon.

Caiman Spotting

Venture out on a night-time boat trip to look for nocturnal creatures, including caimans up-close.